Can you hear them NOW?

Heads up Washington!
I hope you got the message LOUD and CLEAR

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
from the What Kind of World do YOU Want Series

America is mad as hell and
they’re not going to take it anymore!

Regular readers could probably have predicted that I would be depressed about the election results.  And I am. I have been hiding out in shock, cycling through depression and anxiety for more than a few days now, while previously prepared content auto-posted.

After a bit of intro, dumping my current feelings, I believe I am finally ready to take some forward steps (skip to the next section if you are not ready to read anything more about the election.)

I am especially concerned about what this presidency will mean for those suffering from chronic pain and mental health challenges.  I fear a return to the Dark Ages of mental illness history — as well as the return of devastating, life-threatening physical illnesses previously eradicated as DT reopens the vaccination wars, just announced.

Circle the wagons and pull in your heads.
It’s likely to be a four year extremely bumpy ride.

Ready for any New Broom Pusher

No matter how you feel about the election results, the vote sent a clear message to Party Bosses, Whips, lobbyists and American politicians – regardless of affiliation.

Voters representing slightly less than half the population (and the majority of the antiquated Electoral College, supposedly those with cooler heads) are prepared to vote into office anybody else – even a man with no platform and zero political experience.

Don’t you get it, Washington?

They are no longer willing to accept empty promises, pass the buck finger-pointing, or divisive Party politics.  They want legitimate CHANGE.  Now!

  • They want you to clean up politics, end cronyism, and stop legislating like spoiled, wealthy adolescents in school bathrooms, gathering to decide on group behaviors and who can be a protected member of your club.  Or else!
  • We ALL want you to start taking a long hard look at what you have been doing to the vast majority of the people of our once-great country in your relentless march toward corporate capitalism.
  • We want EACH of you who are supposedly representing us in Washington to step into personal accountability for the mess in this country, making sure you include EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US in your attempts to fix it.
  • We are counting on you to gird your loins and be brave enough to USE the checks and balances power still in place, before policies are enacted that prevent it.

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I hope you have been paying attention, Washington
and that you have HEARD the roar.

Moving ON from here

MEANWHILE, we must find some way to soldier on despite how we feel about the results of the election and how we are impacted by what happens next. Keep reading.

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Circling our Wagons Peacefully

Adding to a comment I left under an article on the blog of Benjamin Prewitt:

A focus on love, kindness, understanding community support & healing must be our shields as the days advance. Those, and prayer seem to be the tools with which we have to work for the next few years.

I have never really relied on “a power greater than myself” as much as the actions of those of us tasked to work here on earth, but I have recently been forced to admit that many of us will be rendered “powerless” in the face of what’s likely to come.

I pray that cooler heads will prevail, that scientists and those with a focus beyond “just business” will be given powerful seats at the table, that kinder hearts will survive, and that the checks and balances set in place long ago by a forward-thinking government will work their magic.

We have never needed them more.

Where we need to focus our energies NOW

OUR most important task at this point is to get busy focusing on changing what we can: improving our intentionality by increasing our functionality.  Neuroscience is fairly unconflicted that we CAN change gene expression – turning genes “on” and “off” – through environmental exposure.

What THAT means is that we need information to help us locate the system glitches, and encouragement to develop effective HABITS designed to get us where we say we want to go.

Shoveling new pathways

Like first paths worn into snow-bound landscapes, staying in tracks from the past may offer the easiest way to move from where you are to where you want to go, but it will seldom be the most effective way to traverse the landscape.

With that in mind, I am planning to focus my own energies on
getting the Group Coaching initiative up and running ASAP.

Are YOU ready to jump in and change your experience of living?

WATCH THIS BLOG for the upcoming announcement that enrollment is now open!

Group Coaching Coming SOON!

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I can help you sort through the available success modules to design an action plan guaranteed to be more effective than how most of you are currently doing things – a much cheaper alternative to hiring my personal coaching services (the FIRST time I announce a new class or group is always your least expensive option).

If you already know that this is something you are going to want to be part of, leave me a comment below and I’ll save you a seat (fill in your name and email on the comment form or I won’t be able to contact you).

