Mental Health Awareness for March 2017

Special days & weeks in March

Along with Advocacy & Awareness
for mental health related issues
(and a calendar for the month!)

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
Part of the ADD/ADHD Cormidities series

It takes one person to make a difference —
just think of what thousands can do.

~ Psychology Today 2016 Awareness Calendar

Online Marketing Gurus extol the effectiveness of piggy-backing posts
onto particular events – how about one or several of the ones below?

Mark your blogging calendars!

Many days of the year have been set aside every month to promote awareness or advocacy of an issue, illness, disability, or special-needs related cause.

In addition to a calendar for the current month, each Awareness post attempts to offer a list highlighting important days and weeks that impact and intersect with mental health challenges.

Included on every Awareness Month list at are awareness and advocacy reminders for health problems that intersect, exacerbate or create additional problems with cognition, mood, memory, follow-through and attention management.

I haven’t lengthened the post by adding text to explain them all – but I have added links to posts with explanations, for those of you who are interested in learning more or blogging about these issues.

If I’ve missed anything, please let me know in a comment so that I can add it to the list below.

May 2017 be the year
when EVERYONE becomes aware of
the crying need for upgraded mental health Awareness.

Stay tuned for more articles about Executive Functioning struggles and management throughout the year (and check out the Related Posts for a great many already published).

Remember: If you write (or have written) an article that adds content to any of these categories,
feel free to leave a link in the comment section and I will add it to the post’s Related Content.

IMPORTANT: All links were active at the time I created this document, and I tried to limit the number of “.gov” sites and sites with federally funded content.

Since the American president is busily removing government content that doesn’t support his agenda, I can’t promise that off-site links will still be active when you click – or how much of the original content will remain.

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Awareness and Advocacy Events for March
(intersecting with Mental Health & cognitive challenges)

Gender Equality Month
National Women’s History Month

National Women’s History Project
“Writing women back into history”

The National Women’s History Project recognizes and celebrates the diverse and historic accomplishments of women by providing informational services and educational and promotional materials.

A positive way to add your voice, speaking truth to power: women deserve better! (That alone could improve mental health – around the world.)

Get involved – EVERY blogger who ever had a mother.
(Leave a link in the comments when you do.)

Related Post:
International Women’s Day, Veteran of the Day, Violet Gordon


Brain Injury Awareness MONTH
Related post: Lessons from the TBI Community
Brain Awareness Week [BAW]

March 13-19, 2017
The Dana Foundation

Brain Awareness Week is the global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research, uniting the efforts of partner organizations worldwide in a celebration of the brain — for people of all ages.

Activities are limited only by the organizers’ imaginations and include open days at neuroscience labs; exhibitions about the brain; lectures on brain-related topics; social media campaigns; displays at libraries and community centers; classroom workshops; and more.


Self Harm Awareness MONTH
Self-Injury Foundation
Self-injury Awareness Day (SIAD)
March 1

Related Posts:
Understanding the link between anxiety & self-harm
Today is Self Harm Awareness Day


National Sleep Awareness Week
March 2-9, 2017

Related LinkList: Everything you ever wanted to know about SLEEP


International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day
American Institute for Cancer Research
March 7

In addition to cancer’s frequent ride-alongs – depression and anxiety – ‘chemo-brain’ is well-known for cognitive side-effects mirroring ADD/EFD challenges. Chemo in children can negatively impact normal brain development as well. 

And remember, ALL pediatric cancers fall into the category of “Rare Disorders,” defined in the USA as any illness, condition, syndrome, disease or disorder affecting fewer than 200,000 Americans.

90% of American healthcare providers must attempt to treat the majority of rare disease patients with Non-FDA approved drugs – after they get insurance approvals.

The National Organization for Rare Disorders [NORD]
The European Organization for Rare Disorders [EURORDIS]


American National Nutrition MONTH
National Eating Disorders Awareness Week
February 26 – March 4, 2017
National Eating Disorders Association

Eating disorders include a mixture of  extreme emotions, attitudes, and behaviors stemming from and surrounding inaccurate body perception, obsession with weight, and/or food issues and sensitivities. Extremely complex illnesses, they arise from a variety of biological, psychological and social factors — with serious emotional and physical problems that can have life-threatening consequences for males as well as females.

How you feed your body is how your BRAIN gets fed too.
Garbage in – garbage out!


