Whose Daylight were they Saving?

TIME is tough enough to track
Do they HAVE to make it harder?

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
in the Monday Grumpy Monday Series

How crazy is this?

Springing and falling, backwards and forwards.  Add an hour, take and hour, walk around your house resetting all your clocks just because somebody said so.  And let’s all pray that we remembered which way the big hand is supposed to go and didn’t move the little hand.


What’s the point of attempting to figure out this tracking time business AT ALL if they’re allowed to move it around willy-nilly?

Don’t they understand that they are messing with everybody’s chronorhythms?

Surely I’m not the only one who thinks this save the daylight scam is t-totally nuts.

If it weren’t already confusing enough, some places change the clock, others don’t, and some change it in the other direction!

Take Figi, for example. Their clocks went forward this past weekend, skipping from two to three o’clock, without passing go.

Yet here in America, we went from two o’clock to one o’clock.  On the very same day???

‘Sup with THAT?!

And THEN they have to add what I guess they think is springingly/fallingly cuteness to their reminders.  I don’t know if they’re really trying to help or dead set to addle what’s left of my brain.

What makes anybody think this is a good idea?

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So let me get this straight . . .

When we fall “back” we are supposed to get an extra hour of sleep?  Doesn’t it seem like “back” would be less?  Like “take it back,” right?  But noooooooo . . . .

And then, of course, they are assuming that, to be able take advantage of that extra hour of sleep, the bodies of those of us who are confirmed night owls will automatically know they need to nod off at some arbitrary moment that is suddenly one hour earlier.

STOP the Clock!

So here in America, at least, Daylight Saving Time ended this weekend – at exactly at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 6th 2016 – as the clocks were supposed to go backward an hour to make it 1:00 AM.

  • And earlier this year, on Sunday, March 13, 2016, 2:00 AM, clocks were supposed to be turned forward an hour to 
make it 3:00 AM instead.
  • THEN, for most of America and Canada, this capricious madness will install itself once more when they decide to start Daylight Savings time again on Sunday, March 12, 2017.

And all this to change when we watch the sun rise and set? Or so that, in participating places, the mornings will be lighter and the evenings darker (or vice versa, who can track this stuff?)

World Peace probably begins with stabilizing TIME

But, oh goodie, the war of the worlds is about to begin again – over setting our clocks!

Tracking time zones already drives many of us to drink.  And NOW we have to track this crazy movement to save the daylight as well (or not, depending on where you live and how you vote).

US Bills to rid ourselves of Daylight Savings Time

  • Massachusetts recently signed a bill launching a study into permanently changing the time zone to Atlantic Standard Time, leaving Daylight Savings Time in the dust.
  • In California, a bill that would have allowed voters to decide whether to keep Daylight Savings Time OR give it the boot made it all the way to the state Senate before it was voted down.  Are these people out of their minds?
  • Meanwhile in Alaska, a proposal to jettison Daylight Savings Time has been steadily advancing in the State Legislature — which makes only too much sense, since they have eternal days and nights already.

Then there’s Mexico, Europe, The Bahamas & more

  • Most of Mexico ended Daylight Savings Time one entire week earlier on Sunday, October 30, 2016, when Europe ended this nonsense as well.
  • A few Mexican cities, like Hermosillo and Cancun, do not observe Daylight Savings Time AT ALL.  (I’d consider moving there if the climate weren’t so hot, but that’s a whole other grump.)
  • A few other places that went back to normal on November 6th were Cuba, Bermuda and The Bahamas (along with the Thule Air Base in Greenland?)

How does ANYBODY in this global world of ours keep track? 

Pity those poor souls who have to schedule conference calls with Dubai and places as they send their memos:

We will begin sharply at 8PM — that’s 9PM if you are calling from Figi – and 7 if you are in Cancun. Dubai, you’re on your own here, but don’t be late.

Speaking of “on your own”

So are those of you who are planning to sign up for Group Coaching.  We’ll be working with systems basics to help you manage your TIME, of course, but this springing and falling stuff is NOT on the syllabus.

Anybody else chomping at the bit to ring in on this one? 

Like me, does all futzing with clocks give you nightmares? Anybody else thinking that moving off the grid entirely suddenly seems like it wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all?

Let’s hear it from YOU

Does anything else makes you crazy as you check your watch or troll the web — or crazy in general?  Like me, do you find it all tougher to tolerate on Mondays, or does it always make you grumpy?

I invite you to dump YOUR Monday grumps and gripes
in the comment section below each of my own – related or NOT.

As long as you don’t make individual people wrong, and do your best to avoid the dreaded “should” word, I will approve all comers (link-spammers shot on sight, however).

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38 Responses to Whose Daylight were they Saving?

