How to Get your Doctor to Prescribe you Adderall

Promoting Student Amphetimine Abuse
while marketing non-pharms
When profit seems ALL that matters,
then BOYCOTT is our most effective response

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Almost impossible to believe!

Irresponsible articles like the one written by supposed student Stephen McLaughlin – with a title the same as this article’s title [How to get your doctor to prescribe you Adderall] – encourages student amphetimine abuse, despite the Limitless Cognition LLC site’s supposed “disclaimer” posted just under the articles sub-title:

“Adderall can be nearly impossible to get, but we have the strongest nootropics available right here in our online store, such as Adrafinil, the pro-drug to prescription Modafinil** (lasts for 12 hours) and has effects similar to Adderall…just…legal;)”

**Modafinil is a medication prescribed for narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder – sometimes used off-label for ADD/AD(h)D

What’s wrong with the article?

In addition to offering other students a detailed description of how he faked ADD/AD(h)D to secure an Adderall prescription, despite the presence of his “helicopter parent” mother, articles like McLaughlin’s also contribute to a significant problem that makes it difficult for those who need and deserve a valid diagnosis along with treatment medication to obtain them.

The article has been published on a dot com site named smartdrugsforcollege – capriciously supported by a company clearly intent upon using any method possible in their attempt to sell non-pharmaceutical alternatives that they claim are “just as good” – along with those that they claim add to or protect from the effects of pharmaceutical stimulants.

It is being passed along on Pinterest as well, pinned and repinned using a [non-site] graphic of a pill bottle with MAKE ME CONCENTRATE on the label, linked to the article.

Search for the title, or “faking ADD” to find it –
I refuse to support their statistics-building efforts with a link from this site. 

If you read the article, please read the comments and “Stephen’s” replies as well. I hope you will notice that, for a legitimate student who understands little about the pharmaceutical solutions for a disorder he describes “faking” to obtain, he seems to be unusually well informed about the products the site is marketing.

I left a comment under the article, copied below, but will not add to their click-rate to return to see if they approved it, or left it on the site. Should you visit, I hope you will also be dismayed that any company would promote their products in this manner and will attempt to make your disapproval known in a comment.

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My Comment that may (or may not) remain posted on their site

Real students are playing a very dangerous  game, encouraged to try it by articles like this one.

Stimulant MEDICATIONS, in the literature for over 100 years now, are like insulin in this way – they can be safely used and are often essential to the well-being and lives of those who need them; they can have threatening side effects for those who don’t.

If real [non-ADD/ADHD/EFD] students can’t stand to get a B when they think there is a substance that they believe will allow them to do better, how do you think they are going to feel once side-effects start showing up and they can no longer manage the life they took the risk for?  (or is there a non-pharm alternative being developed and marketed for THAT?)

Unlike insulin – which can throw you into shock with a single overdose – they will probably not experience serious side-effects from a stimulant once in a while (though they could). Articles encouraging students to obtain and take a long-term, monthly prescription when they don’t need one is all kinds of wrong: you are not only risking the health and well-being of students who fake it (mental as well as physical), you are risking the health and well being of thousands who DO need and deserve a legitimate prescription.

You are skewing the data in an invalid manner — contributing to the misinformed, inaccurate public perception that “ADD/ADHD is a frivolous disorder with ‘dangerous’ medications that are over-prescribed – and that ‘safer’ alternatives exist.”

Meanwhile, a great many individuals lead marginal lives because they can’t get a legitimate prescription for medication, thanks to physician caution as a result of the rapid rise of student abuse.   It makes me very sad that any non-pharm maker would irresponsibly post articles like this as a way to increase the sales of their product alternatives.

I have spent three decades of my life working with the AD(h)D/EFD (Executive Functioning Disorder) population – and I promise you that a great many people lead limp-along lives as a result of articles like this one. Please stop posting articles like this that encourage risky behavior.

Meanwhile, I encourage anyone considering medication abuse to learn about the substances you ingest – and the reasons they exist — whether pharmaceutical OR nootropic.
(Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
– ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
“It takes a village to educate a world!”


I hope you are as appalled as I am.


Meanwhile, as our community’s reaction that may have an effect on stopping this horrendous practice, I hope that you will join me in a boycott of Limitless Cognition LLC and any company that promotes in this fashion, along with any and all products they manufacture or promote — and please pass it on to others who are interested in insisting upon responsible marketing practices.

There are more than a few other places to buy similar non-pharmaceutical substances that do NOT promote in this irresponsible manner.

