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  1. ABOUT Executive Functions
  2. What ARE Executive Functions?
  3. Executive Functioning, Focus and Attentional Bias
  4. Do you love THIS Raymond?
  5. Are you OUT of your Mind? (Reframing to rewire)
  6. ADD-ADHD/EFD & Underfunctioning: Einstein at the Patent Office
  7. Executive Functioning Disorders – not just kid stuff
  8. Why you can’t and how you can – Part 1
    (brain-based explanation for context)
  9. Turning on the Light in “Darkened” Brain’s
  10. Procrastination’s link to kludgy Executive Functioning
  11. Memory Glitches and Executive Functioning
  12. How well do you REALLY function?
  13. Executive Functioning & Diseases of Aging
  14. Reaching the Boiling Point
  15. Executive Functions & YOU
  16. Overcoming the bad to get to the GOOD
  17. 5 Tips for better Executive Functioning – Part 1
  18. EF Management Tips and Tricks (Part 2)
  19. Executive Functioning Systems (Part 3)
  20. Check out “Still to Come”

EF Related Articles:

BY THE WAY . . . if you already suspect that YOU are probably a member of Club EFD, unless your reading skills are EXCELLENT and you are already a voracious reader, enroll a friend, loved one or coach to help you work through the more scientific of the EFD articles.  This information could change your life!!

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Still to come – coming “soon”

  • Time management tips for better Executive Functioning (Part-4)
  • Why you can’t and how you can – Part 2
    (attitude: expectations, reframing and patience)
  • Executive Functioning Disorders and Emotional Regulation
  • Decision Dilemmas and Executive Functioning Disorders
  • Planning:  prioritizing vs. sequencing


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