Ten Things I Do Not Want in My President

November is too close
to remain silent
Even though this is not a political blog

Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
from the What kind of world do you want Series

This is no longer about Trump

I found the following words in an article on the blog of the HopeWorks Community. I was inspired to check out what else they had written on this topic, and I was moved to “reblog” the words that expressed some of my thinking better than I could myself.

The Real Question is about US

“This is no longer about the decency of Donald Trump. If there were lingering doubts the tape recently released should remove [them].

The real question is about us. What have we become? What are we yet to become?

The question is not about whether or not not we are going to be great, but at what point what happened to the idea of us being good?  

Do we believe the moral integrity of our leaders is irrelevant to the leadership they provide as long as they give lip service to the policies we support. At what point is enough actually enough — or is it ever?

When do people understand that, “What about Hillary?” is neither explanation or justification for the disgrace that is Donald Trump? When?”                          . . . continue reading Source HERE

About the things I do not want

The words below are not my own either, but they so clearly express much of what I believe, they might as well be.  I changed the order of the points around a bit, but the words are straight from HopeWorks.
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