Friday Fun: Tink on Christmas Outfits

Examples of my 2-legses’ depravity!

(but NOTHING like what’s going on with the FCC
or in the British Parliament)**

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Guest blogger: TinkerToy

Bah Humbug to HER!

TinkerToy again, and no, that’s not me over there — YET!

Sheesh!  Wouldn’t you think Mom would have gotten the idea of dressing me up out of her head after my reblog of my Halloween guest-post?

Her chuckling woke me from a wonderful snooze, Shih Tzu sugarplums still dancing in my head.  I looked over to catch her scrolling through photos on our computer — with an evil grin on her face.

She could have been looking for Christmas presents for me, I guess, since she clicked off the page super pronto when I leaned over from my nap-chair by her side to have a closer look.

But something smelled fishy to me.

I got lucky when, only a few minutes later, she had to walk to the little store down the street.  She decided not take me this time since it had started to rain.

I thought it would be the perfect time to click around on the computer myself, pulling up her history to see what she had been up to.

You are not going to BELIEVE what I found.


Page after page of dogs in costumes.
I think she might have a real problem.

Here’s the evidence!

I already told you that, before I was born, Mom had a Pinterest Board with all sorts of pictures of puppies and dogs dressed in all manner of outfits — Deck the Dog she called it.  She said it made her laugh.

I’m afraid it is worse than I thought.

If she thinks I’m going to agree to be her little Shih Tzu submissive,
she is out of her ever-lovin’ mind.

When did she get this elf-obssession?

I’ll spare you photo after photo of all of the many elf costumes in her history – each one worse than the last – but I had to show you this next one.

See what I mean? 

Jingle jangle bells every time I took a step.

How in the world would I even get in a nap when the clatter would annoy the dickens out of me every time I rolled over?

And dressing me up as Santa Paws is absolutely NOT gonna’ happen either!!

I mean, really. Do either of those dogs look particularly happy all pimped out in red and white?

Since when do dogs need belts anyway?

Maybe they’re not as miserable as that dumb Jingle-elf, but I can’t imagine that there are enough treats in the world to make up for being the laughing stock of their entire neighborhoods.

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