Consequences of the Race to Erase

Regardless of WHO gets hurt
or WHAT cost to American lives . . .
the incoming administration is focused on getting rid of anything
put forward during the Obama administration — as quickly as possible

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Carefully considering consequences

With the exception of issues impacting Mental Health awareness, education, support and care, is not a politically-focused blog.  Since time is in limited supply for each of us, we must each choose our battles wisely. Politics per se is not my battle.

I do my best to keep things as light as possible, and to inject as much humor as I can in the articles I post here.

But there is no leavening I can devise to alter the serious nature of this particular post.

Rather than attempting to to explain why I am so personally concerned – and about more than mental health – I am reposting a brief article written by a concerned blogger from the HopeWorks Community.

It puts a human face on what is likely to result, should the current insurance health policies be suddenly abandoned, regardless of how you feel about the effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act (so-called “Obamacare”).

Following it is a link to an earlier article I posted here, which includes another reposting from Mental Health America.

In addition to some context for the importance to each of us (at the conclusion of that article), the linked article outlines some of the problems with the few suggestions that have been put forward as a replacement for the ACA that the incoming administration is in such a rush to attempt to repeal wholesale.

I added some formatting and a couple of headings to the reblog below, to help with readability for those of you who struggle to stay tracked on text alone, and a link to the original, for those who prefer to read it there.

It’s a short article.  I urge every single one of my American visitors
to give it a read and to consider the implications carefully.
It’s important.

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Consequences of the Republican slaughter of healthcare

What are the consequences of the hurried, almost manic effort by the Republicans to repeal the ACA?  How many people live where you live?  In Tennessee there are about 6.5 million people.

There are 6.5 million consequences in Tennessee.

Tennessee Statistics and Stories

280,000 people have no insurance.  They have waited for years for a year that was their year.  There was hope that might be this year.  It doesn’t look that way now.

I have a friend whose daughter died from a broken toe.  The blood clot she got from the broken toe traveled up her leg and into her lungs, exploded and she died.  A tragic, unnecessary death.

I have another friend who has the wrong kind of cancer. In Tennessee if you are female and have either breastfeeding or cervical cancer you qualify for Medicaid.  She has bladder cancer and lives daily in an agony I can only imagine.

Many now insured who won’t be

Many more people have found insurance in the ACA marketplace. People who were without access to medical care now have it.

  • In Tennessee hundreds of thousands.
  • Over 20 million nationwide.
  • Lives have been saved.   Lives have been redeemed.

If the ACA is gone the human consequences will be real, will be deadly, and in some way touch the corners of every community.

Where you live matters

In Tennessee it matters now if you live in a rural community.  13 hospitals have closed.  Others are in trouble.

A friend told me the story of man in her community who had a heart attack.  The ambulance drove by the hospital that had been open but was now closed, on the way to the next hospital.

He didn’t make it.

Related Post: NPR: What An Obamacare Repeal Would Mean For Rural Hospitals

What kind of world do YOU want?

On every level,  politically,  socially,  emotionally,  financially and morally, the death of the ACA will change what kind of state Tennessee is and what kind of country this is to become.

They don’t even know what they want to do insteadPerhaps the political reality has changed. The human reality has not.

Our voices need to be loud and we need to know this is
about more than the next battle fought, but of a war to be fought.

My grandson is two years old.  I  think someday he may ask you about a time when people were left to die because they were poor. Your child, your grandchildren may ask you.

What are we to tell them we did?

Read it yourself on the HopeWorks Blog
Related Post: Reforming Obamacare (with the December Mental Health Awareness Calendar)

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51 Responses to Consequences of the Race to Erase

  1. reocochran says:

    Very valuable article by you as well as featuring resources that were informative, Madelyn. I read AARP magazine and they didn’t appreciate Trump not coming to their invitation to answer questions in person and get photographed. He sent his team member’s pre-packaged answers. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton showed up, answered questions with informed and great answers, along with getting fantastic photos taken with the editor. Big mistake in my mind of Trump but he really is not worthy of getting to where he is now. . . Thanks for this January post saying the errors of his ways.
    Peace and blessings to you from Robin

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Robin. I was just about to turn off the computer to walk out the door when the notice of your comment popped up.

