Brain-Based Coaching Fees & Formats

with Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC

So you don’t have to try to do it all ALONE

Executive Functioning Issues can be tricky to recognize, affecting millions of people to varying degrees.

Yet most individuals and families affected don’t know they are affected — and their quality of life is low and stressed as a result.

Instead of spinning a lot of plates,
they are dropping and breaking a lot of plates.

Click HERE for “ABOUT Executive Functions”
and HERE for “What ARE Executive Functions

Doing things differently

Anyone even considering looking for professional help usually suspects that something is “wrong,”  but few understand how important it is to look at what’s going on from a brain-based, Executive Functioning view, rather than older “motivational” conflicts-blocks-resistance paradigms.

That’s where hiring a comprehensively trained,
globally well-informed, brain-based ADD Coaching expert is golden.

What IS brain-based ADD Coaching?  Who can it help?

Brain-based ADD Coaching is a systems-development format that works for anyone who has a brain: ADD, EFD, TBI, PTSD and others with specific diagnoses. In my 30 years of experience with all kinds of clients, it also works better for individuals with plain vanilla brains who are struggling as they’re juggling!

I designed this format originally to move beyond “vanilla” coaching skills.

With the addition of  brain-based understanding, information and training, it supplements many of those techniques, and replaces others completely — because ADDers were not being helped by these older formats – and more than a few were being harmed. 

The name remains.  Brain-based ADD Coaching works for and with ADD – and so much more, and I have taught my techniques to hundreds of coaches who would agree with me.

Click HERE for “If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t blame the foot!”
Click HERE for “Brain-based Training Endorsements”

It is not a cookie-cutter collection of skills based on neurotypical, vanilla-brained approaches and ideas.  It was designed to compensate for brain-based differences – because no two brains are alike and no two people respond to exactly the same approaches.

You’ve probably heard of “bespoke tailoring”
(custom-made on the customer’s body)
Well THIS is Bespoke Coaching!

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Working with ME

If you are interested in working with me, you have probably already read a lot of what’s available for free on What you really want to know is whether or not you can afford to work with me directly.

WRONG QUESTION!  I offer a great many formats so that most people can afford to work with me in some fashion.  The formats and fees below are an example of some of what I offer in standard format.

Ask yourself what your budget will accommodate, and that will determine how much of my time you can afford to purchase.  Direct access to my expertise comes with everything.

What follows are descriptions of an assortment of the ways I can help, along with standard fees and formats. If you want something more (or different), let’s talk about how we can work something out, tailored to what you, specifically, need or want.

Starting with Private Coaching standard formats:

As of October, 2016, my Private Coaching fees are
with 6 month agreement45 minute sessions
(add $25/month for 1-hour sessions):

  • $475 for 4 sessions per month (45 minutes; $500 for 1 hour)
  • $375 for 3 sessions per month (plus a 4th week “self-appointment”)
  • $275 for 2 sessions per month (2nd and 4th week “self-appointments”)
  • $135 for 1 regular check-in per month
  • $150 for a 1-hour stand-alone, “pick my brain” consultation

(For Mentor Coaching details, scroll past groups, etc. to the end)


Learning how you work

$300 for a 2-hour Challenges Inventory™ Consultation:

Once you complete the Challenges Inventory™, I develop a bit of back-end “profile” math stats,
then we meet to discuss the results and implications. (Inventory sent .pdf, post payment).

If you choose to move forward into a any of the coaching formats in the box above, we tailor your ongoing coaching to what we discover you need first, and move forward from there.

Parent and Partner Coaching

Except in a few specialized formats to help ADD/EFD college students and those college bound, I don’t coach children or teens directly. VERY few or you could afford to pay me for the amount of time required to do anything approaching what you, as an informed parent, can accomplish by learning to work with your own child.

I coach YOU to coach them, in any of the formats above, hour sessions only.

To have time to work on some of what’s driving you crazy, whether it involves your child or NOT, I strongly recommend coming at least three times a month – but it’s up to you.

The same idea applies if you live with a recalcitrant partner you’d rather not have to strangle.  YOU come to coaching to understand and work with what he or she doesn’t want to come to coaching to discuss.

It’s always best if both of you are willing to play, of course.

Partner Coaching for BOTH of you – $500 monthly for 6 months

Two people, but only ONE client: your relationship.

This is a 4-week per month format with a twist.  I meet with the two of you together for the first and last sessions of each month for one hour and 15 minutes.  Mid-month weeks, you each come privately for 45 minutes.

You will each eventually take the Challenges Inventory™ TWICE – once for yourself, and the other how you think your partner “should” answer, based on your perspective of his or her behavior, marking how you think they did answer in the margins wherever it applies.

The follow-up discussions will be fascinating conversations, yes?

You will both learn how you are seen through the other’s eyes, how well it matches how you see yourself, the challenges and strengths you have in common, and where you may need to swap relationship tasks to better suit your functioning rather than your personal preferences or your gender.

Group Coaching (when available)

Full fee Private Clients (3 or 4 sessions/mo., active contract) may enroll free
Discounts for other Private Contracts

Click HERE for “Introducing Group Coaching”
Click HERE for “FAQs about Group Coaching”
Click HERE for Details and Pricing
and HERE for a LinkList to ALL info about Group Coaching

Peer Coaching Basic Training (when offered)

Mentor Coaching – one hour sessions only; rates above

Mentor Coaching is when I work with a colleague, for any number of reasons:

  • When the colleague is new to coaching itself and wants to get his or her practice up and running quickly
  • When a seasoned coaches want to add Brain-Based Coaching to their practice specialities to be able to work with neurodiverse clients of one type or another, or perhaps
  • When a “vanilla” coach is struggling to support a particular client whom s/he suspects has one of the Executive Functioning Disorders (not just ADD, btw) and wants to learn how best to work with that client.

For those of you who have a great deal of what I call “vanilla” coach training (unflavored by ADD/EFD), who don’t want to enroll in yet another training to pick up the Brain-based skill-set, working with a Mentor Coach who has them is, pardon the expression, a no-brainer.

For more about how it works see:

How I Mentor Coaches
The benefits of Mentor Coaching
Top 10 Reasons WHY Most Successful Coaches Work with Mentor Coaches
Mentor Coaching with mgh
The Programs Approach to Mentor Coaching


PLEASE NOTE: I review my fees twice a year and will let you know when rates increase, so you don’t refer me to a friend at YOUR rate.

YOUR rate is guaranteed NOT to increase for as long as you continue to coach with me without interruption (exceptions for occasional missed sessions, vacations and special circumstances, communicated and worked out in advance).

If you choose to stop coaching and subsequently decide you’d like to return, I’ll be thrilled and you’ll be welcomed, but you will have to pay the going rate at the time of your return.

So what’s your stopper?

Book an initial session to check things out!

($50 for 45 minutes)
If you go forward with coaching in any format,
fees for the first month will be reduced by $50


STILL NOT SURE? Let me know you are interested in the comments section below and FOLLOW so that I will have an email address to contact you before my Private Practice (or a particular group) is full – or whenever there is an opening. (at the top of the rightmost column, right above the spam counter).

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