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Coaching with MGH

What is this?
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List below of some of what I HAVE managed to finish and post!

Check out Brain-based Coaching with mgh for a more recent bunch of links

1. Private Coaching    

      a. Private ADD Coaching
      b. Private Mentor Coaching

2. ADD Partner Coaching

•  When Beloved Has ADD
•  As Good as it GETS!

3. Coming Soon: Group Coaching

Because I believe strongly in the benefits of the synergy available with groups, I will be structuring new™ offerings to utilize group process as much as possible.

The group format also supports balance in my life: it supports my many areas of interest in a way that private coaching cannot, and allows me to offer my experience and expertise to a MUCH larger number of individuals without dropping dead from over-scheduling!

Another lovely win-win benefit of Coaching GROUPs is the price:
They allow me to share my expertise at a bargain rate — without starving to death or having to work at a fast food joint to support my coaching habit!!

First up will probably be a monthly Peer Coach Mastermind, but there are quite a few in the final development phases.


Programs & PDFs and Podcasts, oh my!

When things get really rolling, I plan to post client/student-only downloadable goodies (as well as class materials) in the Coaching with MGH sections.  Stay tuned!

Articles Posted here ALREADY

Some articles in the ADD Coaching series:
(see also FIT series below)

The Client/Coach FIT Series

Some articles in the ADD Coaching SKILLS series:
(see also ADD Coaching series above)

2 Responses to Soon – Coaching with MGH

  1. DeShawn says:

    Looking forward to your podcasts!


    • Thanks — me too! So many hoops – only so much time in every day.

      The administrative hoops required to set everything up and keep them stable through upgrades and changes are tough for me to continue to jump through – in all arenas (which impact each other.) The whole is SO much greater than the sum of it’s parts. [ 🙂 ]

      So it’s lovely to hear that, even though everything is taking longer than I guestimated, they will be welcome whenever the stars line up to allow me to offer them ::VERY big grin::

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.



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