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  3. akiwifreund says:

    One of the things I loved (and miss) about living in AZ is that the state doesn’t participate in daylight savings and changing the clocks. Of course, it made it hell for all of my friends and family to keep track of the differences in time – was I one hour ahead of them, or two hours behind, or three hours behind, or what??? I kept track for them.

    On the flip side, when I was living in KY and working in Cincinnati, I was an escrow assistant and trying to schedule real estate closings in Indiana. It was an absolute nightmare. Some of the counties were eastern time, some were central, and I could never figure it out. We didn’t do enough work over there for me to be able to quickly figure it out off the top of my head and remember if that particular county was participating in daylight savings (because not all of them were).

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am currently residing in Cincinnati, so I am well aware of the crazy goin’s on in the tri-state area. In one Indiana town the dividing line is in the middle of a street. One side participates, the other doesn’t !!!

      I never thought about the impact to the banking and real estate industries, however – or on people’s bank accounts (deposits & withdrawal creditings could mean overdrawn on one side, not on the other).

      Wanna’ join a movement to find a candidate willing to run on an “abolish DST” platform? Couldn’t make for a more frivolous campaign cycle than the one we just witnessed – and look how THAT turned out. 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

      • akiwifreund says:

        I remember you’re in Cincinnati, and I still have “people” there if you are ever in a bind! 🙂 I think the daylight savings movement would be pretty easy at this point. I mean, the majority of us don’t farm anymore (though you and I are both in farm states currently), so DST can’t be used as a crutch, really. Then again, the way the Republicans are going nowadays, if they don’t get a payout for it, they won’t even so much admit the sky is blue. Lack of wealth is not on our side, Madelyn.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yeah, but when was lack of wealth ever on anybody’s side in that particular skirmish?

          My definition of “fiscal conservative” differs radically from what the Republicans DO (despite what they *say*) – and I’d like to believe I’d feel the same way if I tripped across a silver spoon to stick in my mouth.

          I got the notice that there was a comment to respond to (yours, as it turned out) as I was in the middle of reading the EXCELLENT 3-product review <==link on your site – one of which is a product designed for sleep struggles.

          More over there once I come to the end of the article – and I’ll come back here to add a link so other folks reading can easily hop over, even once you’ve written something new.


          Liked by 1 person

          • akiwifreund says:

            Thank you as always, Madelyn – you are so good at networking! And I swear to you that if I’m well enough to travel and I can make it back to Cincy, we’ll sit down for some tea (after 5 pm, that is!). ❤

            Liked by 1 person

            • I prefer “community building” – networking has a biz-school connotation that makes me skeeve.

              If we sit down together, and I pray that we will for the reason you cite, you’ll have the tea – this girl is a COFFEE-holic! (which is *not* the cause of my sleep struggles, btw – stimulants balance my brain, and I actually sleep *better* on psychostims 24/7.)

              Good luck getting more than a handful of docs in America knowledgeable enough to prescribe a sufficient number of pills per month, however — Yale’s Thom Brown, Ph.D. is one, author and clinician specializing in ADD for his entire lengthy career. (ADD & sleep is one of his areas of expertise).

              NOW – back to *your* article. 🙂


              Liked by 1 person

  4. reocochran says:

    So, having had three middle, then high school children who would usually have to wait on the side of a dark road, for a few weeks in October, with Fall days getting shorter I really do appreciate that as I drive to my warehouse job, passing children I can now See, due to the earlier sunrise reminds me of what I consider the Most important reason for the time change. As I also smiled at the idea of sipping on wine to help me sleep soundly and soften the edges of life. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. We were just discussing this big-little issue in an N24-group over on Facebook! Everyone’s up in arms. We can’t even keep correct and helpful sleep charts.

    How expensive must it be for transportation & freight companies to keep things straight the 5-6 weeks it takes us all, twice a year? Departures & arrivals. ‘Phones & office hours.

    I traveled from Europe to Phoenix AZ in October one year and returned in November. Even Expedia’s paperwork was off, as no one had told their data system about most of Arizona ignoring this nonsense. But, of course, the woman I pointed this out to just told me that computers don’t make mistakes….

    With the expense for businesses and the disturbances for milk cows, pets, babies and the rest of us, one should think we could get a movement going toward a solution!

    We are still animals. Chrono-biologically, we experience sunlight a little bit earlier every day all spring, as nature intends, until BANG – one day it’s all off by an hour. Our bodies know that that trend should have continued daily. The disturbance isn’t just a one-day affair.

    Let each region decide to STAY on either “DST” or the alternative, forever. Personally, I’d prefer to do the change one last time in the spring of 2017. I want to march with a protest sign: “DST 4-ever!”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Great to see you over here – ALWAYS!

      “Computers don’t make mistakes” — she’s right, garbage IN, garbage OUT – if we don’t change their specs and codes, they don’t change their outputs (and, uh, idiots on the desk can’t figure out something is OFF — or at least *listen* to those who can???)

