DAILY email? Get a life! (and leave mine in peace)

PUSH Marketing is the devil’s spawn
NOBODY thinks your info is urgent

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Help — I’m choking on e-glut!

Is anybody else old enough to remember when we used to be inundated with telephone marketing – usually at dinner time?  It used to make my parents furious.

Well, I just spent two solid hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday “catching up on my email.”

What that means is that I spent almost all of that time deleting the unasked for and the unwanteds.  Hundreds of  HUNDREDS!  And there went my email time budget for each day.

At least telephone marketers didn’t used to be able to gang-bang your phone. If the phone was busy they had to leave a voice message, which encouraged more than a few to hang up and move on, I’m sure.

I’d gladly return to the bad ole’ days. At least I’d have the option of putting my phone in the next room under a mountain of pillows and setting alarms for phone appointments.  It’s gotten to the point where I’d do almost anything to dam the River E-spam before its rising tides jump the banks!

No way to filter the stuff

Mind you, I’m not even considering a mailbox full of what almost all of us would consider “legitimate” spam — those emails with very little reason for existing beyond their appeal to a particular vertical market that used to be -um- serviced by those under-the-counter magazines.

  • My spam filter takes care of the Viagra and enlargement ads, as well as the offers to Meet Hot Babes online.  All I have to do there is empty the folder – which I do without even scanning the subject lines first, by the way.  No TIME!
  • I have set filters to auto-trash all email with “Last Chance” or “Reminder” in the subject line.  Even if some e-thing was informing me of my last chance to collect a guaranteed bazillion dollars, it is doubtful I would be able to find the email explaining how to collect it before the deadline was long-gone anyway.  I don’t want to know about it.

I’m grumpy today about MARKETING spam

Nothing can protect any of us from that avalanche of “useful” information pushed our way that contains little more than sales and marketing offers masquerading as legitimate information.

If I had actually signed up for every single one of those Mailing Lists, I would have to have done nothing else in the last year!

And I have learned the hard way that it is a complete waste of time to attempt to get OFF the darned things.  They pop up again like fleas in the summertime. There seems to be no way to eradicate all the eggs – at least not if you have anything else planned for your time.

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What makes anybody think this is a good idea?

People must actually buy from these spammers, or they’d eventually cut it out.  Maybe.  Perhaps if you build a large enough list, a sufficient number of people are dumb enough to purchase in spite of the annoying marketing tactics used to provide a Buy Now! link.

Boy is that proof that correlation does not prove causation!

The people I know most certainly do not welcome mounting irritation from trying to push through chronic distraction to be able to accomplish whatever they opened their email account to DO.  Personally, I resent it mightily.

  • My poor ole’ ADD eyes can’t focus well enough to pick out what might be email from clients, students, colleagues and friends – a few measly strands of pasta on a more-than-you-can-eat platter in a buffet line of dozens of similar platters.
  • As a result, for many days on end my eyelids are drooping about an hour after popping open my email accounts, with very little actually accomplished.
  • Most days I simply do not have the time or cognitive bandwidth to get through even a single day’s dump before it gets pushed even further down by the avalanche the following day.

Even my relatively new private account, from which I never sign up for ANYTHING, is beginning to attract marketing spam.  I’m starting to feel like Alice at The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – repeatedly moving on whenever cleaning up the bodacious mess seems like too much work. And it’s not even MY mess!

Buh-bye Social Engagement sites?

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s finally time to delete my LinkedIn profile – which seems to have become little more than everybody’s go-to source for their list-building efforts. And maybe I’ll be forced to get rid of my FaceBook presence as well – and somehow break out of all those Google circles, simply to stem the e-glut onslaught.

On Mondays — already starting out behind, thanks to all these wretched marketing spammers who work overtime on weekends — I am particularly grumpy about it all. I simply cannot handle the blatant theft of my time and focus and remain centered anymore.

And you wanna’ know what’s really sad?

  • Those of you who send the occasional e-missive with reasonably-sized service or product offerings at the tail end of a ton of useful information — with perhaps a few more links to still more free and helpful content online — are likely to be absolutely positive that I’m complaining about YOUR email.
  • The amazingly supportive community of authors (who are blogging like crazy, sharing information, poems, stories and book chapters that are WELL worth my reading time), will wonder if I’m saying that I hate it that they also hope to make at least enough to pay a few bills from proceeds off-setting the considerable time it takes to create, publish and market their books.

NO! Those are among the emails I would like to be able to locate!

Found HERE

Found HERE

The people I’d like to crush under the sheer weight of their own e-clutter (with a few stuffed into their mouths like a gangsta’ hit) will be absolutely positive that I couldn’t be talking about their pearls of wisdom (at only $9.99 to read the rest of their life-changing information sent to “a specially chosen group” of everyone on their six-figure email list).