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25 Responses to How to Get your Doctor to Prescribe you Adderall

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  2. Léa says:

    Alas, too many prefer to complain that they are helpless against such things. You have the right answer but is anyone paying attention? taking responsibility? Surely you don’t expect these companies to behave responsibly any more than ‘nameless’ politicians.
    I’ve long said, we vote with our pocketbook/wallet. Great post! Léa


    • Thanks, Léa. My wallet is not really stocked well enough to make a HUGE difference in profit potential, but perhaps I might rattle enough cages to enlist folks to join with me, maybe even a few people whose wallets are fatter and soapboxes are larger.

      I am so eager to see positive change in my lifetime that I’m losing patience as I get older – so I fear I am becoming strident in my attempts to ring a few warning bells. Unfortunately for the targets of my rants, I’m disinclined to shut up, however. 🙂

      I believe I would implode if I didn’t, as they say in the theatre, “Sing out Louise.”

      I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your positive reaction. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave it.


      • Léa says:

        Madelyn, they want us to feel helpless. Remember the concept of circular causality. Every change brings about a subsequent change. It often starts even smaller than that pebble in a pond but the ripples go on, and on… We make a statement and educate those around us. Leading by example is an education.

        As for wallets, my own is pretty sad. After being forced into early retirement due to injuries sustained on the job, I was told “you can’t do anything.”
        I sold up my house and came home to France.

        While still there, I fought the good fight. As far as the scene there, as I have grown older I have lost patience as well. This life has been a very brutal journey and I decided I deserved something more. (If you read some of my poetry you will have part of the story)

        Despite some limitations, I have been happier here than I ever dreamed possible.
        With ‘elections’ coming up over there remember this: “It isn’t who votes that count, it’s who counts the votes.” – Joseph Stalin

        Please stay in touch, it is good to know there are still people there who realise what is going on. 🙂


        • My life hasn’t been exactly of a bed of roses either – quite difficult, actually, and it seems to be becoming more so as time goes by. I think it was Bette Davis who said something like “Growing old ain’t for sissies!”

          LOL re: “counts” – Florida elections, anyone?

          I feel the same re: still people who realize what is going on – anywhere! I hope there are still sufficient numbers in the USA to avert what could surely be a disaster of epic proportions.

          We most assuredly must stay in touch. We seem to preach to the same choir.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Léa says:

            There are too many of us who didn’t have that ‘magical’ childhood. After I finished my degrees I spent time working in Child Protection (where nobody has a happy day) and a private therapy centre.
            Florida… what can I say to a choir member? The duck may very well get in, my condolences in advance, scary but I am not really a supporter for the other side either. In my little opinion, with a two party system it is merely one party with two faces.
            The Brits, and many others, would say “EMPIRE DOESN’T WORK.” The mighty will fall and your upcoming election could well be the catalyst. It may not be in my lifetime (I am getting up there…) but I would not bet the farm on that.
            If you are serious about Canada, you could do worse and I hope you don’t wait too long. Vancouver is lovely as is much of the surrounding Country. There is much to see and do and great cultural attractions. Take care of yourself…


            • Two faces indeed: corporate greed and party graft. Anymore, the party politics arguments are simply over which “middle aged white men” have the best t-shirts and who is most likely to trash the planet and increase the deficit *least quickly.*

              Voting is like FaceBook – you only get to “like” – and who knows what THAT means!

              Politicians from BOTH parties are slimy – and I’m beginning to wonder if there was ever a time when they weren’t. Playground bullies, almost every damned one of them who makes it to national visibility.

              In my trips around the ‘net trying to understand what the hell happened this election cycle, it seems from those who comment, that the registrants of both parties have lost all sense of decorum and are cruising for cat fights.

              BUT, as a woman, the Republican party has absolutely nothing for me. Until the party pundits embrace the reality that females are more than the woman’s auxiliary to the human race, I can never trust that party to have MY interests at heart, no matter what else they say or do. It’s damned time this country had a woman President anyway.

              Hey, let’s all insist on Rachel Maddow. How ’bout Ellen as VP with Portia as a pretty FLOTUS stand in? Put the ladies of The View in the cabinet? Then we’d REALLY have something to set us all a-twitter. FOXY news! (It doesn’t matter who’s in the Senate – they’d walk out anyway)

              “I’m glad I’m not young anymore.” ~ Maurice Chevalier in Gigi



  3. Bumba says:

    Wait. I see all sorts of heart medications, male potency concoctions, plus other meds that need MD prescription, advertised on TV all the time.


