ABOUT the ADD in the Spirit Coach Training Program

Overview of the ADD in the Spirit Program: 2012

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Trainers: Peggy Ramundo, BS, A.C.T., SCAC
Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, A.C.T, MCC, SCAC

We are not human beings having a Spiritual experience.

We are Spiritual beings having a human experience.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The essence of our global ADD Coach TeleClass training is captured in the name of the program: ADD in the Spirit Coach Training.

With a minor change in capitalization, the acronym ADD becomes the word “add” — and the name easily illuminates the paradigm from which the training operates:  Add in the Spirit 

This is not merely the operating principle of this program. It also reflects the professional mission statement of facilitators Peggy and Madelyn — to train ADD Coaches who coach their ADD clients from, with, and in Spirit:

  • Authenticity
  • Mindfulness, being fully present in the moment
  • Connection from the heart space — unconditionally accepting and non-judgmental, intuitively open

In the stillness of this sacred space the coach holds, the client is able to connect with his or her highest self and the inner guidance and wisdom of Soul/Spirit/Essence.

Spirituality, Not Religion:

This program is not based upon any specific religion or particular
religious tenets. Rather, it flows from a belief in the unity and
connectedness of all people, each of us on this planet to learn
lessons in the Human Classroom of Life.

We believe that within each of us is the Wise/Authentic Self,
the Inner Voice that speaks our Truth.

God. . .Goddess. . .Nature. . .Mother Earth/Father Sky. . .
The Divine. . .The Source. . .The Universe. . .the I Am . . .

The Spiritual foundation of this coach training program
is the Inner Knowing that there exists something greater than ourselves.

It is our belief that the experience of Spirit is unique to the
individual and that the essence of Spirit is Love.

From these beliefs comes our Personal Mission Statement
with which we work with clients and students:

To Extend Love and Forgiveness to Ourselves and Others


The Basics of the ASCT Program:

Within the frame of general Spiritual principles, in addition to a core training in basic coaching skills, students enrolled in the ADD in the Spirit Coach Training Program acquire a solid working knowledge of ADD .

ASCT Coaches also acquire ADD-specific coaching tools that may seem counter-intuitive to those who haven’t studied the brain-based attentional dynamics that our coaches must understand to be able to coach ADDers effectively, especially in areas that require skills in arenas like the following:

  • organization
  • clutter control
  • time management
  • social skills, finances
  • boundaries
  • impulsivity
  • task management
    and more.

While our coaches certainly graduate with a “coaching toolkit,” Coaching around ADD challenges is more involved than a simple offering of  tips, tools, and ADD-friendly strategies.  To coach client-specific solutions and systems, we need to understand why they are having difficulties.

An Example through the Lens of the ASCT Program:

Task Management — dealing effectively with the To-Do’s of one’s daily life — requires facility with the many skills of problem-solving, organizing, sequencing, prioritizing, and scheduling, along with all of the cognitive challenges involved in these and other activities required to manage the tasks of daily living.

This can be daunting for the individual whose higher order thinking operates like that pesky lamp with a crimped electrical cord — On-Off, Sort of On . . .Definitely Off. . .

The widespread and indiscriminant application of Attribution Theory ups the ante, adding insult (after insult, after insult) to injury, time and again.

  • Logically, the erratic performance of that table lamp is attributed to the underlying electrical problem of its faulty wiring.
  • Illogically, the erratic performance of the individual with ADD is attributed to his/her choice to be lazy, irresponsible, and contrary.

And regrettably, by the time reasoning and language skills are adequate to understand the distinction between Can’t and Won’t, the cycle of criticism (and self-criticism) is well-established.

And the Litany becomes our Legacy

Rekindling the Dream

Somewhere buried deeply beneath the decades-old debris of perceived shortcomings and inadequacies are the hopes and dreams of the child s/he once was and the gifts and talents of his/her perfectly created Self.

Without a doubt, a great antidote for the many ills associated with this unfortunate legacy is the opportunity to experience success.

Focusing our clients on opportunities to shine – piling up evidence of success to counter-balance a lifetime of evidence of failure is an important focus for the ADD coaching partnership.

From the perspective of the ADD in the Spirit Coach, however, coaching for personal transformation starts not with Doing, but with Being.

We are committed to journeying with our clients as they rediscover their authentic selves, shed their shame, and begin trusting the Truth of their inner voice, Learning new, productive habits is essential for our ADD clients, and we believe that this Doing evolves naturally from Being, and not the other way around.

The ADD in the Spirit Coaching Come-From:

We hold that our job is:

  • To coach from the heart.
  • To stand for our clients as they journey towards transformation.
  • To believe in them until they can believe in themselves and the truth of their inner guidance.
  • To celebrate with them as they begin “breaking their rear view mirrors”.
  • To partner with them to design new systems and strategies for handling their individual challenges.

This is what coaching with and from Spirit is all about. If you are someone who shares our passion for adding Spirit into coaching, this is the training program for you!

ADD in the Spirit Coach Training
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2 Responses to ABOUT the ADD in the Spirit Coach Training Program

  1. Toni-Jan Ifill says:

    I like your site… strangely enough even though it has A LOT of information on the page.. i’m not overwhelmed by it.. i don’t feel as though there are too many thing calling for my attention..
    Thank you..


    • Thank you so much. After a great deal of research about what helps and what hurts, I have done my best to design a “quiet” site — with shorter than “normal” paragraphs and lines of white space to separate points – and bullets to mark several linked points in a row. That seems to be what many of us need to keep from being distracted from what we are trying to read.

      You’re right that there is A LOT of information on a page. For ADD/EFDers with high distractibility, it seems that jumping from screen to screen contributes to “losing the plot,” increasing reading frustration. Scrolling down seems closer to reading a page, so focus is easier to maintain.

      I’m glad to hear the format works for you – and I appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment to let me know.


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