      INDEED – “one should think we could get a movement going toward a solution” – but the “each region decides which” idea wouldn’t only make things crazier in a global world.

      I vote for marching with a sign that says:
      “Leave the eff-ing time ALONE! We don’t want to reset our clocks *one* more time!!!”

      btw- in prep for N-24 Awareness Day Post, tell the tribe to head over and leave links, so I can support their sites and shoot people their way.



      • Quoting James on N24 Awareness Day: It’s that time of year again: Thursday, November 24th is N24 Awareness Day, the day the online N24 community has chosen to spread knowledge of our condition. This year’s theme is “The Many Faces of N24” and you are encouraged to write, draw, compose, film, or otherwise depict your N24 for a world that has far too little awareness of our existence, let alone what our lives are like. [….]

        To participate in N24 Awareness Day, all you have to do is post something somewhere on or near (we have N24 so we’re not really bound by clocks and calendars, right?) November 24th. If you don’t have anyplace to post your contribution or if you’d like to have it also published elsewhere, you are very welcome to submit it to the N24 Awareness Day blog at https://n24day.wordpress.com/

        You can also pick up this year’s participation badge at the blog:
        Feel free to use the participation icon any way you choose. It’s great if you want to link it back to the blog, but that’s not required. The HTML for linking it is available on the icon page this year. Feel free to copy the icon to your own server or just directly link to it from the blog, using the code provided.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I really don’t know why we do this anymore. Trying to get cranky babies up an hour earlier or an hour later than they’re used to totally disorientates them for a few days, same with pets

    Liked by 1 person

  7. noelleg44 says:

    I’m with you – this falling back and springing forward does nothing except give me SAD (well, not really) with the sun going down at 4:30 – but it makes me sad. Maybe this worked during the agricultural age, but now it’s just plain silly, annoying, and irritating. Maybe if Congress doesn’t want to focus on real issues, it can take up this time issue.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Wendy says:

    Now we should just be like Arizona and keep their clocks the same all the time. Well not exactly the same, it does move, but the don’t go back and forth.
    Oh I’ve confused myself.
    Perhaps I need that extra hour of sleep.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Boy do I hate moving the clocks either way. I have a whole wall of them in one room……


  10. We need a worldwide grassroots revolution. Everybody: refuse to change your clocks ever again!!

    We have two darling rescue dogs, a poodle and a boxer-pit. They certainly don’t get the time change idea. Scrappy and Baby still want to eat and to go outside at the same time… only now it’s an hour earlier… sigh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • My 10 pound Tinker is confused, but he keeps my crazy, sleep-disordered hours, whatever they turn out to be – fortunately.

      Of course he also has a potty-pad station for “emergencies” – with treats for using it – so I doubt he hates the time change more than he loves the treats. Bigger dogs/bigger problem.

      Since he was little, he gets to “graze” on dry food, but he gets his yummiest meal at night – that helps too.

      I’m down for the revolution! If the inter-net can popularize NaNoWriMo, surely it can sell the time revolution!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Scott Nagele says:

    I have to say I like falling back lots more than springing forward. Is there a way we can do the former without the latter?

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Lucy Brazier says:

    It is so confusing! In the UK the clocks went back last weekend and I have spent the last 7 days not really knowing what time it is. Also I can’t work out how to change the clock on my car, so until I get used to the ‘extra hour’ I shall be panicking every time I get in the driver’s seat, thinking I am really late for everything 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • I have multiple clocks throughout my apartment. Some of them are up high enough that I need to drag a ladder up from the basement to get to them. Until I make the time to do so, I scare myself every time I look at the clocks in my office. Thank goodness the computer changed it’s clock without my involvement, but there is still that moment of panic before I remember to check it!

      And changing the time on my watch is always a hassle until I remember where I put the instructions. Hateful, antiquated system!!

      Liked by 2 people

  13. Yes! Very aware of the Daylight savings concept. It’s a simple sum like this (ad-libbing, so cut me sum slack on the maths right?)

    You take an hour every day you lose in the morning, you add the hour of sleep you lost. And multiply by the glasses of wine you need at the end of the day to convince yourself despite still being light outside that it’s time to go to sleep.

    Then, you have officially one less hour of sleep and one more hour to work to be able to afford the wine….. but it’s warm outside and at least we can celebrate that we don’t live in the UK, where in winter it gets dark around 4pm, and is still light at 11pm, in early spring. (Facts based on Spring holiday in ’94) Imagine how this messes things up when you work in nightclubs.

    Half my week was days, half nights…….I hear you sister. We have daylight savings too. Fun when your a kid but sucks as an adult. Still good to express to those who are blissfully unaware. Hope you like my comment. Cheers,H

    Liked by 3 people

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