Give Me My Thousand WORDS!

Am I the only one who misses
(Whatever happened to captions?)

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Is the 21st Century Taking Us Backwards?

As I browse the web these days, I am appalled by the number of apologies for “long” comments that run to – horrors – an “overwhelming” two or three paragraphs!

Have we stopped teaching reading in our schools?
Or perhaps we have stopped requiring it.

Hatin’ on the rise of Pictorial Slideshows (ugh!)

I am doubly dismayed by the number of blogs that think a slideshow full of 80-gazillion “life-changing” click-upon-click SEO-building images passes for an article worthy of anybody’s time (with barely a word of comment from them and no place to gather comments from those who visit).

  • Perhaps they believe they already know why those of us who are literate will NOT be back, so think they don’t want to waste their precious photo-posting time reading our requests for a word or several? (surely anyone who blogs knows how to read, doncha’ think?)
  • Or perhaps some recently-graduated 20-year-old raised-on-comic-books, reading-averse art directors have convinced their “editorial” personnel that words are superfluous in this day and age, and that comments are an administrative nightmare that will only compete with their focus-debilating pop-ups and browser-slowing misbehaving adverts (don’t get me started!)
  • Since many of these disappointing article-pretenders are on sites sponsored by the decorating and women’s magazines I used to buy to READ, I can only wonder if the editors have all died or been fired, replaced by word-hating art directors who have been given their titles (Southern Living, Better Homes & Gardens, etc. – please note “used to buy to READ.”)

Or is it writing that is missing from the skill set of so many bloggers anymore?

It wasn’t lost on me that Pinterest – an image format – feels they must remind the users of their platform to context pinned images (and/or Boards) with captions!

Even if they’ve never personally resonated with the joy of “using their words,”  is it REALLY such a nuisance for Pinners to communicate why they’ve shared a particular image or collection of images?

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Monday Grumpy Monday Series header

Today we have Talkies

Isn’t it more interesting going to the movies now that the images actually speak? Turn the sound all the way down on your next rented movie and see how frustrating it is to have to get ALL the information from the visual alone.

Image-only blog formats – those without captions and/or image introductions – are like those early silent movies, only worse (because even those had captions). B-O-R-I-N-G!

And that’s without adding in the frustration of mousing up and down for pop-up window closing — or the hatefulness of the slide-show format: all that clicking for the next slide (carefully avoiding the ad arrows, you hope) and waiting for the screen to refresh.

NOT hatin’ on Photo-Bloggers

Photo bloggers are NOT the target of this Monday’s rant, by the way.

Ironically enough, they tend to caption!

Even though they exist primarily to share images, they almost always give us a hint or two about WHY they took the photos they are sharing today.

To me, that’s what makes their images interesting.

I much prefer it when the photographer takes me along on the journey by sharing the wonders of his or her mind (as well as the eye of his or her camera).  I actually FOLLOW a few of those, and enjoy them immensely.

But deliver me from . . .

What I run away from, screaming, are those monetized “SEO-building” image bloggers and their minions, whose reasons for breathing seem to be topped by the desire for page views and pins.

  • They’re the ones who probably would describe themselves as “content curators” – skipping blythely over the reality that the ONLY reason they exist is to troll the web for images that make for good pinning (looking like they have more “followers” than they actually do, so they can increase their ad revenue).
  • They also include, for me, those rude and narcissistic bloggers whose blogs are front-ended by pop-ups galore, asking you to follow them on Pinterest, “LIKE” their FaceBook pages, sign up for their newsletters, see what they’re sharing – all before you have any idea of what they might have to say that could compel you to WANT to interact further with them (and I don’t!).
  • They’re also the ones who tend to urge you to take a look at the images of all their “friends” participating in their site’s linky parties (when you will be subjected to more of the same – as the scripts of their many advertisements slow your browser to a crawl, if they don’t shut it down completely).

If a site can’t behave, neither compelling image nor fascinating word makes the slightest bit of difference — I’m outa’ there before I have to reboot my browser (but that’s another rant for another day!)

I remember when I couldn’t WAIT to learn to read and write!

And it was just as wonderful as I dreamed it would be: the opening of a brand new door that would never again be locked against me. An entire world of adventure suddenly became available through the words of others – one that I could share with words of my own.  What a delightful rite of passage.

No longer confined to my coloring talents, I could “use my words” to share my worlds, my very own imaginings.

How absolutely grown up it allowed me to feel. How divine!

The little girl I used to be refuses to allow anyone to lock that door again – that one that opens into the wonderful world of WORDS.  I suppose that’s why it annoys me so very much to be forced to visit those wordless lands – and why I feel I simply must rail against them.

What Blogging Format Frosts YOUR Grapes?