      Although I do not often “feature” political posts, I am always thrilled when they resonate with someone like you – especially when the post is not brand new content.

      Thank you VERY much for taking the time to let me know you read it, and to ring in positively. It is certainly difficult to believe that Agent Orange* would be so cavalier (or ignorant about the population he actually seems to believe he is fit to lead) as to disrespect an organization representing the largest population segment in the US, now that the Boomers have all crossed into their territory.
      **I refuse, even to dignify him by using his name, so much do I NOT approve of his actions.


  2. I am an American living these last 40+ years outside of America; I’m no better informed about the ACA (aka Obamacare) than your other foreign friends. No one is informed about how much damage the new president will do. It is scary. Many Americans are afraid of anything called socialism, conflating it with communism which is see as pure evil. (Never mind that highways & much else in the USA are socialism…)

    Let me use this space to tell a little about how I experience “socialist” health care in Norway. Of greatest importance for me has always been the knowledge that neither I nor any neighbor will ever go through bankruptcy because of medical expenses. Yes, our taxes are high, but it is worth it.

    But all health care here is not free; is that a surprise? From the first of January every year, everyone pays a subsidized amount for doctor visits, lab tests, medications etc. Healthy people pay for these things all year, every year, as I did for many years.

    Each year there is a new (and higher) “ceiling” on how much an individual must pay for these things, presently just short of USD $300. When that amount has been paid, one gets a “free card” and health care through December is free. I remember the first time I got a “free card”; it was after Christmas one year. I hurried to refill prescriptions before the New Year. 🙂 Thereafter, for a while, I got a “free card” about every 2nd year, now every year.

    Hospitalization is always free. Transportation to hospital, emergency room, or out-of-area specialist is free when one has a free card.

    Some details: dental and vision are not included except that all children under 18 get free dental care. When Mom or Dad combined with their children has a “free card”, the children under 18 get free health care the rest of the year.

    I wish so many Americans weren’t afraid of the word “socialism”!

    Liked by 1 person

    • How GREAT to hear from you again! And yes – it is scary indeed, for Americans living on US soil. I am one American who is MUCH more afraid of what I already know about Corporate Capitalism than anything anyone could tell me about Socialized anything. And I don’t understand why every American is not similarly concerned.

      REGARDLESS of how they feel about the ACA, most Americans seem to have forgotten that the Republicans refused to approve much of what Obama proposed — “Obamacare” is an extreme misnomer the Republicans coined to undermine our past President.

      If I had the financial ability to pick up and expatriate, I’d certainly wait out at least the next four years practically anywhere but here. I may be afraid of the future, but I personally know (and know of) people who are terrified – literally afraid for their lives, with this truculent man-child who is now our president whipping up anti-anything but straight white male sentiment – along with insulting the rest of the world with his America First soundbites. He actually speaks as if he believes isolationism is some kind of “plan” that will “make America great again.” Sure he does — follow the money.

      The humanist blog-o-sphere is abuzz with worry that White House website is removing all pages for anything that does not support his capitalist agenda: Civil rights, Native Americans, climate change, LGBTQ, even military families … among those gone already, I have been informed. AS with health care, his strategy seems to be remove first, then decide how to replace it. (There is supposedly an entirely new in the works.)

      Were you aware that the word is that on January 18, he submitted an application to the U.S. Patent & Trademark office to trademark “Keep America Great!” as his reelection slogan? (with and without exclamation point, btw) The trademark supposedly covers everything – especially merchandise, of course (bumper stickers, hats,etc.) and social media (TwitWits be warned). Corporate Capitalism at its finest, boys and girls. And don’t even get me started on his “suggestions” for his Cabinet!

