Reflections: a new idea for ADD/EFD content

500 Posts – really?
Time Flies when You’re Having Fun!

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Good news/bad news

I recently received a notification from the WordPress Fairies congratulating me on the publication of my 500th blogpost – not even counting the over-100 blog pages I’ve put together since that fateful day when I decided to publish the fruits of my 25 years of  ADD/EFD experience, information and coaching techniques online for free.

Regular readers are well aware that only a handful of these posts
are what anyone would consider brief!

THANK YOU to everyone who has let me know through likes, stars and comments that the time I spent meandering to this bodacious accomplishment has been worth it!

If not for you, I might have spent that time agonizing over the sorry state of my all-too-messy abode – or given up coaching and training altogether and signed on for an actual job!

While attending to either would have undoubtedly delighted my friends and family, I am personally grateful that I haven’t been forced to take such desperate measures so far.

So What’s the BAD News?

It has taken more time than expected for a number of you to find your way here. Many of my newer readers have probably missed more than a few foundational concepts and work-arounds.

Although I continue to link to older-but-still-relevant posts like a mad thing, I certainly understand the time-crunch that inspires those decisions to investigate later.

So rather than creating brand new content for some of my upcoming articles, I have decided to recycle. I plan to cobble together portions of my personal favorites that, judging by the dearth of comments and likes, have been languishing in undeserved obscurity.

I suppose I could conclude that nobody really liked them the first time around, but I have chosen not to go there.  I believe they deserve a second chance in front of the blogging footlights, and that they will be brand new and helpful offerings for the majority of my current readers.

I hope that decision turns out to be good news for YOU.

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Blame it on the Writers!

© Charles Schultz

Thanks to generous re-bloggers like the fabulous Kate McClelland (who posts much of her own work HERE), my articles have been included among those of an incredibly supportive community of dedicated writers in this blogging community of ours. I’m chomping at the bit to liberate time to read more of what they write.

I’ve suddenly realized that, although I am still a voracious reader, I was much younger in my fiction-reading days. Those happy times when I shut off my computer to stretch out, put up my feet and escape into a novel are far too few and far between anymore.

All neuroscience and no fiction makes Jackie a dull girl?

I had forgotten how much I loved those relaxing vacations of the mind I used to take regularly, until I began to read my way through the online version of The Secret Diary of PorterGirl from the creative mind of another Lucy.

(Ms. Brazier’s brand spanking new PorterGirl novel First Lady Of The Keys
will be released September 1, 2016.)

Speaking of releasing books . . .

It’s high time I returned to work on a few of my own!

I recently came across a post by  D. Wallace PeachShould You Edit Your Published Book, and tripped over a sentence that brought me up short: “Some writers never publish because they never stop editing.” 

As I commented in response: It seems that j-u-s-t when I conclude that good enough needs to be good ENOUGH, the science changes and I’m back to do-not-pass-go once more. (Not only am I guilty as charged, I could also replace “editing” with “blogging” and her point would remain.)

As I disclosed in my Hello World intro, Menage a Moi (in 2011, a century ago in blog-years),  I was expecting that authoring this blog would be just the nudge I needed “to renew my acquaintance with one or two of my books: the many orphans who are losing patience with my never-ending promises to return.”

I need to publish at least one of the little darlings,” I admitted, “if only to prove to myself that I can.”

Fast forward five years, and those manuscripts have become even dustier!

Hopefully, my retread format will emancipate some of the unbelievable amount of time usually spent researching and compiling, allowing me to scratch more than a few other places that have been itching for a while now.

I haven’t yet decided exactly how I will go about it – besides quickly – so leave me a comment to let me know if you have any suggestions or preferences about topic, timing, format – or anything else.

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32 Responses to Reflections: a new idea for ADD/EFD content

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  9. Madelyn – Congratulations on your 500th blog!!
    Well done, that’s a great achievement. It’s a very well written interesting blog with lots of advise and information for ADD/EFD sufferers, their relatives and friends (or just nosey people like me).
    I am sure it is a big help to sufferers where help is lacking or too expensive for them to obtain otherwise. (It was also very sweet of you to mention my blog Madelyn, you’re very kind).
    Best of luck with the revisions and re-postings – that’s a great idea for people who have missed them in the past, or are new to your fabulous blog!
    Kate :0)


    • ::blushing with pleasure:: Thanks for the congrats – If somebody would pay all my bills I’d spend a lot MORE time posting content to help, but 500 is truly amazing to me, given the rest of my accountabilities.

      You are most welcome for the mention – an acknowledgment, actually, for being the town crier — for me and a lot of other interesting sites. I wanted to show my appreciation, AND point others your way so they can reap the benefits of the time you spend curating content.


      Liked by 1 person

  10. swamiyesudas says:

    Hello, Madelyn! Good post, and I can just How Passionate You are about Your subject, which is an Excellent thing.

    I have a Large number of posts, 950+ to date, within 2 years. And I think that the number of Visits, and more than that the Comments, depends upon Our Subject, and whether it interests those of Our Circle.

    So Keep On Keeping On, my Dear!

    Hearty Regards to You! 🙂


  11. Thanks for the mention, Madelyn. I think an interesting thing that happens with science and research is that we not only learn new information, but we begin to understand how much we don’t know! All the great scientists of history published their bodies of knowledge knowing that they were incomplete and that further discoveries lay in future. They were advancing the cause of knowledge as well as laying the foundation for future study. It isn’t actually ever “finished.” So finish one up and go for it. 🙂 (You can always revise and create new editions in the future if you feel the urge).


