Neuroflexyn: Jury still out

Email reply bodes well
Responsive companies are usually
trustworthy companies

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Not at all fearful of prescription medication when warranted, I have always been ALL FOR effective non-pharmaceutical alternatives when available.

The question in my mind was (and is) whether Neuroflexyn will be among them – and for what segment of the population (since nothing works across-the-board for everyone who struggles.)

FIRST instincts (a summary)

“Preliminary findings: short and not so sweet” is how I began my prior article entitled Neuroflexyn: BUYER BEWARE – Lack of information vs. marketing is suspicious — where I encouraged you, as always, to READ WITH YOUR BRAIN ENGAGED.

SINCE that time, I received an email from someone involved with the company.

As I indicated in a top-of-that-article update, I requested and received permission to share it with you.

I will continue with additional comments following their email.

(The image at left is from the Amazon site, where you will find additional reviews of the product.)

Quick Review for Context

My initial article began with the information below, which will help with context for their reply for any of you who don’t jump over to read that first (which, obviously, I strongly recommend).

Too good to be true?

A plethora of marketing-posing-as-information articles make some pretty amazing claims about the benefits of Neuroflexyn. I’ll admit that I was tempted to purchase as I read them – which is what launched me on the informational research trail.

Product marketing swears that Neuroflexyn has been “proven” to significantly increase IQ as it enhances memory, concentration, intentional focus — productivity practically across the board, in fact.

In addition, again according to their marketing, this new “supplement” dramatically increases cognition and intelligence with NO reported side effects — despite the reality that, as a supplement, this new product currently flies beneath FDA radar, so the manufacturers can pretty much claim anything they want.

Initial Concerns

My initial objection was to current “ask for the sale” marketing approaches that attempt to sweeten response rate by urging readers to take hasty action for fear of losing some advantage or opportunity if they take a day or more to think things over or investigate other options.

According to the email below, this is NOT what Neuroflexyn’s marketing game-plan endorses – actively opposing, it asserts.

My second concern was that there was little to be found from mainstream scientists, doctors, or the credible nootropic community leadership (at least, not that I was able to find in a couple of hours online).

Only time will tell which “experts” will respond — favorably or not — since Neuroflexyn is still a brand new product.

To be CLEAR: Silence doesn’t always indicate LACK of endorsement – but it certainly is a reason for caution and further investigation before jumping on the bandwagon ourselves.

My parting comments were that it will take more INFORMATION to change my mind and that I’d LOVE to be proven wrong about my initial assessment of this product.

It would seem, from the email below, that the folks at Neuroflexyn are willing to do what they can toward the same objective.

If it improves my own cognition substantially I’ll continue to take it – in addition to or instead of my current medication.

Read it for yourselves, immediately below.

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Disclosure: I have adjusted the formatting below from the original email (more white space so that more of you will be able to stay tracked, and bolding for emphasis).  With the exception of changing web addresses to links, the words themselves have not been changed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Subject: Concerning your review of Neuroflexyn

Jan 9 at 12:07 AM
Dear Madelyn,

I am writing as a representative of Neuroflexyn, the new nootropic supplement that you have recently reviewed on your site.

Let me start by saying that we at Neuroflexyn are grateful for the work that you have done in educating and helping to protect your readers. We are always happy to see people like yourself who take the time to evaluate products for benefit of the public.

It is clear, based on the article you have published on your site, that you are disappointed with the quality of the marketing material that you took the time to evaluate.

I am referring to the pseudo-article you have linked to on the site SmartSMARTER, titled “GET SMART FAST: WISH YOU COULD TAKE A PILL AND BECOME A GENIUS? IT MIGHT ALREADY BE POSSIBLE WITH NEUROFLEXYN.”

Needless to say, this page is little more than an aggressive sales pitch, with little informational value, and is often outright misleading.

Let me be clear. We do not condone this form of marketing, and we have been working hard to root out and put a stop to it.

Because Neuroflexyn is sold on-line, we rely on several advertising networks to provide traffic to our site.

Some of these advertisers have taken great liberties with our marketing copy and produced low quality web pages in an attempt to unfairly compete within the ads marketplace.

They use aggressive sales tactics and sensational headlines that often outperform our own modest ads.

The site to which you have linked is such an example, and I can assure you that we have formally requested that this marketer remove the page, in addition to terminating our relationship with them.

We have worked hard to formulate what we think is an excellent nootropic supplement based on sound research and quality ingredients. We value our brand and our customers and we are highly protective of both.

Our company website uses no such aggressive and misleading marketing tactics, and has clear links to citations in its footer. We also have an active Facebook community, where we regularly engage our users to voice their questions and concerns about our product.

We would love to send you a bottle of Neuroflexyn for you to try free of charge, if you would be so inclined, so that you can evaluate the product for yourself and give a fair reporting of its benefits and drawbacks.

We feel this would be a much fairer “review” as you would have the opportunity to try the product risk free, and provide your users a transparent assessment of Neuroflexyn. Please contact us anytime using the contact information provided below so that we can expedite a bottle to you.