How many times have YOU cursed as you were forced to close yet another pop-up before you could venture forth to read the site you clicked to explore?  Did you ever want to kick and scream once you’d closed all the pop-ups only to find that there was nothing on the site to READ?

Do you hate it when everything comes to a halt while you wait for the error message that forces you to click to get a page to stop trying to load some advertiser’s script that the blogger didn’t care enough about the viewer experience to test or get rid of? (I guess as long as they are making money blogging, why bother?)

Does anything else makes you crazy as you troll the web (or crazy in general)?

Like me, do you find it all tougher to tolerate on Mondays, or does it always make you grumpy?

I invite you to dump YOUR Monday grumps and gripes
in the comment section below each of my own – related or NOT.

As long as you don’t make individual people wrong, and do your best to avoid the dreaded “should” word, I will approve all comers (link-spammers shot on sight, however).

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23 Responses to Give Me My Thousand WORDS!

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  2. bethbyrnes says:

    I somehow missed the notice that you had posted this Madelyn, hence my tardy commenting here.

    I have so many gripes related to the instant age of no-or-low brain info sites that I would hardly know which to choose.

    Personally, I am sick of selfies. I refrain from making things all about me and am totally uninterested in people who focus on this as if it were the only safe subject to write about.

    There is so much out in the world that could use in-depth analysis, we who wish to probe and understand and then share the results need to find each other so we can actually learn, grow, improve, develop solutions and help to evolve the world by so doing.

    Whenever a site takes me to a slide show, I move on. No interest. It may be a generational thing, but I was raised to look for the longest, smallest-font, picture free book or article on any subject and I remain a fan of that type of primary source to this day. You can’t really delve into any issue properly in sort bites or bytes.

    That was sort of a ramble. If you continue on in this vein, I may say something more to the point.

    In any case, glad to be reconnecting with you.


    Liked by 1 person

    • I am right with you on the “missed the notice,” Beth – seems I run more than a day late (etc.) on replies anymore. No apologies necessary or expected.

      I’m with you on the rest of your comment too – EXCEPT for the smallest font part, since I can no longer count the number of angels dancing on even medium-sized pins. (I really MUST get new glasses.)

      Monday grumps are of the moment. I may or may not “continue on in this vein,” depending on what else gets my goat on any particular Monday. Rambles more than welcome – especially yours, in any case.

      I probably WILL have more than a grumpy thing or two to say about pop-ups, however, especially the ones that grey out the page until I “LIKE what [they’re] sharing” – before I’ve had a chance to read more than six words at the top of the page (or figure out that particular page’s clever way to hide the close button).

      I really loved your recent Jai Road post, linked to We Will Always Have Paris, from badfish, Beth – I actually jumped over following the Chaplin video. Some days I really do think we’re going backwards – and then we wonder about the return of the “ugly American” comments from abroad.

      Glad to be reconnecting with YOU, too.



  3. wendy says:

    ugh…I have a big grump.
    I wrote you a long comment, then I lost it.
    I have a migraine and am getting a bit of vertigo so I can’t rewrite it.
    but wanted you to know I am thinking of you.
    glad you are making a comeback.
    I know you love this time of year.
    So go an Deck those Halls my friend.
    and soon you will feel some Cheer. I hope.

    I will keep all my grumping to myself.
    It felt good just to have written it out.

    love to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I KNOW, Wendy – sometimes you move your mouse and things just disappear! I hate it too. I pop open a text application and copy any comment over four lines over there, finish it, then copy and paste it back – when I remember to, that is [lol]

      Comeback? From your lips to God’s ears. Some days I have more get up and go than others (when getting my dog out for a walk is about all I can manage before going back to bed! – I know YOU, of all people, get that)

      RE: Holiday spirit – I’m working on it. I spent about an hour today trolling for holiday volunteer opportunities that don’t involve having to promise you will be there at hours that are impossible for any sort of commitment from me, given my sleep disorder. The few I located began in November, or are quite a trek from from where I live, so not really an option unless somebody else chauffeured. Since I live lost anyway, I’m fairly certain that it would NOT be a good idea to be driving in circles in an unfamiliar area in the middle of the night, trying to get home from a food bank or something similar.

      My total lack of directionality is now compounded by eyes that take an extra beat to focus on small text – so road signs seem to whiz by in a blur. It’s especially horrible trying to find my way here in Cincinnati, where the roads fork and meander through 7 surrounding hills and change names often enough that my GPS can’t keep up with them: “Turn left on xyz avenue; Recalculating” – Whaaaaat? How could I have missed xyz? Did I fail to notice a fork and got off-course there?

      BUT . . . at least I don’t have vertigo!!! I have missed you, my friend. Thanks SO much for taking the time to stop by.


