Peggy Ramundo: Trainer Bio

ABOUT the ADD in the Spirit Trainers:
Peggy Ramundo – BS, A.C.T., STCL, DT, SCAC

One of the pioneers in the field of adult ADD, Peggy is currently in private practice as an ADD and “Life Coach.”  Working professionally with ADD adults for 25 years, she has focused primarily on coaching adults with ADD for the past 12 years.

Peggy has been an educator for over thirty years, focusing since the late ’80’s on the needs of ADD students from kindergarten to college, as well as those of ADDult learners. Also in her background are ten solid years of experience designing and delivering ADD In-service Training to educators in both public and private school settings.

Peggy began speaking professionally in 1988 in the capacity of Parent/Teacher Trainer for the 200-member ADD Council of Greater Cincinnati that she co-founded. In her initial presentation at a convention for Cincinnati Public Schools teachers, Peggy spoke to an audience of over a thousand people.

She provided In-Service Training for thousands of teachers, school psychologists, counselors, principles and support personnel from school districts throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan and conducted hundreds of workshops for ADD families in various cities throughout the country.

ADD Specific

In the early-90’s, Peggy switched the focus of her work to ADD in adults and began presenting at numerous ADDA, ADDien, LDA (Learning Disabilities of America), Orton Society, ACO (in 2007 and 2012) and CHADD Conferences, as well as various Regional and University Conferences.

In 1995, she was invited by Harvard University to speak at a two-day conference for medical doctors and psychiatrists sponsored by the Department of Psychiatry at the Cambridge Hospital. During this time, she was also a visiting instructor for graduate students of Xavier University’s College of Montessori Education.

She began teaching again as a senior TeleClass leader for the world’s first ADD-specific coach training program from The Optimal Functioning Institute™, also serving as OFI’s Director of Training, in addition to her position on the Board of Directors.

With the background of her OFI coach training experience, she developed the nine-month virtual training program, ADD in the Spirit Coach Training, where she has been facilitating teleclasses for ADD coach trainees for the past five years.

World Renowned Author

A former columnist for “ADDvance for Women Magazine”, Peggy also provided editorial assistance with The Optimal Functioning News™. as well as with various updates of OFI’s twenty-four ADD Coach Training [A.C.T.] curriculum modules.

She is best known as the author (with the late Kate Kelly) of several well-known ADD books, including the ADD Classic, You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!

The book that has changed the lives of many has been included as one of the required texts for the OFI ADD Coach Training since its first edition (pink, left) was published in 1993.

The updated edition of the “Lazy Crazy” book (blue, right)
has been in bookstores since April 2006, and is on the
required reading list for The ADD in the Spirit Coach Training.

The ADDed Dimension, published in 1997, lent it’s name to The ADDed Dimension Coaching Group, a consortium of senior ADD Coaches including:

Peggy Ramundo*, Dave Brattain*, Cameron Gott*, Paul Ravenscraft, Wendy Richardson, and Madelyn Griffith-Haynie* (*stars indicate training from/senior level involvement with The Optimal Functioning Institute™ [OFI]).

The ADDed Dimension Coaching group serves as a clearing house that matches ADDers from all income levels  with qualified ADD coaches at all fee ranges, including the Intern Coaches of ADD in the Spirit Coach Training.

Last, but not least, Peggy was one of the very first adults to be formally diagnosed with ADD once the groundbreaking Zametkin study established scientifically what we have always know anecdotally: ADD does NOT, in fact, go away at puberty.  She is also the mother of two ADD children, now ADDults.

Peggy has combined forces with ADD Coaching field founder Madelyn Griffith-Haynie to apply the best practices from each of their backgrounds for the ADD in the Spirit Coach Training.

We thank you for your interest in joining our community of students. Please take some time to read the information below to help you determine if it makes sense for you to become a part of this exciting and rewarding training.

When you are ready to take the next step, once you have read about the class, send Madelyn an email message for more information to help you decide if this training will meet your training goals and objectives:


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6 Responses to Peggy Ramundo: Trainer Bio

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  5. I’ve heard so much about Peggy and I believe her book “You Mean I’m Not Stupid, Lazy or Crazy” should be required reading of all Healthcare Professionals! It’s time for change in the curriculum for nurses, physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and ALL healthcare professionals.


    • You are not alone in that thought, Edie. In the comments on link ==>“Top Ten Stupid Comments by [supposed] ADD Pros” it was brought up that ALL health care professionals need training in recognizing and distinguishing cognitive challenges.

      How does ANYBODY do a decent differential dx in that arena if they don’t KNOW ADD? They can’t – which is yet another reason for the proliferation of misdiagnosis that the ADD nay-sayers point to as they pooh-pooh.

      You have been BUSY today — your “likes” are popping up all over! (since you explained that you do that to differentiate what you’ve already read from what you want to read next, I’ve started doing that myself, since my time between visits to READ is sometimes lengthy GREAT idea!)



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