    • Well, yes, but they are not Schedule 2 medications. Our politicians have seen fit to make certain substances difficult to obtain (Schedule 1, practically impossible – supposedly no medical purpose), so there is no sense in advertising them, for the most part. There could never be a run on the drug stores, after all.

      There have been adverts for the newer ADD medications, so I’m told (no TV).

      Liked by 1 person

  4. wendy says:

    I think we wrote the limit to that thread. haha
    You know after hearing everything you are looking for, I think I’m pretty lucky right here.

    The weather isn’t that bad.

    People are pretty open minded. You can always find groups, since there are so many new people in this city it’s pretty easy to find people looking to make new friends. If I got out there I know I could, I’m just not able to get out.

    There is a decent transportation system. The roads aren’t too hard to follow, GPS does well. There are buses, light rail…

    There are museums, schools (not universities like there were in the Raleigh/Durham area though), plays, concerts, heck even pro-sports if I were interested.

    I’m pretty liberal too There is a church down the road from us that is LGBT friendly, they even have rainbow doors. I like that.

    We live in a older neighborhood in the city, but there are trees behind us. We are moving soon to a bigger place that is also an older place, built in the ’50’s. A quiet neighborhood right down the road from a park.

    You can live high rise here or old neighborhoods.

    Housing is more expensive here than it is in Durham. But it’s not as outrageous as it is in many cities.

    I miss a good farmer’s market, but I haven’t tried to hunt one down here. I got spoiled by the one in Durham it was all local and organic. But there is not a good transportation system there and harder to meet people.

    I know if I were healthier I would fit in better and would easily be able to find a group that I fit in with. There are good mindfulness groups, meditation groups…things like that. I know I would find like minds there.
    But there seems to be something for everyone here.

    Guess I’m a bit lucky come to think of it.

    Oh. the Latuda is doing wonders, for the first time in years I feel like me. It’s wonderful.

    xoxo my friend


  5. wendy says:

    All of these scam artists out there disturb me. This is particularly heinous, they are playing with people’s lives. I’m bipolar, I was devastated when I didn’t make an A in a course in college. Could you imagine if I had gotten this medication? I would have been constantly manic, ruining my life even more than the undiagnosed bipolar already was, with quite possibly life ending consequences. People don’t care, they just want $$$

    I’m so tired of people coming to my blog, pretending to care, only to turn out to be someone trying to get me to buy this miracle cure for vertigo, tinnitus, Meniere’s. …
    It’s not the same as what you have written about, these people ae offering things that will do nothing at best or cause severe reactions at worst.
    All because people are desperate.

    Miss you. You ok?


    • I appreciate the comment – thanks for your thoughts and your support.

      Yes, we are all desperate for lives that feel worth living, yes? It is beyond shameful that people desperate for CA$H are willing to throw LIVES under the bus for commercial gain, yes?

      You’re so right – those with bipolar disorder are not good candidates for psychostims (though nothing is black and white). Undiagnosed, however, playing with medication without supervision could end VERY badly, as you note. And encouraging same is horrid – *especially* on a for profit website.

      Miss you too. I’m still fighting what I’m now calling “malaise” (extremely low energy, sleeping several hours longer than my usual 8/day, not getting a great deal done), but perhaps it will lift as the Cincinnati late winter weather finally warms into Spring.

      Only last week we had snow – in March, for heaven sakes! Today is beautiful, however, and Tink loved getting back to his long walks at long last. I feel better as a result as well.

      I think about you often – sending you good thoughts for good health – even on those days when I don’t get over to read what you’re up to. Thanks for taking the time to jump over here.



      • wendy says:

        as you can see, I get very behind in everything too.
        my depression was getting me down and I have had a hard time getting things done.
        can feel like a malaise.
        I’m happy to say that i’m feeling better with the new med. (Latuda)

        The winter makes me all grumpy anyway, I couldn’t live where you do.
        I am not a snow person. I could be a Snow Bird and travel to warm weather during the cold months, but loving the snow? nope not me.

        I’m pretty darn sure that Spring has sprung here. yay.
        I hope you get nice weather that stays.
        I know YOU and Tink will enjoy the longer walks.

        don’t worry about jumping over to see what I’m up to.
        come when you can, I might have updated. 🙂

        Sending good vibes your way that your sleep gets better, I know always a struggle, and the malaise is lifted.

        as always, thank you for your insightful posts.



        • And I wish better spirits to you as well. I have heard good things about Latuda (one from a former client).

