What’s up with Twinkly Lights?

LightsWhy don’t they drive EVERYBODY Crazy?
(Searching for the quiet kind!)

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Oh dear, it seems that a bit of Monday grumpiness is about to bleed through my Christmas Happy Christmas series.  But somebody has to stand up and be counted, and I’m up for the job!

Flickering Candlelight is lovely – artificial, not so much

I’m old enough to remember when lights were either ON or off – unless, of course, they were dying.  We replaced lights that flickered post haste.

BubbleLightIn my mind, bubble lights marked the beginning of the “lights that oscillate” fascination. They’re the earliest “moving” lights I can recall, in any case.

In yet another amazingly comprehensive entry, wonderful Wikipedia** says:

“As Christmas lights, bubble lights were very popular during the 1950s through the 1970s, before miniature ‘fairy’ lights became popular.”

Vintage Christmas collectors sometimes use them still, and I believe there is a new version back on the market  for fans of Mid-Century Modern — so it’s not necessary to have been around back in the Dark Ages to have seen bubble lights.  Many people absolutely adore them.

I find the buggers distracting and annoying myself.

**Wikipedia is currently fund-raising, by the way.

They say that if everyone using them donated three measly dollars, their fund raiser would be over in an hour.

Add them to your Christmas Giving list, skip a cup of Starbucks and go give them at least $3.00.

Even if you’ve never explored “the people’s encyclopedia,” think of it as your share of how much I backstop with Wikipedia as I write the articles I gift to you here.

If you click the link to their Bubble article (their name above), the link to their donate page will be at the top of that article until they’ve reached their goal – the minimum they need to run for another year.

If you’re reading this later, don’t think they no longer need the money! The link to their donate page is always available for you on the right sidebar here on ADDandSoMuchMore.com – so go DO that, okay?

Craving warmth

I like a soft glow, and that’s what I try to create in my home — this holiday season and every holiday season. Year-round, in fact, unless I need bright light for a project of some sort. I wouldn’t care much for the flickering of old-fashioned wax candles either if they were as bright as even the dimmest of artificial lighting.

Even the graphic I placed at the top of the page to illustrate the twinkly concept quickly began to give me a headache. I was relieved when it finally scrolled off the page (Fear not, I don’t plan to repeat the experiment).

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Good with Glow

THIS year, in addition to having trouble locating light strands that glow instead of shrieking, I’m really struggling to find the ones that remain STEADY.

It’s tough enough to find light strings that take the older incandescent bulbs. In recent years I have had to make friends with hiding those cold, bright Light Emitting Diodes, burying them d-e-e-p within the tree.

Even though it takes a GREAT deal more time to string a tree with LEDs, if you despise the laser-light look as much as I do (and leave your tree up as long) it’s well worth the hassle.  And yes, I do look for the Energy Star symbol, but the color quality isn’t a whole lot better to my eyes.

Maybe the reason LEDs are supposed to last so much longer is that nobody wants to leave them on for very long?

But what IS up with the twinkling?

TwinkRedThere used to be a red-tipped little bulb you could replace with a clear bulb if you didn’t like the on/off effect.

After the arrival of what they call chaser lights, each of the bulbs seems to contain a mini “circuit breaker” to turn them off as they get warm and back on when they cool, I imagine.

Some strings leave every other light in the strand alone, but NOBODY has the time to replace even every other light on each string!

If you adhere to the tree-decorating gurus’ recommendation of 100 lights per foot of tree, replacing light bulblettes amounts to a part-time Christmas job for larger trees — EVEN if you decorate only one (and I’ve already disclosed my preference for a plethora).

Those blasted bulbs are supposed to create the effect that the entire tree is twinkling — if you’re extremely careful how you light the tree, that is.

How is that better?

Besides the fact that I don’t WANT my tree to twinkle, I find it hyper-distracting (and more than annoying) when entire sections of the tree go dark at once.  I really hate the time sink it creates to be forced to fiddle with lights for hours on end to avoid dark spots that don’t show up until the lights start to blink on and off.

So now I’m stuck in one of those difficult decision-loops.

Do I continue on the hunt for quiet, steady-glowy strings of lights, or give in, light the candles, and view the cacophony through the inner glow that comes from glog?

In other words, do I need to run to the discount store
or the liquor store?

click image for gallery of trees

click image for gallery of trees

So now it’s YOUR turn

How do YOU decorate for the December holidays?

  • How many of you share MY preference for a quiet glow?
  • Do you prefer tiny white lights (MY fav) or the colored kind? Large or small?  Multi-colored or only one or two for a color-themed approach? Lights only on the tree or everywhere?
  • Who decorates with what they call “specialty” lights?  You know, chili peppers, lighted packages or candies, fake candles, etc. What kind is your favorite? Anyplace you buy them that leaves you some cash for presents?  Please share.
  • If you are a fan of the twink lights, how do you manage to keep your cool as the light around you becomes a visual drumbeat?

If you’ve written about this vital topic on your blog or website, leave us a link (only one per comment or you’ll be auto-spammed).

SHARE your tips, tricks & traditions in the spirit of good will toward ALL.

Only ONE more week ’til Christmas Day.
Are YOU ready?

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