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Modeling An ADD To-Do List:

Coming “Soon” . . . to a website near YOU!

Graphic of a woman multi-tasking at round desk, fingers flying on keyboards, file cabinet drawer open as she files in backgriound

Posts?  I Gotta’ Million of ‘Em

  • Ideas come easily and often for me — a natural product of a voracious appetite for words and concepts, fascination with research, and stimulation from the ideas of others as I go about my daily life;
  • Writing is effortless and enjoyable;
  • I’m eager to share ADD-info — with anyone “behind” me on the path toward Optimal Functioning, and
  • I’m willing to take your direction as far as what you want to know NEXT and what else you want to know.
  • The activities one might throw into the “administrivia” bin, however, are a BEAR for this ADD Poster Girl.  

As a result . . .

  • Many of the articles in the category pages in the “Coming Soon” section are ready to go except for the necessity of formatting them for the website environment in an ADD-friendly manner  — and the realities of the lack of availability of time to do it all without an army of dedicated assistants with excellent follow-through skills.  (Ay, there’s the rub!)
  • Some of the articles in the headings to come are drafts practically ready to go:  some need editing for clarity, some for punctuation and grammar, and ALL will require time to format for the web in a manner that ADDers can and will read. There’s that time reality again!
  • A few of the articles contain quotes from the work of others, and must wait for approvals before they can be put through the administrivia funnel, waiting their turn in a l-o-n-g line of posts in preparation.
  • And a good handful are not quite fully formed, so I must find time to fatten them up before I can put on my editor’s hat.

A “Structure to Fulfill”

Really I’m not kidding about my dubious status as The ADD Poster Girl!  This little home away from home is the bunker I erected to keep me safe from hyperfocus and lack of activation.

And it seems to be working pretty darn well!


My WordPress 2011 Summary said that, in the nine months I’d been at this, there were 113 new posts — about three a week.

My 2012 and 2013 efforts have yielded a grand total of 310 new posts – not counting pages, btw.

Not too shabby, considering that, for the most part, my posts are ARTICLES, explaining Executive Functioning and ADD Coaching technique (vs. little ditties about my life with ADD!)  — oh, yeah, and a few where I rant at those who take the name of ADD in vain!

Especially considering that blogging isn’t the ONLY item on my long To-Do list — and I still have to make a living!

Waiting in the wings are:

•  126 Drafts and 48 Privately Published articles (not included the count, btw).  

A little over SIXTY of those articles-in-waiting are on the schedule to debut in the remainder of 2013. 

BY THE WAY . . . WordPress isn’t even counting:

  27 Published PAGES  (the stuff on the top, darker menubar) – OR –

•  ANOTHER 27 Pages in DRAFT or Published Privately

•  There were also  269 graphics uploaded my first year out ALONE (9 mb! – thanks primarily to the generosity of Phillip Martin). That’s about 7 graphics each week!

And it seems that YOU think what I’m writing is worth reading:

• was viewed 9,000 times in 2011.

•  I’ve been too busy to count since then, but I’m assuming that people are still reading at that level or above by now.


That’s an average of about 1,000 visitors a month in the first year that my blog was “open for business.”  THANK you!

Pretty impressive what you can do when you set up A Structure to Fulfill, huh?

(A good testimony for ADD Coaching all by itself!)

Check out my Follow-Thru Structure

As you follow some of the links below, NOTICE that I don’t necessarily follow my structure
but hey, as the NLP Coaches say, “The map is not the territory.”  

OK, that’s not what they mean by the phrase, but what I want YOU to understand is that you don’t have to beat yourself bloody with the To-Do List club: THAT will shut an ADD brain down in a New York nano-second!

The PURPOSE of an ADD To-Do List is:

  • To make SURE you know where you’re going: Naming the Game
  • To give yourself as many specifics as make sense at the time you quantify the trip (so that your subconscious mind believes you really intend to GO)
  • To allow you to give yourself permission to take the scenic route – since, hey, you’ve always got the map!
  • To have something to check when you are just about positive you’re utterly lost!

WHENEVER you check your map:

Take the time to cross out whatever you accidentally accomplished as written, (and anything that’s close enough) because focusing on all that “meant to do” stuff will:

  • Jump-start your very creative brain
  • Remind you where you’re headed, and
  • Kick your butt back on the trail, newly inspired for the trip!

Don’t Drink the Kool-aid


if you doubt that The ADD To-Do List could ever work, check my site stats above, click around to see what I’ve produced, then notice the post dates on my “maps.”

Slow-and-steady wins the race only when the Hare gives up BEFORE the race is over!  

  • Their way works for THEM.
  • The ADD way works for us.

The ADD way is whatever way keeps us in action toward our goals at whatever speed matches our functional temperature at the time!

Links to My Follow-Thru Structure

If you want to see what’s hanging out in the batter’s box, click the “Coming Soon” sub-pages on top menu.  I have also begun to add LINKS to some of the articles I have written and posted in their appropriate categories.

If you’ll leave your ‘druthers in the comments section of any of the pages to follow, I’ll be happy to shuffle the order of the line-up of anything on the planning white-board.

AS ALWAYS, if you’d like notifications of new posts, give your name and email to the nice form on the top of the skinny column to the right.  (Strict No-Spam policy!)

2 Responses to Coming Soon

  1. Tracy Rose says:


    Healthline is interested in contributing a guest post to We would be open to contributing any blog that would be of interest to your readers. Healthline bloggers have been featured on a variety of sites including:

    Washington Times:
    Natural News:

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Warm Regards,


    • Hey Tracy – Sorry for the delayed response — Akismet threw you in the spam trash because of multiple links and where you left the comment (Coming Soon is a big spam attraction!) Luckily, I found it before it got trashed permanently.

      Take some time to jump around and read a bit first, so what you write supports the tone, format & come-from on (to minimize the back and forth time along with my need to edit to post). I’m big on cross-posting/promoting, but my strength is writing not editing 😀

      I JUST started a brand new Series on Organization & Task Completion – so something that contributed content to add to that topic would be perfect. (the name of the topic is a link to the post, btw)



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