          Cincinnati weather is not my fav. — late snows that turn to rain, rain, rain! Then a few days of spring-like weather before the dreaded summer when it is far too hot for my comfort – brain-melting.

          I made a BIG mistake moving here (for many reasons), but my life is not in a place to hassle another moving process just yet – nor do I know where I would like to settle. Tiers!!!

          Love hearing from you.


          • wendy says:

            You don’t sound like you like where you live at all. But can understand not wanting to go through the moving process again, especially after your last one.

            The weather there, not my fav either. We live in NC. We go from winter to hot. but it’s humid. Sometimes it is blistering hot, but I just think then….at least it isn’t cold. 🙂 and it’s not as hot as it was in Palm Springs. Humid and 120F that was bad summer time. Winters were wonderful though.

            I’d like to live in a climate that wouldn’t go below 55F in the winter and not above the high 80’s in the summer. ha. Maybe Hawaii??



            • You’re right, Wendy — there’s more than a bit I don’t like about Cincinnati. The weather and the political idiocy here top the list, but the combination of my lack of direction-sense, seven surrounding hills with wind-around roads (with a different name per section of same road!) is practically a recipe for agoraphobia :).

              However, I don’t want to jump from, as they say, “the frying pan to the fire” — and I certainly don’t want to spend my twilight years moving from place to place like a gypsy (or a SunBird) simply because of the weather!!! I want to settle into what some folks refer to as “a forever home” — NYC was the closest I’ve come to having one in my entire life (Air Force Brat).

              Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous, weather-wise — balmy. But after a bit I think I’d miss the seasons – tired of the relentless “sameness” of the weather.

              I just want each season more distinctly “curved” (ramping down to coldest – enough for a white Christmas, ramping up to the hottest for mid summer “beach weather.”

              I’m not asking much, right? 🙂

              While I’m ordering up the weather, I’d like only a week or so of the “extremes,” then an immediate turn around to go the other way again – not brutal in summer or winter, with distinctly marked autumns (sweater weather!) and springs (flowers & light jackets).

              Anybody know a place where that perfect weather occurs? THAT might be a strong temptation for a move.


              Liked by 1 person

            • wendy says:

              Well my dear, the weather here is pretty close. We do have hot humid summers, but I know worse. The Spring and Fall are up and down, but we have beautiful flowers and leaves, the winters we sometimes have snow sometimes we don’t. Normally one or two a year that doesn’t stay long. Charlotte is a smaller city, but growing fast. It’s a little crazy. But we have so much, and close to the mountains, but not here, and not too far from the beach.
              It’s a good little spot.
              I want a more even weather pattern because I have more migraines and vertigo when the weather changes..up or down…good or bad.

              We want a forever home too. Hopefully not too long in the future. Got to sell our house in our old town first.


            • I shall put Charlotte on my list of cities to investigate (depends on the length of the hot/humid summer, of course, along with the state of A/C!) – I have always liked North Carolina. I’ve never been a beach person, but I adore the mountains (as long as there are trees, like the Smokies – the bald, rocky ones found out west are not my kind of beauty).

              I am crazy about old houses (especially with porches, and in walking neighborhoods) — much prefer their architecture to what seem to me the bland little boxes of so many houses today — so the idea that there is a old town greatly appeals.

              Though the years I have corresponded with a couple of NC academics, attracted to their open mindedness and what they had to say about their educational system – always nice to live among those who have been more broadly educated.

              Affordable cost of housing and living, and access to health care (mental as well as physical) are on my list as well. Since I tend to live lost, a logical transportation system is important – well-marked, decently thought-out roads, a bus network, etc.

              I dream of finding a population of friendly grown-ups who socialize beyond their “old-friends-network.” I’ve never really found that here – rather isolating if you grew up elsewhere (unless you’re a college student). AND, of course, my liberal bias must find more than a few kindred spirits – haven’t been particularly happy in states dominated by Republican politics or the religious right. I’m too open-minded for their views so, even if they’d welcome me, I never fit comfortably in restrictive or judgmental surrounds.

              Available in the USA, do you think?

              Where are you thinking you will find your more even weather pattern?



  6. JM says:

    Thank you for writing this post. It makes me upset to see opportunists like this. I am also upset for those who legitimately have ADD/ADHD but can’t get a prescription or medical help therefore turning to money hungry opportunists seeking the help they so desperately need.

