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Group Coaching Basics

  • ABOUT Coaching with me in other standard formats
    A description of an assortment of the ways I can help, along with standard fees and formats. If you want something more (or different), let’s talk about how we can work something out, tailored to what you, specifically, need or want.
Testimonials & Endorsements


Posts Exploring Group Coaching Topics


Other Helpful Articles – related challenges


Related LinkLists


On the Way . . . (ONLY once your comments let me know the need is there)

  • Gettin’ UP and Gettin’ To It
  • RE-Activating: Keeping ON Keeping on
  • The Trudging through To-Dos Teleclass


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IN ANY CASE, stay tuned.
There’s a lot to know, a lot here already, and a lot more to come
Get it here while it’s still free for the taking.

Want to work directly with me? If you’d like some coaching help with anything that came up while you were reading (one-on-one couples or group), click HERE for Brain-based Coaching with mgh, with a contact form at its end (or click the E-me link on the menubar at the top of every page). Fill out the form, submit, and an email SOS is on its way to me; we’ll schedule a call to talk about what you need. I’ll get back to you ASAP (accent on the “P”ossible!)




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