I have also attached a file to a document called “Neuroflexyn Research”, which provides links and short summaries of research papers and clinical trials relevant to all the active ingredients that are contained in our product.

We hope that you will take us up on our offer in earnest and take the opportunity to evaluate Neuroflexyn both for yourself and on behalf of your readership.

We feel Neuroflexyn is an excellent supplement that provides a unique blend of well researched ingredients that have been proven to be safe and effective.

Best Regards,

Sevak A.
Neuroflexyn Team Member


I do plan to follow up on their offer of a test-bottle. I will undertake as objective and “scientific” a trial as I am able, given that it will not be blind or placebo-controlled.  The conclusions drawn from behavioral studies with human beings are always slightly suspect in terms of “pure science” in any case.

Rather than a comparison with what is called a “control,” I will be working from my baseline functioning – with over thirty years of intimate knowledge of my various ADD struggles, since before my diagnosis.

As I replied in my response to their original email, I will develop and maintain a titration journal, to inform the article I will write in response to my experience with Neuroflexyn.  (If one or more of you want to volunteer to be a regular “check-in partner” to record your impressions of me in our brief reporting sessions, that would be even better!)

OBVIOUSLY, I can only report my personal experience with performance enhancement after taking this new supplement, in the context of my personal experience with other substances.

As with pharmaceuticals, responses to substances differ, so your experience could be anything from practically identical to my own, to exactly the opposite.

  • I’ll do my best to make my process transparent, with as much detail as possible, given the time-constraints of my life.
  • I plan to compile my conclusions at the end of the trial, and attempt to clarify how I came to them.
  • I hope to come to a bottom-line opinion that might be useful to as many of you as possible – and to the company itself, for their research efforts.

You will be able to read it here on ADDandSoMuchMore — provided, of course, that WordPress doesn’t decide to disable my account following my clear dismay expressed in several places, including the introduction to a recent reblog of a recent WordPress action and response that I find unconscionable.

I may have time to write an interim report (or several) – but, at this time, I can only promise to keep careful track and write the review at the end of my trial.

Unfortunately, competing priorities and prior commitments will keep me from jumping in immediately to undertake still more reading to research internet claims, which would yield the fairest and most comprehensive review.

I could really use YOUR help here.  ALL of us would benefit if one or more of you would go to the Neuroflexyn site and tackle one or more of their citations (links below), reporting in a sort of “executive summary” (directly in the comments below -or- on your own blogs or websites with one link per comment to any of YOUR articles investigating Neuroflexyn, left in the comments below).

As I continue to assert in my signature in comments across the web, “It takes a VILLAGE to educate a world.”  I cannot continue to be one of the few who inhabit that particular village, however.

Don’t wait for some “other guy” to check it out and report!
Sing out – okay?

References from the Neuroflexyn Site

  2. The relation of dietary choline to cognitive performance

Still to Come

Stay tuned for the next article in this series on Neuroflexyn, in which I will summarize the 8-page “Neuroflexyn Research” document referenced at the end of the email above — with short summaries of research papers and clinical trials relevant to all the active ingredients in their product.

I will share the links contained at the bottom of that article.

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References from the Neuroflexyn Site

  2. The relation of dietary choline to cognitive performance

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4 Responses to Neuroflexyn: Jury still out

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  2. Pingback: Neuroflexyn: BUYER BEWARE | ADD . . . and-so-much-more

  3. janetkwest says:

    Have you studied any of the other Nootropics? Piracetam, etc. I’ve played around with them some as have my sons. None of it’s a permanent fix or miracle as promised. I can’t take a couple of the ingredients he has listed. They give me headaches. Vinpocetine & Gingko Biloba. Too much blood flowing to the brain. Mostly everything is just so expensive. Such a confusing market.


    • MUCH earlier in my ADD-management trajectory I tried the nootropics that were available then. I’ve also tried Focus Factor (etc. – the combo approaches).

      While they all helped SOMEWHAT, my life didn’t begin to turn around much, despite considerable attention, effort and continued struggle) until I began to take Dex Spansules – which made a DRAMATIC (and practically immediate) difference. Even today, during the bizarre times when the current laws & DEA non-sense leave me unmedicated for stretches of time, my life seems to fall apart quickly sans pharmaceutical help.

      Of course, I still had to do the work and develop new habits, but I was – FINALLY – able to activate and focus on my objectives, develop an effective game-plan and step thru a to-do list, crossing things out instead of cowering in fear an anxiety (only half kidding!)

      My coaching curriculum has ALWAYS had an entire non-pharm MODULE.

      However, I approach non-pharms with caution, and hesitate to recommend ANY of them – primarily because I hate to see others struggle for YEARS, holding out hope for one substance after another, simply because they have been frightened away from medication (and it takes WAY to much time to continue to repeat the caution recommendations, so that my words can’t be used to support an approach of meds-avoidance by default)

      But boy am I with you on the EXPENSE. During most of my life, I have been forced to come up with an additional $300 a month MINIMUM – just to be able to THINK! (We live, still, in the medical insurance Dark Ages!!!)

      You are so GREAT about reading and commenting. I hope you never get tired of reading, “Thank you” – it couldn’t be meant more sincerely.



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