Neuroflexyn: BUYER BEWARE

Lack of information vs. marketing is suspicious
Read with your brain engaged

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UPDATE 1/9/15: VERY early this morning, I received an interesting email from a member of the Neuroflexin organization in response to this article.

I have replied, seeking their permission to post it online – so say tuned as I check them out further.

BY THE WAY:  It was respectful and seemingly concerned about the sensationalism around the web – which they say they do not condone or promote.  Bodes well, huh?

#2 UPDATE – 1/14/15: They have responded with permission – to be fair, I will put it in a new post with a new (and more hopeful) title, rather than adding it in a comment to a post that begins with “Buyer Beware.”
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Preliminary findings: short and not so sweet

For those of us with Executive Functioning Dysregulation issues [EFD], a new product on the performance enhancement market touted as the Viagra for the Brain sounds like a nootropic answer to a prayer.

You may have heard about it as EVO, “the Limitless Pill” (E-Huperzine) – credited as the genesis of the idea for the film. The buzz about Neuroflexyn increased rapidly after Limitless became a Box Office smash hit and publicly referenced Neuroflexyn as its inspiration.

Here’s what the folks at smartSMARTER have to say about the product in their introduction to a clearly marked ADVERTISEMENT (designed nonetheless to look like something else):

We expose the truth behind a ground-breaking pill that has many experts furious. Studies have revealed it boosts brain power by up to 89.2%, sharpens your mind and sky-rockets your energy levels. With such overwhelming evidence and media mention, the question is not whether the pill works, but whether it should be legal.

EF_pieChart_brainToo good to be true?

A plethora of marketing-posing-as-information articles make some pretty amazing claims about the benefits of Neuroflexyn. I’ll admit that I was tempted to purchase as I read them – which is what launched me on the informational research trail.

Product marketing swears that Neuroflexyn has been “proven” to significantly increase IQ as it enhances memory, concentration, intentional focus — productivity practically across the board, in fact.

In addition, again according to their marketing, this new “supplement” dramatically increases cognition and intelligence with NO reported side effects.

Ahem! As you may already be aware, the FDA does not currently regulate supplements. Whether or not that is ultimately a good thing or turns out to be a lousy way to attempt to protect the public, it does mean that this new product currently flies beneath FDA radar.

The manufacturer can pretty much claim anything they want
in their attempt to sell their product.

It is up to us to determine how ethical they appear to be, in contrast to any eagerness to part us from our wallets by any means available, in service of corporate profitability.

Not to seem to have joined some Royal Society of Skeptics, my Boomer lifetime of experience has taught me that whenever something sounds too good to be true, it usually is (not true, that is).

NEXT year’s stocking stuffer, maybe


Before any of YOU put any of your hard-earned Christmas cash into a product trial – as a gift or for yourself – take a few moments to read what I have to say about why you might want to wait until more results are in.

In addition to other reasons I’m skeptical, I always advise caution any time product marketing attempts to manipulate us into buying — rather than enticing us into that action with information designed to help us to come to a decision.

I DO NOT Heart Scare Tactics

It seems to be a popular “ask for the sale” approach to attempt to sweeten response rate with text urging readers to take hasty action for fear of losing some advantage or opportunity if they take a day or more to think things over or investigate other options.

Neuroflexyn’s marketing game-plan seems to be to set up “Big Pharma” as the bogey-man, supposedly intent on shutting down Neuroflexyn production because it is “competition” for the profitability of their pharmaceutical products.

Uh-huh – so buy now or regret it when
Neuroflexyn is taken off the market?

I guess that implies that one must seriously stock up from the very beginning – just in case it really does work – to ensure access to a continued supply during the upcoming fight for manufacturing rights.  Let’s all go get right on it, then!

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Buy Here Now?

even though, since posting this article, I continue to receive requests that I send a bottle (which I will be deleting without comment in the future.  Check out the links at the bottom of the NEXT article if you are eager to give it a try).