      • wendy says:

        I can’t even drive and when Stuart’s driving the GPS drives me crazy. We have roads here that will suddenly turn into another name, then it will become the old name again, or the old name will pop up going in a completely different direction. It is so weird. Stuart finally turned off the voice so I wouldn’t hear it and ask so many questions. haha

        The extreme migraines have been getting me the past few months. I couldn’t even look at the computer most days for over a month. and of course the vertigo…it’s lovely. 🙂 leaving for John Hopkins tomorrow. My appointment is on Friday, but they won’t let me take anything for the vertigo for 48 hours before my tests and I’m not traveling without it. so…we are getting there early.

        I do miss words on a lot of blogs. Unless of course they are specifically art blogs that I go to….since I am also an artist. 😛 But I also get annoyed by post that are just a bunch of quotes. I have a friend who does just quotes on Sundays…and it gets more traffic than any other posts that she does. Strange.

        I’ll say some of what I was going to say in my original comment.
        I get annoyed when as soon as I get to a site, it ask me to sign up for email notifications…well golly, I am just getting here, how do I know if I want that. Back off! Sign up for our News Letter…again Back off! Or my all time favorite for places…Take a Survey of our site….I haven’t even looked at it yet!! How dumb can you be?
        I’ll go to blogs because they have commented on my blog and their post are one line…or a link…or a cartoon thingy. What are you trying to say? and why did you like my post? or why are you following my blog? I like for people to follow, but I don’t really care if I have a huge following, I want people who get something out of it….yeah I’m weird that way.

        I know it’s hard for you to get around to every blog and everything right now…thought you might be interested to know, I was featured in an article. Check it out when you get a chance.

        I miss you too my dear friend.
        mean it.
        I really do care.



          I have approved and replied TWICE before (along with a thumbs up, which is my signal to myself) – and now your comment is showing up in my comments tab yet again, NOT approved with, of course, no reply. I used the drop down menu to respond before, so maybe coming “backstage” might work better.

          I can barely recall what I said before, except that I DID jump over to read Sanjay Gupta’s Vertigo article – overall, a sort of “glossing over the topic intro,” but one with a bit of detail that was brand new to me. I like a lot more meat in the post – but then, that’s why we have YOU, right? (CUTE picture of you, btw.)

          Congrats on the exposure – hope you are seeing an increase in readership for your blog as a result.

          I can’t tell from this screen how long your comment has been languishing unapproved and unresponded to (as far as you could see!), so you’re either on your way to Hopkins or just got back?

          Either way, I’m praying that they were able to give you some options that did NOT include nerve cutting. [A different screen tells me you left your comment on 12/7/15, so your appointment is still to come? — ah, the challenges of short-term memory deficits and dyscalculia – to grok it, I need to SEE it on the same screen on which I am typing – or write it down to capture it, THEN click!)

          I’m sure you’ll blog about the trip, etc. when you’re up to it, so no need to respond to me privately (or here in response to this comment). Just know that I’m praying for your return to good health and all the good things that will make possible for you.


  4. Hi Madelyn,

    Thanks much for linking in to my short posts blog post. LOVE your writing style. It’s full of flavor.


    Liked by 1 person

    • You are most welcome – it was a great post to link to (and thanks for taking the time to hop over here and leave a comment – especially since it was favorable). As you may have figured from the link, I like your writing too. You managed to make me laugh as you delivered a serious message – neat trick!


  5. badfish says:

    You again!! Quite the rant, lady. But good!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Woo hoo – the fish is out of water and swimming in air — all the way here! THANKS. I’ll be over to your neck of the blog-o-verse shortly, to see what YOU’ve been up to. xx, mgh


      • badfish says:

        I think I had you turned “off” and not receiving emails from you when you posted…or something???

        Liked by 1 person

        • I’ve been taking an unintentional blogging sabbatical (illness, tech trauma, car breakdowns – crazy-making life stuff), so you haven’t missed much.

          Getting back on the blogging horse is taking a great deal of resolve, but it sure beats sleeping, shivering and sweating the day away, huh? (‘Tis all too true that “if you have your health . . .”)

          The GOOD news is that I was too sick to smoke, and once I could probably have managed it I made the decision not to. The worst of kicking the habit was behind me (sans weight gain, since I was too sick to cook or eat much) — so why start over?

          Now I simply do my best to avoid smoking triggers until the “I don’t smoke” habit becomes ingrained. A little silver lining to every cloud?

          Thanks so much for checking on me.



