The World’s only Dog who’s a real-live PIG

Spotlight STAR-dom!
Thanks to the world’s only dog/pig
Guest blogger: TinkerToy

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Let’s hear it for Bacon!

TinkerToy here again, reminding you that nobody really calls me that but my mom.  My friends call me Tink.  And I want to tell you about one of them – Bacon. (Yes – that Bacon – the one who writes the Dear Bacon advice column, not to name drop.)

Well, I just found out he’s also a producer!
And he’s gonna’ make me a star too!

He has this interview show online called SpotLight Thursday, and he just asked me to be in it.  Just like that.  Right out of the blue.

And guess what else?  It’s gonna’ be ALL about me – sorta’ like that Actor’s Studio interview show Mom loves where all kinds of stars answer questions about their lives, only it’s online – on a blog.

So, of course, I want to tell you all about HIM!

Way back before I dubbed him an official member of The Canine Club, Bacon was born a miniature pot bellied pig.

His parents adopted him when he was only three weeks old – and he’s been one of my blog buddies since my debut guest-post, Blogging Tips from a Shih Tzu.

He has his own quarters at the Hotel Thompson — and he blogs and journals and otherwise tells all about practically everything and everyone in his life, including his adopted blogging brother Houdini (who’s a dog-dog like me), his forever Mom and Dad (who tells the world’s corniest jokes, but don’t hurt his feelings), his purr sibling Hemi, and a whole kennel’s worth of pet rocks.

The pet rock invasion began when one of them, Bashful, began traveling. He suddenly started to make a whole lot of friends who really liked to be around him.  They sorta’ followed him back to Hotel Thompson for his visits home and just decided, one by one, that they would stay. So now they’re all part of the family.

They also have their very own reporter – Journalist Rocky the Squirrel (Keeping [his] paws on the nuts of the world!”)

(Read all about all of them – and see their pictures – HERE)

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I’ll let you know as soon as I turn up in the Spotlight – because Mom always says, “inquiring minds want to know — and I know you ALL have one of those, right?

It’s tentatively scheduled toward the end of February
(and remember, it’s Spotlight Thursday – so it won’t be on any of the other days).

For those of you who just can’t wait that long, I’ve included a few links to some other 4-legs stars below – with links to their very own blogging sites too.  If you are a blogging 4-legs looking for the rest of us, check ’em out! (or a parrot or other kind of bird – kingdom-diversity always welcome on THIS blog!)

Be sure to tell ’em Tink sent you!

A Few Other Blogging 4-legses in the SpotLight

And links from a FEW of my wonderful PARTY guests!
(more to come)

Okay guys – YOU fill up my Relateds to come, okay?

Anybody ELSE want to join my pack?  Now that I get to be online sometimes, I’m gonna’ keep inviting all the blogging dogs (and cats, pigs, parrots, bunnies, hamsters – or any other animals in the kingdom) to leave me a link to one of your posts down there in the comments section. According to Mom, I need to always include some Related Content if I’m going to follow her format.

Again, you two-legses can leave a comment for my mom – so she doesn’t feel like I’m about to take over her blog. I care about her feelings, after all (and I don’t want to make her jealous).

And go see who came to MY PARTY if you wanna’ meet a whole bunch more fur-faced bloggers (cats, even – and some other pigs who are full-fledged pigs!)

If you missed it, it’s still not to late to drop by and leave a calling card.
(Mom insists we go by ADD rules here on our Evergreen blog, so comments never close).

In my upcoming posts, I’ll keep perusing the guest list for links to fluff up my Related Content section, so run on over and make sure you’re on that list.

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Oh yeah – in case you haven’t been in the stores lately
Pick up your Valentines Day treats before they’re all gone!
(and don’t forget that fur-faces like treats too –
even tho’ we can’t have the chocolate kind)

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34 Responses to The World’s only Dog who’s a real-live PIG

  1. Pingback: TWO important messages from TinkerToy | ADD . . . and-so-much-more

  2. reocochran says:

    Very nice to meet more four legged pets, as well as the invitation to add any other animals. Thanks, Tink. You’re a cutie! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much – that’s what Mom says too (and my fans at my Cheers bar down the street).

      Click around. You’ll be amazed at how many pet-bloggers there are (I mean, 4-legses and birds who blog – you probably already know there are a lot of two-legses that blog about their pets).

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Woof! TINK


  3. adeleulnais says:

    I must remember to introduce Dante Dog our beautiful GSD cross collie. He’s great blogging mates with Ani.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Reblogged this on Kate McClelland and commented:
    Thank you for the mention Tink, you’re very kind Auntie Kate xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. mistermuse says:

    Bacon is cute in “a face only a mother could love” kind of way….cuter, at least, than a few of my pot bellied inlaws, whom I wouldn’t want as pets for all the bacon in Birmingham. 🙂


    • I think he doesn’t photograph as cute as he is in life – Tink’s like that too. Tink’s muzzle is dark and the surrounding fur is light, so his face always looks totally flat with huge eyes in photos, unless I can get him in profile. (In real life he looks nothing like a flounder!!!)

      As for in-laws? No comment. btw- is Birmingham known for its pork products? Cincinnati is – BIG pig fans here.


  6. Piglove says:

    aaww thanks so much pal. I really, REALLY appreciate it. Love you bunches for sure and can’t wait for your Spotlight! Honorary pup – XOXO – Bacon

    Liked by 2 people

  7. noelleg44 says:

    Mmm, I’ve never met a blogging pot bellied pig, or any pot bellied pig for that matter. But then, I’m a cat and live at home. I blog occasionally at saylingaway.wordpress. com, when I can get on the computer of my two legged, Noelle
    Hugs to the pig anyway,
    Elijah Moon

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Hey Madelyn one of your best posts is this. I too am a great lover of dogs and I too have an adorable goldern retriever and her name is Amber. I could so relate to your most adorable post and loved the dogs talking and my daughter always keeps on saying we too have one more daughter do not call her dog cause she can hear us so clearly. Unconditional lovers are they. Thanks a ton.


  9. Hi Tink!! What a wonderful post…Samantha is indeed jealous of your blogging skills! We just dropped by to give you and Mom some big hugs. HUGS!! 💜💜

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hugs back to Samantha (wow, I’ve never actually exchanged hugs with a cat before).

      Tell Sam that I’m jealous of her poetry writing skills. Mine are lousy:

      There once was a dog named TINK
      And when he didn’t let his Momma groom his face he would start to stink.
      He was friends with a kitty named Sam
      And that is the end, thank you Ma’am.

      SEE? We all have our special notes to play in life’s symphony
      (according to Mom – but I can’t play any musical instruments either).

      She also has one about songs to sing, but I don’t sing – not even a note. OR write poetry.

      Woof! TINK


  10. some bloke says:

    your mum has a blog?

    that’s neet 😊 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  11. speedyrabbit says:

    thanks for writing about my pal Bacon,xx Speedy

    Liked by 2 people

  12. The cutest post, Tink! Thank you for mentioning us and linking to our human’s blog.
    Purrs and meows,
    Beba and Barmalei

    Liked by 2 people

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