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35 Responses to Can you hear them NOW?

  1. ericb85 says:

    AMEN my (and our) friend! I plan to forward several of the above points directly to ALL of my Congressional representatives.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Eric. We ALL must step up and SPEAK OUT – our elected representatives are elected, after all. A big enough threat to their chances of re-election is likely to go a long way toward “reminding” them that we need them to USE the power of their checks and balances and that WE WILL BE WATCHING.


  2. Pingback: Sleeping with the Enemy: Mom’s N-24 | ADD . . . and-so-much-more

  3. Wendy says:

    Well said Madelyn, as usual your words resonate what I feel.


    • Thanks, Wendy. The man’s a mess and so is the country. We must move on to other fish fries.

      You’ve been keeping up with the challenge – and still visiting here? WOW – you’re amazing.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wendy says:

        Not so amazing. I’m pretty behind on my blog visitation. I’m trying to schedule the challenge prompts abandoned day early, that way I’m not stressed.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I already spend hours a day trying to keep up with *reading* everybody’s daily posts. I would never be able to keep up with writing a new post every day too – I’d shut down completely.

          You are made of stronger stuff than I. I run away screaming from these challenges. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          • Wendy says:

            Right now I feel like running away screaming. LOL. I’m sitting here thinking of a prompt and I have no idea what I’m going to write. I swear this blogging thing is a full time job, I don’t know how some people do it.

            Liked by 1 person

            • HOW? They don’t try to post every single day lol! Or if they do, it’s a reblog or a meme. Not our style, right?

              Also remember, many of them don’t have our challenges otherwise and aren’t ALSO supporting communities in the same fashion.

              Personally, I’ll be relieved to see the end of this particular challenge so that you can go back to doing what you’ve always done. I’ve missed THOSE posts.

              Anyway, NOBODY has the time to read the uptick of all these daily posts much beyond the titles, except for a few by one or two beloved blog-buddies — so keep ’em short, sweet and don’t agonize over it. You can always come back to expand into an article once the gun is out of your back.

              I’d like to see them make it a month-long daily quotes challenge – and move it to Twitter. (ONE quote per day, btw; we’re hoping to keep people mental-health aware, not storm their devices) 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

            • Wendy says:

              Well, I have been trying to keep them short. 🙂 There have been a couple I’ve liked writing, having a prompt is good sometimes….sometimes it drives me crazy. LOL
              But I’ve met some new people this month, that was really the point of doing it. I think I’ll have some new friends. 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

            • It sounds like it has been worth it, then. Yeah!

              Liked by 1 person

  4. seenu625 says:

    Awesome post and snapshot. Thanks for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. davidprosser says:

    Like you I had to take a few days before being able to make comment on the farrago I’d witnesses. I don’t believe for one minute all Americans are certifiable but I’d certainly say most Republicans are. I can’t believe even now what they’ve done and after seeing some of the appointments made by Trump I’d say some will by now be asking themselves the same question.

    I think there has been a major reaction to Obama’s Health Care. The Republican party were against it from the start, not I believe because it was a bad thing but merely because it wasn’t their idea. They did a very good job of making sure it was so watered down as to be ineffective and what was left they made sure America knew would cost them. It did and now America has reacted. Politicians who put themselves before the people who voted them in have now ousted the party that wanted to help them. That’s treasonous.

    There will be four years (or more) of misery now where the rest of the world (except maybe Putin) will find it difficult to deal with and trust America. But where America must try to pull as one to get over this period at the same time as they must try to protect the minorities Trump has either threatened with his rhetoric or will endanger with his indifference.

    Heaven help you all.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx
    mgh added white space for readability for those who struggle with longer strings of text; words unchanged

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, David, for taking the time to leave this thoughtful and supportive comment. I’m not sure HOW we will protect the targeted sub-groups, but I agree that we simply must try our darndest to do so by stepping up and speaking out against hatred, racism, mysogyny and cruelty every single time we encounter it — especially when we find it in expressions uttered from those in positions of leadership.

      I pray that America survives the next four years – and its aftermath – intact.

