September Song

Time to Get New Notebooks
(And ready the Fall Clothing!)

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC

Swan Song for Summer!!

It’s still summer-hot here, but in a week or two we’ll have a few cool days in a row when I will have a brain again – harbingers of sweater weather.

For me, the year really begins in September, despite the fact that, except for the TeleClasses I offer, my official school days are a fond but distant memory.  As the leaves expire in a final burst of glory, I become eager to plan what I will do with nine months when I have drive and follow-through.

I realize that not everyone shares my loves of brisker weather, however.

If you’re a warm weather fan you’ll find your tribe on LuckyOttersHaven‘s patch of blog-heaven in 12 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Autumn.

She posts again (if a tad grudgingly), in 8 Good Things about Fall — some of which I celebrate as well, like the end of flea and fly season, so I won’t relist them in my own List of Ten.

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Ten of the Reasons I ADORE Autumn

  1. The devil takes his weather back, and my melted brain solidifies once more.
  2. I can wear grown-up clothing without fainting.
  3. Coats and scarves and gloves, oh my! And felt fedoras.
  4. Boots! My boots reappear for another walk down fashion lane.
  5. I can take the candles out of cold storage — and actually light them.
  6. Hot baths return to replace the lukewarm ones of summer. I have some of my best ideas when I’m soaking away stress in a steamy candlelit bubble bath.
  7. My little Shih Tzu TinkerToy enjoys long walks once more, and I don’t have to dust his tongue on our return.
  8. Autumn root vegetables and squashes on my plate, hearty soups simmering on the stove, stews in my Crockpot™, and an oven that returns to its rightful place as a kitchen appliance.
  9. The infernal lawn tending racket finally ends and my grass allergy hibernates until the return of my least favorite season.  . . . Last, but not least . . .

  10. Pumpkins, pumpkins, PUMPKINS!  Pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin-bread, pumpkin soup, pumpkin savories – and pumpkins into Jack-o-lanterns as Halloween approaches.

I could continue the list to include new episodes of favorite TV shows, for most of you with television sets, tail-gate parties at autumn sports events, s’mores over campfires and backyard firepits, curling up with good wine and a good book rather than gardening or weeding or mowing or more, good hair days once the humidity flies south, and many more delights.

Summer begone – you’ve outstayed your welcome

To echo my conclusion to  Top 10 Reasons Why Summer Needs to take Early Retirement, it’s past time to make way for crisp, cashmere sweater-weather, and the cozy style of autumn clothing.

Ah! Autumn: the season when unripped denim comes out of hiding, the flipflop is no longer the national shoe, fireplaces inspire curling up under comfy throws, and we can all use our ovens once more.

Scurry summer — go spend the remainder of your days on some island near the equator where you will be loved and appreciated. You really needn’t stay where you’re no longer wanted.

In case I haven’t made myself perfectly clear,
Step aside to make way for fall!

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54 Responses to September Song

  1. swamiyesudas says:

    I wrote this in ‘LuckyOtter’s’ blog, and being basically lazy, shall copy and paste it here, as this says it the best!

    May be I escape all this, because… Well, because of two reasons:

    One, in Tamil Nadu in India, We have Only Three seasons: Hot, Hotter and Hottest!

    And Second, I stay in my room 23×7, with exceptions, and who can talk about that?🙂

    Hozzat, my Dear Madelyn? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wendy says:

    I am ready for summer to end. So tired of mosquitoes. Ready to sit in the back yard and fire up the fire pit. Unfortunately, Autumn doesn’t last long enough. It seems to go from hot to cold. I’m not a fan of winter. Well it’s okay as long as it doesn’t get too cold, or snow much. Or ice, oh I hate an ice storm. Did I say I hate winter? As much as you hate summer is how much I probably hate winter.
    But I like the clothes more! Just hate that I get all nice and pretty then I go in an office that is unbearably hot. Have to dress in layers then carry half those layers around with me. 🙂

    But I must love Autumn the most because it has Halloween. and Halloween is my favorite holiday! I want to start decorating now! People start decorating for Christmas over a month early why can’t I decorate for Halloween very early? hehehe or should I say Bwahahaha

    and give me a pumpkin!


  3. PorterGirl says:

    Autumn is my favourite season! I love the firey leaves and the dewy mornings, the faint chill of dusk and definitely FELT FEDORAS! September is my birthday month, so I always feel a little bit special this time of year. Also the smell of the air changes and reminds me of going back to school after the summer break, and memories of a crisp uniform slightly too large and brand new pens and pencils come flooding back. Being half-Scottish, my pale skin and slightly ginger hair are not so happy in the glare of summer sun. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bright mornings and endless evenings, but I have spent a good deal of time hiding away from the heat these last few months. Now it’s time to come out and play!


    • Absolutely! Except for the fact that my birthday is at the end of November, I’m with you on every single point. (Happy Birthday, by the way – you will be celebrating all month, right?)

      Although I am a brunette (with red undertones, thanks to my red-headed mother), I have white-white skin that doesn’t take kindly to sun – even if summer weren’t so darned hot.

      TinkerToy and I can finally go out and play too – neither of us do much of that in the summer.

      Liked by 1 person

      • PorterGirl says:

        Thank you, I shall be celebrating every opportunity I get! Which isn’t a great deal, actually, although I have a get together at home planned for 17th, when I plan to celebrate both my arrival into the world and also the book. How fabulous that you and the lovely TinkerToy can get out and about more readily! I wish you both epic walks and endless play 😀


        • Tink says thanks – he has missed his long AM frisbee sessions for several months now. By the time it has been cool enough to play, it’s too dark to see. 🙂

          According to Google: If you were born between the 14th and the 21st of September, you fall in that area of the zodiac that is jointly governed by two star signs – Virgo and Libra. (I’m a double Sag).