      The more I hear about Norway, the more impressed I become. It sounds like a very forward-thinking country, with the needs of ALL of its citizens in mind. Can one get by without speaking Norwegian – or are you now bi-lingual?

      Your health care description boggles my mind. $300 a YEAR for doctor visits, lab tests, medications etc. before those expenses are covered? You probably know that many people here spend that monthly. Hospitalization is always free? Transportation to hospital, emergency room, or out-of-area specialist is free when one has a free card? Norway must have the highest health statistics in the world!

      Meanwhile in this America the Trumpet wants to “keep” great, people are currently dying because they can’t afford medical care – and more WILL when there is no affordable insurance plan available. Millions will be uninsured, according to the pundits. Unless things change drastically, I will be one of them.

      Many American argue they worry that the quality of health care will decline. To them I say:

      #1-the quality has already declined for most Americans. A couple of hours around the web will yield hundreds of sites of people suffering from sub-standard care – details on their blogs.

      #2-talking about “quality” at all when millions can’t access ANY healthcare is a rich man’s argument – and like preaching organics to the starving.

      Anyway – we could both go on, I’m sure. I wish anything we could say would make a difference. You are well out of it. Literally.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I am “well out of it, literally”. I’d never made the decision to stay here forever until I was offered Medicare and/or Medicaid (I don’t know the difference between them) at retirement age. When I turned that down, the decision was made.

        And, yes, I should hope I am bilingual. I went to teacher’s college here and have taught in Norwegian public schools for 30+ years. All subjects, but always requesting to be excused from PE and Christianity (but not always excused). So I’ve taught Norwegian to Norwegians.

        “Can one get by without speaking Norwegian”? Preferably not. I interviewed for a teaching job at the American school here once and was very surprised that the American principal had lived and worked here for four years without learning Norwegian. He said he’d given up and his wife spoke only a little, while his kids were fluent. Nice for them, a “secret” language to use at home. (I wasn’t qualified for the job. One had to be certified in one of the 50 states or D.C.) While I was there, the cleaning lady came in and had 2 things to tell him. It finally occurred to him to ask me to translate, and she became herself, not apologetic or cowed anymore.

        “Hospitalization is always free” may be an overstatement. I’m not sure about purely elective surgery, but doctor-decided admission is free. There are some private clinics etc. that one can choose to pay full price for. The state system sometimes sends people to them (and pays for it) when capacity is a problem. Also, not ALL prescriptions are free, just the ones on the essentials list.

        I have some understanding for people who voted Republican without being Republicans, bad as the result is. The alternative was “more of the same” with people “at the bottom” really needing help. The DNC (Democratic National Committee) sabotaging Bernie Sanders against their own rules was a factor, too, leading to too many not voting. Way back in October, Rudy Giuliani, a Trump advisor, was assuring us that Trump was beginning to understand the seriousness of his endeavor. Ha! He got worse, not better. He’s a threat to the whole world. Both the DNC and the RNC need serious improvement!

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        • Thanks for the additional info. Did you have to learn Norwegian once you got there, are were you bilingual before you expatriated?

          As to the last paragraph, NEITHER party seems to have much regard for ethical behavior – but ONE of those “swamps that need to be drained” is MUCH deeper — since the concerns of the majority of people here in American are overlooked in favor of Corporate Capitalism and mega-wealthy cronyism. I can’t see why MOST Americans can’t see that. Many were – and are – all too eager to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

          AND NOW “Agent Orange” is considering INTERNMENT CAMPS, water-boarding and other forms of torture and has already begin banning reporters from the White House, shuttering twitter accounts of EPA, National Park Service in response to negative tweets/retweets – with probably more to come. [See my quoted text in longish comment to DGKaye – from NYMag] (many others on web, btw)

          Things seem to be getting more horrendous rapidly in his relentless First 100 Days attack on American freedoms. My stomach is in an uproar!

