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ENOUGH already!

Victoria’s Secret has lost it’s mind, and I simply cannot refrain from loudly encouraging a boycott of a company that prioritizes profits over self-esteem, SAFETY, good sense and common decency.

We used to have a word for those who sexualize children: PEDOPHILES (<==link to definition) And now we have a company who wants to supply the [extremely scanty] outfits. To GIRLS: children.

They call it an “untapped market.” I call it a disgrace.

Whether you have little girls or not, ALL of you have mothers or sisters. Please THINK about what we are saying about humanity when we do NOT speak up and slap corporate hands.

  • Do we REALLY want to raise a generation of little girls who are pimped out as objects?
  • Do we REALLY want to raise a generation of little boys who believe that getting laid is the most important part of being a man?

Quotes from the original article that got me going:

Make no mistake, at 10, 11, 12, 13 years old, they’re still children, regardless of when their bodies begin to change . . . For the love of all that’s holy, their brains aren’t finished yet, even if their boobs/butts/dangly bits are almost there.

Childhood is short, life is long.  But the lessons learned in childhood last a lifetime. 

Certainly, we aren’t teaching respect of self or others when we place value on prepubescent sexuality.

Jump over to Mrs. Fringe’s article and READ it!  Then send a strongly worded email to Victoria’s Secret, sign the petition linked below – and buy your OWN sexy underware (or your wive’s and girlfriend’s) ANYWHERE else (but the Limited, their parent company!)

Little girls do NOT belong in “CALL ME” thongs.

Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CMC, SCAC, MCC
– ADD Coaching Field co-founder –

“It takes a village to transform a world!”


Remember them?  By today’s standards, it was a sweet show, despite being the beginning of “Jiggle Power” on tv, also known as “Jiggle TV.”  Funny, the themes and outfits would probably be rated G now, and yet with all the toning, tanning, muscles, and enhancements on the female tv stars you see now, there’s nothing natural enough to jiggle.

Now we have different angels.

Not my definition of angelic, but that’s okay.  I don’t have to shop there, and don’t. We’re all grown up women, and can decide for ourselves what type of underwear we’d like to wear.  I find dental floss up my ass to be uncomfortable, and don’t see a woman picking her butt as an enticement, but whatever floats your boat, or lifts your boobs, or frames your artfully sculpted hoo ha.  God Bless.

But wait.  Victoria’s Secret has realized there’s an untapped market waiting for them…

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