          • wendy says:

            Yay!! You keep up the Not Smoking habit! So proud of that!! I can’t love you enough for that. As a child who took care of her mother who died of lung cancer, as she smoked the whole time…please keep that up. If I can do anything to help, I will. I know I’m a LONG way away…but I’ll be your buddy, and you can reach out to me any time.
            love you.
            Do hate to hear you were sick though, especially too sick to cook or eat much. I’m never too sick to eat much. Even when I’m extremely nauseated, I will think…maybe if I eat something I’ll feel better. That comes from being hypoglycemic….very ingrained in my head. So I eat. I eat when I’m well, I eat when I’m sick, I eat when I’m happy, I eat when I’m sad. Ugh. Can you see a trend here. Now that I haven’t been able to move much…that is not a good thing.
            So if I eat so much, I really have to watch what I eat.

            I do hope you are feeling better.

            Liked by 1 person

            • I’m one of those people who forgets to eat most of the time anyway. My signal that I’m hungry is fainting (only half kidding). Anyway, my body simply shuts me down when I’m sick – I sleep practically round the clock. I force liquids (and have my puppy) – so those two keep me up long enough to travel to the bathroom and the yard. Otherwise I’d make like Rip Van Winkle, I’m sure.

              Re: smoking. I was on the road in a show, many years ago, where one of the actors had throat cancer – and was still smoking! REALLY addictive stuff, tobacco. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for you. You are one strong lady!

              I hope YOU are feeling better too – I’m saying prayers for your trip to Hopkins.


          • badfish says:

            Well, congrats on the smoking halt!!! I never picked up that habit. And glad, because I don’t have much will power, to stop!!

            Liked by 1 person

            • I was an idiot – didn’t even START until I was almost 20, working in summer theatre (on the insistence of a roomie that I might “need it for a role someday.”)

              I stopped for a couple of years a couple of times, but when life threw me some serious curve balls I thought a cigarette “now and then” might help me smooth out the rough spots better than booze (which might have been a better choice, in hindsight!)

              I was back to a pack a day in NO time, and alcohol has never been a huge temptation – the bottles in my bar actually collect DUST I have to remove for parties, lol.

              I still want to smoke when anxious, but that’s a nervous habit more thanan addiction, at this point – a LOUSY habit! Seriously working on the “I don’t smoke” habit!



  6. référencement internet says:

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    internet qui vous permet de controler des bot capable de
    faire votre positionnement de manière automatique.



    • I don’t speak or read French, but I am approving anyway because I LOVE the name of your blog – crunchyladies, lol- and my rusty Spanish leads me believe that maybe your comment says something related and is NOT link fishing? HOWEVER, clicking to your link yielded an internal error, so I can’t allow it to be a LIVE link (please see comment policy on right sidebar)

      Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment. I think I’ll take it as a nudge to dig out those French Tapes I bought last year and locate my DVD player.


      • jeg700 says:

        I do speak French and this is sadly just another link for a tool that allows you to automatically control crap😀 Sorry, I really dislike these fishing comments.

        Anyway, in reply to your word ‘rant’ I find that as YouTube, podcasting and photo slideshows become more and more popular, the written blogs are declining in popularity. After all, the general public can consume more superficial info by looking at pictures instead of reading. Just like books are losing to ebooks, I’m afraid those of us that love to paint a picture with words are on the way out😁 actually, it all started with the advice for bloggers to always add interesting photos to their blogs to provide additional visual stimulation to our potential readers. Oh well, you will always have us old dinosaurs that are always looking for a good read.

        Liked by 1 person

        • O thank you – I feel better about disabling the live link now!!! RE: link phishers: I’ll see your “really dislike” and raise you two “hate with a passion“s!!

          Moving right along, let’s hear it for the dinos! NT arrogance aside, two of the “tools” that the coloring book set use to rule the online world are make-wrong and ridicule.

          While I do NOT generally believe that the end justifies the means (and I’ve made my position clear about shame and shoulds), perhaps it’s time for the literate neurodiverse to fight fire with fire and stop turning the other cheek???

          So loved your comment – especially the “superficial info” call out (and appreciate the time you took to read and respond). I’ll be over to your neck of the woods as soon as I can manage it. Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  7. janetkwest says:

    What? No pop up? Good to see you again!


    • lol – nope! Good to see YOU again too, Janet.

      Thanks so much for hopping over to read my first new post in forever – it’s simply been beyond me to hassle the internet. I bail at the very first glitch when I’m hot – and my computer has been giving me FITS of glitches for a few months now.

      Now that summer is over and I have a brain and a *bit* of energy once again, I’ll slowly be playing catch-up with life.

      There’s a lot hangin’ out still to be done from the 2014 debacles, so I guess I will have to take it all at “old lady” speed – one shaky step at a time. It is my intention to get as much fluffed as possible before summer rolls around again.

      See you soon in YOUR neck of the woods.


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