      Below is from a comment I left on another site:
      “I have intensely disliked the results of elections past (particularly after the Florida debacle), but never
      before have I been AFRAID to live in America under the dubious “leadership” of a president I did not elect. This from a Mary Tyler Moore-straight WASP. I can only imagine the horror in the hearts of those in the GLBT, Muslim, Black and Mexican communities – and the mothers of girls.

      The mental health and chronic pain advocates I support are terrified – a feeling echoed by increasingly more of the entire medical community following DT’s recently published and uneducated *opinion* about the “dangers” of vaccines and what he plans to do about it. I pray daily that the shame and disgrace of the McCarthy era will not return to our shores because self-focused politicians are too fearful of reprisals themselves to step up and speak out to keep this hothead in line.

      HOW did this happen?
      MILLIONS upon millions of Americans giving in to hate and fear, plain and simple.

      They cannot be reasoned with – these hate-mongers – and attempts to “fight fire with fire” will eat us from within. The majority of America (whose votes were rendered ineffective by the antiquated Electoral College system), MUST remain a force for good, regardless of the difficulty.”

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Linda – couldn’t help myself. But I’m serious about the end of the post too.

      I spent every waking hour yesterday working on getting things in place to get Group Coaching up and running – with a few time-outs to run around the blogs and walk my dog. Today and tomorrow will be a repeat of yesterday – so get ready for the announcement SOON!

      Memoirs are yearning to be completed and published!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. As you would say, my cookies have been tossed just thinking about it. And I’m not even an American. At least if you voted and he does something stupid(he will just give it time) you have ever right to complain. And anyone trying to bitch, whinge and moan about him who didn’t even bother to vote you can tell them to shut the fuck up! Small upside, but something.


    • Small upside INDEED. The largest voter registration EVER (majority democratic voters), coupled with the record for registered voters who did not bother to show up and vote – WTF?

      Uh, WHEN he does something stupid? It has already started (have you read his latest about vaccinations? OMG!). And he’s not even sworn in yet. But, hey, we get a free ice cream bar on that day, so all’s good, right? IF we can keep it down, that is.

      Thanks for your understanding support. I wish more people here in America had taken the time to be as well informed as the people OUTSIDE America. They failed SO many people in their angry support of an angry clown ::circus music reprise here::


  7. Lucy Brazier says:

    Fabulous post! I think with your election we have seen the exact same sentiment that we saw over in the UK this summer, with the Brexit vote. Leaving the EU is a scary prospect in many respects, but the British people were so fed up with the status quo they just wanted to see any change at all.

    The government grossly underestimated the feelings of the people outside of London and now they are in a right pickle – serves them right! Whether Brexiteer or Remoaner (pet names for the leave and remain camps), I think everyone is quietly pleased to see the political classes squirming.

    I believe the people of the US felt the same – anyone is better than yet another self-serving Establishment puppet who will take the voters for granted.

    These are interesting and unnerving times, but let us hope that the so-called powers-that-be are finally realising that their nonsense is just not on anymore. Big hugs America!
    mgh added white space for readability for those who struggle with longer strings of text; words unchanged

    Liked by 2 people

    • I don’t think many of us on this side of the pond were following Brexit as closely as the world followed this past election here in America – mouths open in disbelief with collective breath holding around the world as DT’s campaign advanced. I imagine the Russians are pleased, but they may be the ONLY country that is!

      I just hope the word gets out to the world that not ALL Americans are certifiable — the majority of us are in mourning (despite his offering of a free ice cream bar on inauguration day – WTF?) ::play circus theme here::

      DT LOST the popular vote
      – but the Electoral College delegates from the states he carried came with more voting power — and the idiots lacked the good sense to vote for the good of the country rather than attempting to curry favor with their constituents.

      We need to get RID of that antiquated system, set in place when there were only 13 stars on the flag, with little communication between states and women & slaves had no voice. NOW it is ONLY an elitist complication that has NO place in the policies of a country that claims to be a democracy.

      Thanks for a great comment, Lucy – and keep thinking about the American iteration of “Who Shot Tony Blair

      Liked by 1 person

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