Peer Coaching Basics SIGN UP

Life is about to get a whole lot better!

3 Balloons on strings amid confetti and streamersYou’ve reached
Coming SOON
Sign-up Page
      for the

Peer Coaching Basic Training
Inaugural Class

I’m thrilled you want to be part of it.

While I am working furiously to set up Payment Options and finish materials, this page holds the space so I can quickly insert the NEW sign-up page the MINUTE that everything is ready.

To RESERVE your seat: click over to fill in the e-ME! (contact) form (always available on the top menu above each article as well), and check the **PEER COACHING BASIC TRAINING** box.

To Repeat: Current and past clients, along with those who have expressed interest here on, will get first dibs on seats. So be SURE to let me know if you are interested in being part of this inaugural class while tuition is as low as I can make it.

In order to be effective, class size must remain really-I’m-not-kidding limited, and the kick-off tuition will have to be increased for subsequent groups – so if you know that you are going to want to enroll, RESERVE your seat while you can.

And what do YOU think? Ring in below.

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