    • You’re very welcome. Your piece prompted quite a few personal reflections and I wanted to acknowledge it. I’ll bet at least a few writers over here have missed it, and might now jump over to give it a read.

      Thanks for your comments about the neuroscience bubble-under-plastic. NOT a science writer specifically, I guess I am afraid of the baby and the bathwater problem — being discounted if the background to my brain-based coaching is based on old understanding that has since been updated by new studies or technology. I’m not sure how to handle things in a manner that won’t read like “junk science.” I’m quite sure I’m agonizing unnecessarily, but not sure how to put it to rest.

      Not unlike the early days of psychology, there is still a rather large camp casting the evil eye on the coaching field generally, especially eager to discount coaching in the EFD and other disabilities population. The idea of updates and revisions is soothing and horrifying at the same time. ::grin::

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.
      xx, mgh

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Chuck says:

    Would love access to information on how to manage my tendency to hyper-focus. I can go for hours at a time, and really upset my spouse who is a NT. She loves coffee breakes, chatting etc. But I never think of them.



    • Thanks, Chuck, for this suggestion. I haven’t really taken on the complex topic of hyperfocus yet, and it’s a great one.

      It needs and deserves its own Series or eBook – so I’ll have to work on it in a bit at a time & weave it in with the Reflections posts to come. There is very little in the literature about it, so we’ll be flying with anecdotal observation primarily – and it could only be a scattershot approach without knowing exactly how it manifests for you personally.

      But don’t feel alone. Many of US have a love/hate relationship with the hyperfoe – and it is almost completely misunderstood by vanilla-brained people who believe they have no experience with it personally (not actually true, btw, almost everybody does it occasionally).

      There’s no one simple answer because the root causes of Hyperfocus differ for most of us. It is a manifestation of many EFD pieces: kludgy time-sense, high-distractibiity, trouble with transitions, task anxiety, impaired “juggling” ability, perfectionism & black and white thinking – and a whole host of others.

      I hear several possible issues in your brief suggestion — but the first thing I would ask would be, whose problem is it, primarily?

      We tackle it one way when it is a big problem for YOU (dropping out other to-dos because you spend too much time on one thing), another when it is mainly a problem for a significant other (feeling ignored or unimportant, personalizing due to a lack of understanding why you do it or that it is not volitional, feeling like s/he has do more than is fair because you “won’t” etc.)

      Next I’d ask you about domains – what are you hyperfocusing ON? Computer work? Online games? I-net browsing (and where)? Fixing your car or other physical tasks? Or maybe the first thing you pick up, regardless?

      What’s the relationship to sleep? Better or worse when you’ve slept well vs. too little time in bed or frequent awakenings?

      See what I mean? But I WILL begin to take on the topic, now that you’ve asked.


  13. edmondslance says:

    Reblogged this on Readsalot and commented:
    I like the bit about some authors never publish because they never stop editing.
    I thought that was going to be the case for me, as well. I went through several steps to finally get my work available to people on Amazon Kindle.
    I first did a poor man’s copyright, mailing the manuscript to myself and leaving it sealed with the postmaster’s stamp intact.
    Then I uploaded the unfinished word doc to my page on The Book Marketing Network.
    I discovered Wattpad and began uploading the finished book one chapter at a time on a semi-weekly basis. Also spent a lot of time reading other people’s stories and posting comments and voting.
    Using the feedback from my Wattpad readers, my editor and I went through a couple more drafts, revisions and quite a few edits.
    Then, I finally when through the step by step instructions Amazon lays out for new indies, and Presto! The eBook finally got published.
    Even so, going back through the Kindle version, I found a few lingering errors. Fortunately, Kindle allows you to resubmit your content and they will update what’s out there for sale.
    Finally, I added a map, an illustration for chapter 1 and a sneak peek into book 2.

    Thank you for sharing this very interesting article Hope you don’t mind the long comment.


    • MIND? I adore long comments – though I completely understand that time constraints prevent many who might otherwise chat at length to force themselves to be brief. (I seem to lack that brevity gene myself, to the detriment of my schedule – so your definition of “long” and mine might be a tad different ) 🙂

      ALL legitimate comments are most welcome.

      I especially appreciate your “long” comment – although I must admit it fostered a bit of publishing anxiety since I have gone public with my desire to finally get off the dime and publish my books. (Self-help still – you fiction writers are a breed apart, I fear, but maybe some day . . . ).

      I was previously unaware of Wattpad, so I’ll check it out. Great reminder of the poor man’s copyright too (though the legal fees to defend would probably break most of us, it’s still reassuring to know that we could prove authorship if needed).



    • ONE more quickie, re: copyright. Send the pages STAPLED, even if you have to go to a Kinkos etc. & pay to use a heavy-duty machine. Then tape it shut so you can prove it wasn’t steamed open and replaced. If you ever need to open your envelope, do it in front of a notary who can attest to what was inside by notarizing and signing the envelope AND the title page. (advice from a postal employee, btw, when I had to prove I had not received a timely notice in a legal matter – but all pages needed the notary stamp since it was not stapled).


  14. PorterGirl says:

    Thank you so much for the mention! And I personally think that recycling your posts is a marvellous idea. I am a fairly recent reader and I am keen to see what lies within those 500 posts (which, by the way, is EPIC!) but sadly don’t always have the time to explore your whole blog. This is brilliant news for us all!
    Now – I very much think you should work on your creative stuff. You are clearly an intelligent, feisty and talented lady and I for one am very keen to see what dwells in that amazing brain of yours. If I can ever be of any help, you know you only have to ask.
    Big hugs and best of luck to you, my friend!


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