SHAME on the nasties who pirate Intellectual Property

Grumpy again today
– another [unfortunate] addition to the languishing Series
Monday Grumpy Monday –

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AGAIN – Discouraged, Weary and Worried

Our world seems to be rapidly going to hell in a handbag, as they say.

I just read an article put together by Daily (w)rite author Damyanti Biswas.

In it, she takes on the topic of “pirating” in a courageous and thought-provoking article: Are Readers Entitled to Read Books for Free?

Damyanti is one of the many writers who follow and support what I do here on It’s my turn to support back, even though this is sort-of “off-topic” when you consider the usual scope of my articles.

Calling out all pirates

It has come to my attention that the beyond nasty practice of “eBook pirating” (let’s call a spade a spade: STEALING) seems to be getting increasingly worse — to the point where more than a few of us are inspired to spend even more of the precious minutes of our lives to call out the perpetrators, adding to the hours we spend to make it possible for us to publish what we write for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

In addition to linking to a site that helps you find out if anyone is pirating your work, Damyanti cites and links to Sarah Madison‘s article taking on the eBook piracy topic as well, in an even more strongly worded fashion: Dear Broke Reader: Your Sense of Entitlement is Killing Me.

There is NO justification for stealing an author’s work. Ever!

As Megan Lembach reminds everyone in her comment on Sarah’s article:

The cost of an eBook is 1-2 cups of coffee at Starbucks and often books are much less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Damyanti nicely handles the “too broke to buy” lame excuses within her article:

“There are various ways of reading books for free or for small change: libraries, Bookbub, Kindle Unlimited to name but a few”

Even if you don’t have time to actually read these posts, I would consider it a personal favor if every single one of you who has ever benefited from anything I post here for free would take a minute to click the links above, then click “like” or leave a quick comment to show support for the respect that article and book creation deserves.

Because, believe it or not, those scummy thieves seem to be receiving more support than the hard-working authors! Internet Trolls have banded together to actually defend the practice, attacking the authors in a number of truly nasty ways.


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Internet Trolls are actually defending the practice

Sarah’s article reports screenshots of a post requesting links to pirate sites being shared all over Facebook as a warning to authors. Believe it or not, people came to this woman’s defense as the furor grew, with more people weighing in on the subject by sharing the original post.

In her own words: “And while I was annoyed and upset that once again, someone feels entitled to a creative work without paying for it, nothing prepared me for the number of people who agreed with her.”

What is WRONG with these people?

Another point from Damyanti’s article:

“Come to think of it, the notion that books should be free might be a big factor in why many publishing houses are dropping their lines of cozy mysteries–they simply aren’t profitable enough, despite the existing fan base. Think about that.”

HUGE on attribution

Since I’ve been stolen from personally more than a few times over the years, sad to say, it is past time for me to ring in on this topic in as strong a manner as I can manage (keeping any sort of civil tongue in my head).

HEY THIEVES – how would you like it if we all posted ways to steal from your paycheck and encouraged everyone else to do so as well, making it difficult for YOU to keep a roof over your head and food on your table?

Just because reading is your hobby doesn’t mean the preparation of the books, short stories, poems and articles you read is simply a hobby to struggling writers.

They dearly feel the loss of every penny of compensation until that happy day when they finally join the ranks of Best Selling Authors on one of the New York Times Top Ten lists.

Looking beyond the creativity required, they work many long hours perfecting their craft, researching, writing, editing, formatting, publishing and marketing their brain-children.  Those are hours that cannot be spent working for wages in any other format.

Where do you get off thinking it’s okay to steal from them in ANY fashion?
As to those of you who encourage theft by defending the thieves,
I wish I could lock you up and throw away the key, just like they do with all conspirators!!!


Now, WHY is that so bloody difficult for some people to understand?

Other people/other thefts

To be crystal clear: any time you take the product of anyone else’s hard work without attribution (which means linking to the source at the very least!), EVEN when it is posted on the internet for free, you are stealing.

Related Article: The Thirteen Types of Plagiarism in Order of Severity

Up to now, I have been lax about calling out those who have used my concepts and ideas without crediting me for the genesis – at times without even attempting to put my ideas into their own words!

Up to now, my response has been to suck it up and redouble my own efforts toward attribution.  However, reading the articles that began this Grump has encouraged me to STOP enabling intellectual property thefts of any sort starting here, starting now.

IN THE FUTURE, no matter who you are, the moment I find out that you have used my content or concepts without acknowledging the source — following my copyright policies clearly posted at the bottom of the site’s landing page (whether your use is in an article on the web, in Attention Magazine, in materials for classes you offer yourself, or anything else) — I will embarrass you in public, and report you to any organizations where you hold certification or licensure.  Clear enough?

Let’s hear it from YOU

How strongly do YOU feel about this topic?  Have you been stolen from?  How? How have you responded? (Besides crying, seething and laying down your head in dismay, of course!)

If you have written an article on this topic, please leave a link in the comments section.  After checking it out, I will approve it, as well as moving it up into the article, where folks who don’t read comments might see it.

BY THE WAY – I seriously doubt that any of the regular readers of would be so unconscious and unconscionable, but for any trolls who find their way here from a title search:

Don’t even bother trying to comment in support of the thieves. Not only will I NOT approve it, I will put you into the “block forever” category and you will be auto-spammed (so I don’t have to ever be exposed to your nastiness again!)

For everybody else:

AS ALWAYS, I invite you to dump YOUR Monday grumps and gripes
in the comment section below each of my own – related or NOT.

As long as you don’t make individual people wrong, and do your best to avoid the dreaded “should” word, I will approve all comers (link-spammers shot on sight, however).

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16 Responses to SHAME on the nasties who pirate Intellectual Property

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  5. edmondslance says:

    Reblogged this on Readsalot and commented:
    I just recently reduced the price of my ebook to 99 cents. Hopefully that will be low enough that it will not get pirated 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • God bless you. The more of us who spread the word, coming out strongly AGAINST piracy, the louder our combined and cumulative voice over that of the trolls who believe that their nasty ways of defending those who justify “petty thievery” is likely to garner an audience that thinks they’re cool.

      What’s UP with those trolls, anyway? Don’t they have actual lives?

      More to the point, what’s up with those who think it’s their right to steal the work of others? Runaway entitlement personified.

      PorterGirl’s author thinks we need to raid their ‘fridges! 🙂


  6. PorterGirl says:

    This is a super grump! And very much needed. I clicked through to the article and it is fabulously well-written and presented. I am not aware of anyone stealing my work thus far, but suffice to say I would be a pretty angry bunny if I found out that was the case. The same goes for illegally downloaded music – although that has become such a common thing, people barely bat an eyelid. As someone who earns their living from both the written and music industries, this is something I am passionate about. A fair price for a fair product is all we are asking. I feel like going round to these people’s houses and raiding their fridges.
    (Hope you are well, Madelyn – I have been offline somewhat recently and have missed you! xx)


    • Thanks Lucy. As you can tell, I am pretty passionate about the topic myself.

      How WONDERFUL to hear from you – I have missed our back and forth chats – and reading PorterGirl online but, as I said on your site, I just cannot DO anything highly intellectual that I can get away with stalling until it is cooler, when my brain is no longer melting (summer can’t last forever, can it? My mind needs to know!)

      Only today I left a brief comment & like on a site that was calling for more PorterGirl (This Is Not Goodbye on Readsalot – you can jump there from my “likes” list on the right menubar)

      Your public awaits, M’lady.

      PS. Thanks for jumping over to the other articles too.

      Liked by 1 person

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