          Be grateful for your safety, my friend. ALL of us here in America are in grave danger, I fear.


          • He-he. The application to teachers’ college didn’t ask if the applicant spoke Norwegian. Fortunately I was in a great class; they took me on as a project. Laughed at all my mistakes, but taught me well. Before coming, I knew some songs – that’s all.

            “Agent Orange” is better than that other name you call him. He does own some project in Scotland, but you needn’t give him a Scottish name… He’s not their fault.

            It was clear before the election that he didn’t know lies from truth and that he’s more childish than most children. But immediately taking down websites, treating the press like an enemy, the threats he makes and the appointments! He is really quite unbelievable.

            Have you seen Olbermann’s series of short videos? Strong. The last one I saw outlined procedures other than impeachment — one way or the other, we’d better end up with President Pence — right wing but not insane. There can’t be many Americans left who are glad that the election went the way it did.

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            • That sounds like something I’d pull. Imagine *teaching* when you couldn’t speak the language. What a HOOT! I’ll bet those students will be telling stories about you for the rest of their lives!

              Oh I am already aware of what he did to Scotland! They actually posted a lot of DO NOT BELIEVE HIM – this is what happened here – warnings before the election. I didn’t really track the details because I never believed anything the man said to begin with, after the first whopper. Lie to me once, shame on you, twice, shame on ME! Isn’t that what they say. 🙂

              McDonald, btw, is a vamp on Ronald McDonald – the hamburger fast-food spokes-clown – no slur on Scotland – sort-of intimated in an illustration of my post-election post: Can You Hear Them NOW?

              I have NOT seen the Olbermann vids – but I will google to check out his suggestions. I don’t like Pence much better, but I agree that he does seem to be sane, at least.

              You would not BELIEVE how very many Americans are exhibiting clear signs of struggles with “cognitive dissonance.” (ie, the “I went thru’ horrific hazing so I have to maintain that this is a good frat or I look like a fool” reaction) The cognitive science on that concept is quite fascinating, actually. Except for health care – which directly impacts Mental Health Awareness, I am still trying to keep my political opinions in the comments and off my articles, but I just might have to sneak in some carefully vague Agent Orange [AO] examples to illustrate a few points.

              Headin’ off to try to sleep shortly (almost 3AM here, so I might be able to manage it, even though I’m currently on a 6AM rotation. btw- did you catch Sleeping with the Enemy , Tink’s N-24 Awareness Guest Blog first person?


          • Olbermann’s series: ‘The Resistance’ with Keith Olbermann


            • THANKS! I’ll wait until tomorrow to read. I’ve been invited to an Art Gallery wine & cheese thing at 4 tomorrow, and must actually get dressed to go, so it might be late-ish before I can manage it – I’m not driving, so if my hostess wants to join an after-thing, I’m literally along for the ride. I’m looking forward to checking out Olbermann, however. G’nite!


  3. For this to be his first act as POTUS shows the contempt in which he views his fellow Americans.

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  4. dgkaye says:

    It was hard to hit ‘like’ on this post. The situation is abysmal. I follow American politics more than I do my own Canadian, and I don’t like to voice my opinions on Agent Orange (Trump) publicly, but this man is taking policies back to the stone ages. I don’t understand in one of the most free nations of the world why there isn’t universal health care like here in Canada, in the UK, France and other parts of Europe. It appalling, through all the presidents down the line that the US doesn’t have access to free healthcare and people must suffer and die needlessly. Truly appalling. I’m so afraid for the US and the world with him at the helm, beyond health care. 😦 xo

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    • Thank you for taking the time to voice your opinion – many Americans find it appalling as well. Many of us are afraid and the rest seem to be in denial.

      The only lighter note to add here:
      I hope you don’t mind if I include “Agent Orange” with McDonald and Trumpet as the only ways in which I will refer to this truculent boy-child who would be king, since I will not have his name attached to my own.