The most narcissistic touting of the value of their offerings, over and over and over, redux, seem to be the big-name productivity gurus well past their prime (or their disciples)  — even though they have little to offer that’s not predigested and years stale.

Since they seem to have ferreted out everything else about my marketing profile, couldn’t they at least filter by age?  I mean, wouldn’t you think anyone in the Boomer generation would have already read the content they are touting if they were the slightest bit interested?

Send it to the new kids on the block!!
(which may strike some of the real readers among you a bit too much like “Do it to Julia!” – but I’m truly desperate!)

Anybody else chomping at the bit to ring in on this one? 

Like me, does extreme annoyance over the email zealots make you reluctant to market at all?

Anybody else thinking that a job at an all-night convenience store might be the only way to keep a roof over your head without becoming one of those spammers you hate so much?

Let’s hear it from YOU

Does anything else makes you crazy as you troll the web or check your email — or crazy in general? Like me, do you find it all tougher to tolerate on Mondays, or does it always make you grumpy?

I invite you to dump YOUR Monday grumps and gripes
in the comment section below each of my own – related or NOT.

As long as you don’t make individual people wrong, and do your best to avoid the dreaded “should” word, I will approve all comers (link-spammers shot on sight, however).

And speaking of marketing:

Please don’t wait ’til the last minute to let me know that you are interested in Peer Coaching Basic Training (to get off the fee-based treadmill).

The next training is scheduled to begin in September, but only if it makes its minimum enrollment.  Waiting to find out makes everybody really nervous – especially me!

MY SINCERE APOLOGIES to anyone who has already sent me an e-form expressing interest in this training without hearing a word in response. Following this weekend’s e-glut weeding I located a some email alerting me to the existence of blog feedback forms. I am SO sorry. 

I will be getting in touch in the afternoon and early evening as I find additional form notifications — or you can leave me a comment below (using the same email address so I can use the e-search box for your contact details).

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40 Responses to DAILY email? Get a life! (and leave mine in peace)

  1. annerallen says:

    I’m with you on this 100%. I have to delete an average of 5000 emails a day. As fast as I unsubscribe, new ones appear. And why do marketers have to spam you every single day if you bought one thing from them 5 years ago? I used to shop for my mom at some mail order places, but my mom’s been dead 4 years and I can’t get the companies to stop spamming me with ads for stuff I’d never buy in sizes I can’t wear. Ack!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for ringing in on this, Anne — misery loves company? Sorry to read that you get even more e-glut than I do!! This post was published a year ago, and things have gotten increasingly worse (and check out my link spam counter on the sidebar: WELL over a million caught by Akismet!).

      And STILL there are podcasters and YouTube ads offering those “free” intro classes selling ‘How to get filthy rich from the comfort of your home’ courses (accent on FILTHY!) — showing others exactly HOW to spam, essentially – ads placed to attract folks looking for specific keywords, then sending them to websites that capture email addresses, etc. (and how to farm email addresses without buying a list, how to sell your list, etc.)

      And, of course, only a few people actually make much money at all from their smarmy/spammy efforts, despite the [probably fake] success stories in those ads for the “first taste free” courses claiming otherwise. Since it’s a numbers game, we ALL get increasingly more email. Maddening!

      That’s IN ADDITION to the e-marketers with their “important info” newsletters, and daily email notifications about new blogposts (then again from all the rebloggers)!!

      I finally opened a secret address that I give to only a VERY few people and/or organizations like my bank, and I *never* use it to sign up for anything or post it online (even WordPress doesn’t have that one – and certainly not FaceBook!) Unfortunately, my “secret” provider offers a “social” format where the email can be discovered by the marginally tech savvy, so I will have to migrate again ere long, I’m afraid.

      My reluctant solution, unfortunately, has been to avoid email practically entirely anymore, even though my own business has taken a decided downturn as a result. I simply can’t take the time most days even to delete all that spam as I hunt for the legit emails – and getting off those darned lists is like Whack-a-Mole.

      I tell folks who need to contact me to call instead, and if they simply *must* email to leave me a comment telling me to go look for it in the glut. But you can tell from the comments that some folks find that unreasonable (or humorous). ::sigh:: We live in an age of increasingly faux connection.


