The ASCT Internship Program

Coaching is not a spectator sport!

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
with Peggy Ramundo, BS, A.C.T., STCL, DT, SCAC
In support of The ADD in the Spirit Coach Training Program Series

You need to work with clients to develop your coaching muscles
— you can’t learn to coach with lecture and discussion alone.  

ASCT participants are encouraged to put on their coaching hats almost immediately, while you have supervision, feedback, and back-up. Although we provide a supervised lab setting through-out your training, nothing replaces experience one-on-one, coach to client.

ASCT addresses the need for practical experience in several ways.

  • In addition to assigned Peer Coaches, rotating through
    the members of your class community,
  • we STRONGLY encourage you to begin enrolling clients
    in your own community (“Even if you have to pay THEM,”
    as Thomas J. Leonard, founder of the coaching field said to
    the early students in the world’s first “life” coach training).
  • In combination with the ADDed Dimension Coaching Group,
    we also administrate a program that provides a resource for you
    and for the ADD community: the ASCT Internship Program.

What is the ASCT Internship Program?

The ASCT Internship Program was developed to support your transition from student to coach. In collaboration with the ADDed Dimension Coaching Group, student interns are matched with prospective clients requesting special fees’ consideration.

As with ANY internship, the goal of the ADD in the Spirit Internship Program [ASCT-IP] is to allow a student coach to gain experience putting into practice what he or she has been learning — in an environment as close to “real world” working experience as possible.

• Participation in a coaching internship program provides a way of building a coaching “resume” before graduation, so that the prospect of building a practice doesn’t seem as daunting as it might otherwise.

• An additional benefit is that field-of-study work experience adds to the students’ ability to internalize the lessons of the remainder of their training.

• Last, but certainly not least, it provides low fee coaching to those who truly NEED coaching help, but can’t afford even the lowest sliding-scale fees that experienced coaches must charge to balance their books.

You have an opportunity to “give back” — gratitude-in-action for the time and energy that the ASCT trainers put into your training and development.  You will quickly learn that you get a great deal more than you have paid for.  Pay it forward.

We hope that ASCT-IP involvement will encourage you to join many of your senior ADD Coaches who dedicate a portion of their coaching practices to “sliding-scale” clients — and we hope that you will continue to do so for the remainder of your career.

How does ASCT-IP work?

Once you have the necessary background, students who have informed us of their interest will be invited to apply.

An integral part of the Internship Program is the requirement that student coaches attend a monthly Mentor Lab  (at an additional fee, paid from your ASCT-IP coaching revenues,allowing us to dedicate our time to this endeavor). This support system extends the learning and helps to ensure that the coaching partnership is a successful experience for student and client alike.

It is important to note that as we have no control over the number of prospective Special Rates clients who come through the Web site, we can not guarantee that every Intern will have a client. Also, we carefully take into consideration “best fit” when matching client and student.

ADD in the Spirit Coach Training
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