      Liked by 2 people

      • dgkaye says:

        Be my guest! I’ve been watching the interrogation of the elected cabinet member for healthcare today. Frightening! And so sad that no matter how hard the Dems grill these clowns, they’re automatically outvoted anyway. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

        • Beyond frightening, actually. Unconscionable! And the Republican rubber-stamping and circling of wagons is contemptible. I pray that enough voters will wake up before their seats come up again. Seeing them voted out would make my day (ANY day!)

          No matter how much I want to keep this blog positive, and at least mostly focused on Mental Health and mental challenges, I am chomping at the bit to rip a few in the Billionaire McDonald Club a new one! (I’ve peppered the web with almost blog-length comments supporting the many who do, which keeps me pretty much on-point over here – so far).

          I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your support. The rest of the world needs to know we’re not ALL nuts, money-grubbers and hate-mongers over here in America – so it’s always a relief to see that some of my blogging-buds outside our borders get that.

          Liked by 1 person

          • dgkaye says:

            I get it plenty. I follow American politics more than I do my own Canadian, which believe me isn’t a bed of roses here either, but at least we have healthcare and no ‘alternative reporting’ 🙂 ❤

            Liked by 1 person

            • As I disclosed a moment ago somewhere else:
              I just got a message that the headlines here are that idiot in charge is moving forward with – sit down first – **internment camps** as well as that darned wall!!!

              Heil to the chief?

              Liked by 1 person

            • dgkaye says:

              I’ve had the news on all day #Vomit 😦

              Liked by 1 person

            • Good to see there’s outspoken censure as well as concern from the press. HOWEVER – Agent Orange is now “shuttering” govt. Twitter accounts that tweet/retweet negatives in defiance.

              From NY Mag 1/25/17:

              On Friday, the main Twitter account of the National Park Service (which, mind you, uses Twitter as part of its emergency notification system) was temporarily shuttered after retweeting tweets that reflected poorly on the president — one of which compared crowd photos of his and his predecessor’s inaugurations, held on the National Park Service’s own National Mall. (The NPS deleted the retweets and apologized.)

              On Tuesday, the Twitter account for South Dakota’s Badlands National Park began posting facts about climate change, a day after it was revealed that the administration had issued gag orders on the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. (The Tweets were deleted hours after being posted.)
              He is quickly coming at anyone who doesn’t yes-man and toady.

              Is our First Amendment (free speech) now in danger from this narcissist? It would certainly appear so.

              DOUBLE vomit! 😦

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            • dgkaye says:

              Yes, ouch! I am aware of all you wrote here. And I can’t help but wondering myself if as the president he has a right to do something about unhappy citizens voicing their opinions. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed such disrespect to a president from a nation, only the stuff we see in middle eastern countries in retaliation ie: Libya and Egypt. Scary times. 😦

              Liked by 1 person

            • And read about in history books on Germany during WWII. I am truly afraid for my own safety, that of other Americans living on our soil, and for the world.

              Were it possible, I would champion even Nixon if it meant ridding the world of McDonald.

              Liked by 1 person

            • dgkaye says:

              😦 Funny enough I was telling a friend that Nixon was a walk in the park. xo

              Liked by 1 person

            • dgkaye says:

              I do believe! 🙂 ❤

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  5. Glad I am old enough to have medicare and supplemental and am immune to all this. Well maybe not. I used to have no copay for most medicines but now medicare part D has increased out of pocket for recipients and all meds will have a copay and part D drug plan insurance premiums have gone up. Is this to fund Obamacare ? This will cost father and me about $600 extra each for the year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Whew! For now.

      Unfortunately, you may not be immune much longer, however — this administration’s war on healthcare will hit seniors and the poorest FIRST. (And he plans on going after Medicare/Medicaid soon, btw)

      Read carefully *between* the lines and think carefully about cause and effect.

      The man *refuses* to “lose,” and seems to have enlisted many excellent spin-doctors willing to call black ANY other color but.

