Where is my Resilience?

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Down for the Count
– as I keep hitting setbacks –

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Activation for Organization

I have as much trouble activating as the next ADDer, especially when I run out of the medication I need to kick my butt into gear — which seems to happen quite a bit, despite my attention to that monthly detail.

The DEA couldn’t make it tougher to STAY medicated — essential for those of us who rely on these scheduled medications that help keep our Executive Functions on board

But hey, we certainly want to prioritize protecting potential drug addicts from themselves, right?  grrrrr!

Without meds on board, I seem to need an ACTUAL body double to jump through the tiered tasks that make up this hateful monthly process.  So I’m in trouble.


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Domino Problems


Domino problems?

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
From the Stuff series: Part 4

Yeah. Domino problems!

You know that game where you set a row of dominoes on end, then tap the first one to watch them fall, one at a time, as the domino before it knocks it down?

As hinted at in Part-2 of this series, for many of us (especially those of us with ADD/EFD Brain-wiring), DECIDING is journey fraught with domino problem land-mines!

Like I said, even the most disorganized of us has
no problem putting trash in the trash can, books
on a shelf, and beer in the ‘fridge, right?

So what IS the problem?

  • Deciding whether something is trash, which shelf on which bookcase and where in the ‘fridge is the problem!
  • An even bigger problem is deciding what to do with the produce you removed to be able to appropriate the crisper drawer as a beer cooler!

Every decision to be made seems to be complicated by another decision that needs to be made first!

The terror of tiered tasks

As an example, let’s continue to use something considered relatively simple by many with neurotypical brains: putting away the groceries on return from the store.

We’ve got canned goods and boxes and bags, oh my!  But the really tricky stuff needs to go into the freezer or ‘fridge — before it reaches a state where it is unfit for any place but the garbage can!

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