Kick Butts Day (Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids)
March 15, 2017
Kick Butts Day Website

Related Post: Smoking: Additional reasons why it’s SO hard to quit


American Diabetes Association Alert Day
March 22, 2017 (4th Tuesday)
American Diabetes Association

Fluctuating blood sugar will always affect cognition negatively, but this is a day especially dear to my heart for another reason as well: I lost two siblings to this devastating disease – nowhere NEAR controlled since the advent of insulin. 

Eat for health and cut back on sugar intake (but avoid most sugar substitutes – especially aspartame, which is neurotoxic). Watch your weight, and go check out the warning signs.

You really want to head it off or diagnose it early. You do NOT want to have to realize personally just HOW devastating it can be.


Spread the Word to End the Word
Special Olympics R-Word Campaign
Wikipedia article

Spread the Word to End the Word is a United States national campaign to encourage people to pledge to stop using any form of the R-word. End the “R” word advocates believe their usage in colloquial and everyday speech is hurtful and dehumanizing to individuals with intellectual disabilities.

And so do I.

Days Related:

World Down Syndrome Day
March 21
World Down Syndrome Day Site

Purple Day
Epilepsy Awareness – one of the most common chronic neurological disorders
March 26
Purple Day

National Developmental Disabilities Awareness MONTH
Special Needs Alliance
National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities

NACDD is the national association for the 56 Councils on Developmental Disabilities (DD Councils) across the United States and its territories. The DD Councils receive federal funding to support programs that promote self-determination, integration and inclusion for all people in the United States with developmental disabilities.

Other links to other posts and lists can be found below (in the Related Content section at the bottom of the majority of my articles), with my appreciation for improving your own Awareness, with hopes that you will help me SPREAD THE WORD!

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Thanks again to Terri Mauro, Parenting Special Needs Expert from the site
for many of the links that formed the genesis of the original Awareness articles.

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About Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, MCC, SCAC
Award-winning ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching field co-founder; [life] Coaching pioneer -- Neurodiversity Advocate, Coach, Mentor & Poster Girl -- Multi-Certified -- 25 years working with EFD [Executive Functioning disorders] and struggles in hundreds of people from all walks of life. I developed and delivered the world's first ADD-specific coach training curriculum: multi-year, brain-based, and ICF Certification tracked. In addition to my expertise in ADD/EF Systems Development Coaching, I am known for training and mentoring globally well-informed ADD Coach LEADERS with the vision to innovate, many of the most visible, knowledgeable and successful ADD Coaches in the field today (several of whom now deliver highly visible ADD coach trainings themselves). For almost a decade, I personally sponsored and facilitated seven monthly, virtual and global, no-charge support and information groups The ADD Hours™ - including The ADD Expert Speakers Series, hosting well-known ADD Professionals who were generous with their information and expertise, joining me in my belief that "It takes a village to educate a world." I am committed to being a thorn in the side of ADD-ignorance in service of changing the way neurodiversity is thought about and treated - seeing "a world that works for everyone" in my lifetime. Get in touch when you're ready to have a life that works BECAUSE of who you are, building on strengths to step off that frustrating treadmill "when 'wanting to' just doesn't get it DONE!"

10 Responses to Mental Health Awareness for March 2017

  1. There were some good events to be aware of. The one on the 18th is a seriously necessary one. Thanks Madelyn.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. Doing these monthly calendars has turned out to be a good review for me. I’ve learned about a few things of which I was not formerly aware as well – nor is much of America, thus the awareness event.

      TWO things about the 18th are important:
      1-Day of Action against Bullying and Violence AND
      2-the day before the end of Brain Awareness Week.

      Both are extremely important, of course, but given the anti-science bias of the current administration, I believe that BAW is *vital*. We took many steps back during the Bush years, and are likely to take many more if we can’t educate the political yea-sayers surrounding our “leader.”

      Were you aware that he is stirring up the anti-vaccination movement again – and what that would mean to public health around the world?


      Liked by 1 person

  2. thanks for sharing all this important days… I was surprised that march starts today… seems I have to check my calenders a little more ;o)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Funny you should say that – I lost track too (short month, February), and only when I got the notice that the calendar had posted was I startled into the awareness that it meant I had a few other things to do to begin the month, blog wise.

      Thanks for taking time to visit and to leave a comment. Tink says hi, btw.

      Liked by 1 person

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