          I’m not sure how much sun signs influence behavior, but it’s fun to have an excuse, right?

          Liked by 1 person

          • PorterGirl says:

            Much love to Tink! Chase that frisbee, dear creature!
            I am actually on the ‘cusp’ of Virgo and Libra – I couldn’t be more on the cusp if I tried (taking into account time and place of birth) and I have always used this as an excuse for my eccentricity 😉 A double Sag? That makes for a firey, formidable lady – so maybe there is some truth in it after all! 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

            • Back when I was a computer consultant, I had a major client project that took an enormous amount of time during a specific period every year. I always took on a project class that was TOTALLY different to make sure I took time for something else, so that I would recall something about that time other than non-stop work: bridge, yoga, etc.

              Two years in a row it was an astrology class (to help a metaphysics mentor to fund her yearly theatre jaunts to England).

              Quite fascinating when you delve into it – but I learned that our sun signs really don’t have as much to do with things as newspaper & magazine “horoscopes” might lead one to believe.

              I don’t have ready access to all I learned, but the key word for Sag is “I seek” – and that has certainly turned out to be true for me.

              I think I remember that Virgo is “I analyze” – and Libra is all about balance.



            • PorterGirl says:

              Isn’t it interesting to delve into random subjects? My mother went through a bit of a hippy stage when I was young and had a fascinating – if occasionally bonkers – set of friends. There were elements of every single spiritual and alternative lifestyle you can imagine so astrology did pop up here and there. I can’t say I am entirely convinced by it all, to be honest – but astrology does have an interesting ‘science’ behind it that is akin to alchemy of some kind. Far too complex for me to comprehend completely, but fascinating nonetheless. I would say I am definitely an analyser, although not often consciously. Balance and a sense of justice too – I cannot really argue so I remain open minded on the subject 🙂


            • Fayne (teacher), said it was a tool for objectifying consciousness – and that nothing is set in stone, simply an indication of what you are here to work out. I’m on board as long as that is the approach.

              Liked by 1 person

            • PorterGirl says:

              Sounds reasonable enough to me 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

            • Not that either of us are such great fans of reasonable – lol 🙂 xx, mgh

              Liked by 1 person

            • PorterGirl says:

              HA! But at least we are fabulous!


            • Well, we have to aspire to something. 🙂 xx, mgh

              Liked by 1 person

  4. Christina G. says:

    I love the style of your writing! My favorite part of fall is definitely the boots. I always go Black Friday shopping for boots!! haha So worth it.


    • Thank you very much – both for the comment and the acknowledgment.

      I haven’t bought new boots in a couple of years now because I don’t know where I’d put them, 🙂 but I still wear a few pairs that are over 30 years old (sooo worth it to shop sales and buy the best you can afford) – everything comes back in style eventually.



  5. I love the Autumn. the rain, the leaves changing colour and kicking through them when the fall. the sharp smell of frost in the morning. Picking blackberries off the bushes in my garden and tasting the sun and showers that have gone in to making them grow. Robins, hedgehogs and squirrels in the garden in the garden. The smell of wet leaves and moss showing on the tree bark. Being able to go outside without wearing factor +50 just to get the washing in. Ahhhh Autumn :0)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I love the start of Autumn, anything to put the heat of summer to rest. It’s now Spring here in Melbourne Australia. Ironically, I spend all winter passing a Marino wool shop every Wednesday and I avoid going in to even price as I know I will cry when I see the price tag. The final weeks of winter spand the sale starts and I finically purchase a beautiful warm garment for next winter!


    • The world is a marble — our upside down summer and winter seasons meet regularly on the internet.

      But wherever we live, we love a good end of season sale, right? Marino wool and cashmere are two of my favorite fibres. (My closet would echo if it weren’t for savvy shopping).

      If you know where to shop, Manhattan is a bargain shopper’s paradise – designer clothes as prices even a Macy’s basement shopper can swing.

      But summer is too hot even for linen, IMHO – and it’s illegal to go naked. 🙂


  7. Debbie says:

    mmm… the only good thing about Autumn, in my book, is Mid-Autumn Festival when the whole nation looks at the moon and eats moon cakes ( the roundness symbolizing a circle where the family and loved ones are always together.) The trouble with Autumn, you see, is it leads to that greater Devil, Winter. oh, and i guess there’s pretty leaves on the ground – but those of us from the tropics know that Mother Nature doesnt need Autumn – she dresses up every day with a colourful booty in the tropics. 🙂
    and those pumpkins – ugh! hate them! and boots – who needs them? for a tropical girl, they just make my feet claustrophobic. walking barefoot on the sand, a nice summer breeze blowing – now you’re talking! 🙂


    • lol – That’s what makes wars and horse races, as they say. You need to jump over to LuckyOtters article (the links at the top of the article) – you two are exactly on the same page. I have never been a barefoot contessa, myself. Even as a kid.

      I’m heat defensive, so I’m close to heat stroke starting on the first warm day. I was fairly miserable when my Dad was stationed in Florida (Cape Canaveral – “rocket scientist”). I lived in the A/C whenever I wasn’t in the pool at the Officer’s Club, hunkered on the shady side of the house when my mother forced me to “go outside and play.”

      After my time in NYC, I became overly fond of winter clothes. And it’s like being a kid in the winter – somebody else has to shovel the snow and drive in it. Miss great public trans!

      That Mid-Autumn Festival sounds interesting.


  8. My favorite time of year. The weather, all things Halloween, pumpkin beer…


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