    I’ve encountered many people who think Adult ADHD is fake and that we only want the prescriptions for drug use. I keep reading about the miracles of ADHD stimulants and I can honestly tell you, I have never had a high from the medication or developed mental super powers.
    Stimulants have only helped me get close to normal so I can make it through the day without putting the milk in the cupboard, not burn a meal on the stove, allow me to make it through half of my To-Do list, not fidget, hum, or spin around in the office chair while at work, and other non-exciting yet major accomplishments.


    • Thank you so much, JM, for reading, and for taking the time to leave this comment. I so appreciate it when other ADD/EFDers add their support with their experiences. Despite my “names only in the name field” anti-spam policy, I will always approve legitimate comments like yours because I realize that, unfortunately, disclosure is still not wise for many of us. It’s shameful, but not OUR shame.

      Despite others urging me to remain silent, I made the decision to out myself soon after my diagnosis (among the first ADDults diagnosed after what I refer to as “field amnesia” following the decision to put ADD in the childhood section of the DSM-II), and have spent my life since trying to help others struggling similarly. I wonder still if I was wise or foolish. That decision has cost me more than I can say, and it’s difficult to continue to hold on to the hope that I have, ultimately, made much of a difference at all.

      I, too, have never gotten “high” from my medication – or experienced side-effects – and meds are far too important to my continued functioning to ever abuse. I have several decades of personal experience to point to, by the way, following a solid decade of searching in vain for a reason my high intelligence and drive were not enough to keep me moving forward.

      I was finally diagnosed at 38 — not soon enough that I hadn’t made quite a mess of things in the way that you so aptly describe. And STILL there are far too many (some who claim to be “helping professionals” of many sorts) who insist that I “could” run my life successfully without medication if only I would “try harder” – or tap regularly, change my mindset and think positively – or take one of the non-pharms (some of which help, but not nearly as much as stimulant medication – by FAR).

      In fact, productivity in my own life did not really begin until I was appropriately medicated. It still seems to fall apart every single time during those many weeks when supplies dry up, as a result of the DEA treatment of controlled substances (it used to be called October panic) – and, of course, the increase of bogus student prescriptions.

      At that point it becomes difficult to jump through all the hoops to get them back on board – even for me. I know what to do – but getting back on the horse to do what I know without the medication that helps me focus and activate is always a struggle. Medicated once again, I begin again to climb out of the hole I find myself in once again.

      I’m happy to hear that you were able to find a doctor who is willing to treat you and that you are a medication responder – and I hope those in your community are supportive.

      Please come back to read some of the linked articles (there’s one above to the first of the activation series) – there’s a lot of practical help here.



  7. janetkwest says:

    These are the ones that make it difficult for the true needs to be met. Doctors can’t read minds so governments regulate. Aggravations. I appreciate your perspective on this. Thanks Madelyn!


    • I appreciate your acknowledgment, Janet. Everyone is held hostage by a minority – but not a small one – that attempts to game the system. Doctors most certainly can’t read minds, and since there is no blood test (etc.), we’re all stuck with history (which can be faked) as a primary diagnostic tool for Executive Functioning Disorders of all types.

      One “tell” is a student who pretends not to know the names of the medications he hopes to obtain – they are well known in that community.

      Truly – I need a new job!


  8. Shih Tzu Lover says:

     Just what you were looking for.   


    • Thanks for visiting – As a Shih Tzu “mom” and pinner myself, I recognize your screen name from Pinterest — so I’m approving, despite my “only real names in the names field” anti-spam policy (articulated in the rightmost column). I’m confused by your comment, however.

      Did you believe, reading the title alone, perhaps, that I was looking for a fake prescription? I think the article (and subtitle) make it clear that I believe that all medications need to be respected – and researched before ingesting.

      I used the same title as the other article, hoping to reach students who were using a search engine to find a grades boost and about to make a big (illegal) mistake. Primarily, I want to do what I can to slow down the posting of articles that encourage abuse as a marketing tactic, simply to increase sales of their products.

      If you are an ADDer who is looking for a legitimate diagnosis and prescription, there are many articles on the site with help for that. Check out the Medication & Treatment Linklist. Linked from there are two articles I suggest you start with: 10 Questions to Ask to find a GRRRRreat! ADD Doc and Top Ten Questions to ask your Doctor about ADD meds

      I believe you’ll find that I am neither pro nor anti medication (-OR- non-pharm alternatives – some are actually helpful for certain presentations) although I have made it no secret that I take prescribed stimulant medication myself and have had a legit dx since I was 38. I believe in and support researched CHOICE (vs. fear-based reactions) – and appropriate marketing efforts.

      Hope this helps clear up any misunderstanding.


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