  2. Simply-Me says:

    I don’t mind emailing but I hate junk or spam emails with passion. It was only last week that I had to work through 2000 emails and click junk to the entire collection before I became sick and tired of reading. The joys of emailing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Léa says:

    Do you ever get that buried alive feeling? After having my WIFI down for a week, I cannot bear to look at my email. You do appreciate my ability to focus forever on countless emails, many of which say little to nothing. However, I do warn those I give my address to that I do not open anything that I don’t recognise. Perhaps I miss a few along the way but the alternative is overwhelming… 😀


    • YES! I sometimes want to delete the lot – but there is always email I need and want – so to make things worse I feel like the minutes of my life have are being held prisoner by an evil gang of email marketers forcing me to go through the lot (and actually, that’s not far from what is going on!) 🙂

      SO sorry to hear your WIFI was down and you are now forced to play catch-up. After I was gang mugged, 3 months in a cast, forced move (etc.) I “came back” actually 6 months behind with new digs to organize – so *everything* was overwhelming. I’m STILL playing catch up in many ways. Don’t do it to yourself if there is any way to avoid it!

      If your list of those to whom you actually gave your email from is small, can you send out an notice to all that you had to delete the past week and to resend anything important? In any case, I appreciate your taking time from your life to ring in here.


    • I’m grateful for the reblog – but surprised you thought this rant was worth it. You must be choking on eglut too! Sorry – but not surprised. I doubt these bozos target their lists. It’s a scattershot numbers approach, I’m sure. xx, mgh

      Liked by 1 person

      • I used to get the nuisance calls even though my number is ex-directory! it used to make my blood boil that they could invade my home in this way. I felt more sorry for older people who might take the calls just because they were lonely and were talked into taking double glazing or loads of insurance they didn’t need. Spam is the new cold caller.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Absolutely. An old story about mystery writer Len Dayton (who refused to have a phone in his house) quotes him as saying, when quetioned, “I just hate the idea that any idiot with a coin can make a bell ring in my living room.” 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          • It’s the ‘answer e now! answer me now aspect of the phone I don’t like. I even have my cell phone on silent – for everything, and then just check it now and again (drives my family nuts sometimes). What did we do before cell phones??

            Liked by 1 person

            • We used to actually spend uninterrupted TIME with people.

              I have friends who go *nowhere* without their cells at the ready. Even though I threaten them with their lives if they play on it, they still cannot resist answering every ring and checking on every single email beep “in case it is important.”

              Unless you have young children who will be checking in or somebody needs a kidney and yours is the only match in the universe, nothing is so important it can’t wait until you get home!

              My friends also hate it that I can leave my phone plugged in and at home, & complain that I check for messages infrequently. Hey – that’s why I insist on phone appointments – so I can set an alarm. (Sometimes I think those of us who can ignore a ringing phone are a dying breed.)

              Liked by 1 person

            • I know! It’s as if the cell phone is shouting ‘I’m more important, pick me, pick me, ignore the people you’re with and answer me!’

              Liked by 1 person

            • I also hate it when I’m in line at a store and they handle a customer on the phone while *I* wait. How come they allow phone calls to cut in line? How ’bout something like this: “If you can hold until I take care of the customers in line, I’ll be happy to hold your place in the queue.”

              They never do that, however. If I can, I drop whatever I was planning to buy and walk out. Sometimes I take the time to tell the manager why, but usually not.

              As the list of the number of days I have on this earth grows shorter, my patience with people who waste my time grows thinner. Glad I’m not the only one who objects!!


              Liked by 1 person

  4. So help me God, woman! I hate email also! Hate it with a passion. At least when I worked in an office I’d arrive in the morning, put down my take-away coffee, turn on my computer and open Outlook before going to the bathroom. That way settling in for a morning of chaos. These days I check email every bloody night on my IPad while watching something else on my TV Screen. I might still be at it at 1AM! (I don’t know why I can’t sleep at night)but I have a rule to go off-grid on Saturday and sometimes Sunday. Monday Its painful, yes. But I guess this is now the way of the world. Otherwise, those hated calls, I give a grumpy and resound No! And just hang up. Water off a ducks back. And don’t shutdown your Facebook page, I’m yet to look you up there. It’s all circles and roundabouts. Some things are better with technology, some things worse. What can we do? Chin up luv! Today’s Tuesday! 😌😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • If I don’t know anybody in the area where the call comes from and am not expecting a call, I do my best to ignore the phone anymore (in fact, if I’m not expecting a call and am not in the mood, I might just ignore it anyway lol) 🙂

      My FB page, btw, ain’t much to visit. I’m rarely there, because I go nuts when I visit. What eleventy-sixteen friends had for dinner and abbreviated soundbites of Christmas newsletter like reports on days when my life is not going well – nasty political arguments etc., etc., etc. FB sends email too – to remind me to go online to read all these important communiques.

      Yay Tuesday.


  5. Sue Vincent says:

    My daily legitimate email count can run to hundreds. I do not have time, patience of any intention of doing anything other than spamming the lot. It does help for a while at least!

    Liked by 1 person

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