      Wish I could say I believed his advisors were adequate (if it’s not too out of character for the man to allow *anyone* to express a contrary opinion without nasty-spirited retribution).

      Keep making us laugh with your great cartoons, Carl. We’re gonna’ need the levity.



  6. Superb post, Madelyn. Great information resources too. Have a thriving Thursday! Mega hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. You have so many blogs I want to read; I will get to them but it won’t be immediate. I apologize for it taking me so long to get plugged in. Hopefully, we’ll be talking a lot later.

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  8. Zara says:

    it’s a serious situation and similar feelings and neglectful attitudes are coming across the pond, where hospitals in the UK are facing more and more cutbacks and unreasonable targets. Why even have targets in healthcare? I say scrap that all together and get back to looking after the PERSON behind the numbers and bureaucracy!

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  9. It’s horrible to think all Bamas hard work will be undone. I have only considered you needs get your head down to get through the next 4(?) years. But I’m now considering it will be even worse than that.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Lucy Brazier says:

    Being British, I cannot pretend to have a comprehensive understanding of how your healthcare system operates, but I have a reasonably informed idea.

    Regardless of what the incoming administration thinks about Obama and his healthcare policy, the great rush to repeal such a vital service that affects so many people is utter madness and seems particularly callous.

    I am very grateful for our National Health Service over here – god knows it isn’t perfect but at least anyone can receive care whenever they need it. The system is under-funded and under pressure, but no one is turned away. Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Lucy. I’m in a similar situation over Brexit – can’t really render a very well informed opinion.

      HOWEVER, you sound pretty much on my page when it comes to an opinion about the truly heartless idea of swearing to dump extant health care in some political power play and *then* beginning the process of figuring out what to do instead.

      Even if you despise so-called Obamacare, it’s better than leaving millions uninsured. Even the insurance agencies aren’t on board with this one.

      As you can see in the titles in the Related Content, others in his Republican Party are urging prudence as well, but The Trumpet is not really known for listening to anyone else’s opinion about anything (or listening in general).

      Scary times on this side of the pond – as I predicted as I watched the election results roll in last November.


      Liked by 1 person

      • Lucy Brazier says:

        Right now, even our own Prime Minister doesn’t seem to know what Brexit actually means!
        I can accept that perhaps Obamacare might not be the best option (I honestly have no idea on the matter either way) but surely it’s got to better than no option? To let your own people suffer is not the work of a patriot – it is the work of a bully and a megalomaniac. I think even Trump supporters will be starting to worry, soon.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Too late wise, unfortunately.

          Later today Trump is going to try to get deVoss, his nominee for Sec. of Education, approved – and what an abortion that will turn out to be.

          The woman has been actively AGAINST public education and a lobbiest for tax rebates for private schools – which she and her children attended (she is a member of the Billionaire’s Club, however, and contributed heftily toward Republican campaign efforts).

          I’m worried that if nonsense like this keeps up, folks will begin to take to the streets – and then T. will declare Marshall Law (which might actually be the plan, I fear).

          But I don’t think he has ever actually claimed to be a patriot, come to think of it.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Lucy Brazier says:

            It makes me very angry that he appealed to the ordinary, working-class people of America to vote for him, promising to make a change. And yet it is those very people who are going to suffer so very badly at his hand. Things are going to get messy. I shall make up my spare room for you and Tink 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

            • Well, you have to be pretty naive to be to actually believe that *any* billionaire could actually be “the man of the people” he claimed to be.

              I think people were just so sick of politicians and politics in general that they fell for some kind of new broom sweeps clean crappola, thinking, “How much worse could he BE?”

              And now we hide and watch as we ALL are forced to witness *exactly* how much worse.

              Thanks for offering an escape route. Tink and I would probably have to stow away in the bowels of a cargo ship to get there, but it just might come to that.


              Liked by 1 person

  11. michnavs says:

    It is indeed important not to rush on anything… change maybe inevitable but one has to consider the consequences

    Liked by 1 person

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