The youngest sibling to similar supposed brainpower-boosting products that have been around longer, Neuroflexyn seems, from what I have found so far, to have made its splashy debut about four months ago (URL registered September 2014)

It is so new it is still offering special “limited-time only” introductory trials, only available from the manufacturer (NOT by clicking link below, right?)

Non-working illustration

Non-working illustration – do NOT click to reply (or comment) —

The pricing is still a bit hefty, however, for a relatively untested newcomer that is unlikely to ever be covered by insurance.

  • 1 Bottle: $49.95, plus $9.95 S&H
  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free: $99.90
  • Buy 3, Get 2 Free: $149.85

Where are the opinions of experts of long-standing?

As in the advertisement quoted above, you will read in more than a few of the articles you will find that many experts are furious or frightened about the appearance of this so-called miracle drug — with no specifics about what they object to beyond allegations of fear of profit loss, by the way.

Mainstream scientists and doctors aside, even the credible nootropic community experts — authors and speakers who have been using, reviewing and promoting brain and performance enhancing alternatives for well over twenty-five years now — do not appear to have jumped on Neuroflexyn’s bandwagon.

I believe that says a mouthful!

  • Of course, I may still find other credible articles mixed in somewhere near the bottom of the glut of marketing posts – the multiple pages of link-listings returned by the search engines for the name of the product.
  • There is more than a recent flood of similar-looking “click to buy NOW” blog and website posts whose listings occupy the earlier pages, most with titles designed to encourage you to click to find out whether this product is a scam. [Pay per click, I suppose]

Hyperfocus Caution

After over an hour of frustrated clicking around online searching for Neuroflexyn information, I found only ONE legitimate product review (on the HighYa Site, dedicated to help internet readers avoid scams).

It is a well-written, even-handed, comprehensive exploration of the Neuroflexyn claims that is well worth the time it takes to read (in addition to providing an excellent model of how to think about other marketing attempts of this type).

It carefully examines the product claims for congruency with what else is known and can be discovered. (ex., why an image on the supplement’s website indicates that they have more than 95,000 Facebook fans, when Neuroflexyn’s Facebook page only had 400 likes as of the time of their research on December 10, 2014).

Rather than duplicating points made very well by the author(s), I encourage you jump over to the HighYa article to read it first hand.

The link is repeated as Related Content below so you can finish reading this article before you jump to that one. (Spoiler Alert: they are as skeptical as I)

  • The rest of the content I located appears to my i-net educated eye to be obviously company-sponsored or company supplied affiliate support material – sans disclosure, for the majority.
  • I also ran across more than a few “informational” health-related websites that made their debut at the same time the product launched (a scant four months ago, as I type).
  • The ever-increasing number of YouTube videos seem to be limited to repeats of the same pasted together rapper version of an animated slideshow touted as product reviews.

I find them so gratingly obnoxious I can’t listen ONE more time without running away screaming.  If any of my regular readers find something different, leave us all a link in the comments section.

I’ll give it a look and listen if you PROMISE me that it is not set to a rapper soundtrack, and will move it up into this article among the related links.

It will take more INFORMATION to change my mind

I’d LOVE to be proven wrong about this product – but, in this case, I doubt that I will be.

NOT AT ALL fearful of prescription medication when warranted, I have always been ALL FOR effective non-pharmaceutical alternatives when available.

There are quite a few that work relatively well for certain EFD presentations, by the way — even though I have doubts that Neuroflexyn will ever be a legitimate member of that particular listing of non-pharmaceutical treatment options.

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29 Responses to Neuroflexyn: BUYER BEWARE

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  5. MGTOW says:

    I don’t know why this “Neuroflexyn” is being touted as the drug that the movie “Limitless” was based on. IT ISN’T (or *wasn’t*, depending on how you look at it).

    I remember seeing a news story the year AFTER “Limitless” was released that not only compared PROVIGIL (aka Modafinil – NOT Neuroflexyn) to the drug used in the movie, but used stock footage of the movie to drive home the point.

    The fact remains that the movie’s writers DID NOT have a pill in mind when they wrote the movie. Provigil came out MONTHS after the film’s release. The pill itself (as far as the movie’s writers were concerned) was just a clever plot device.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ain’t marketing grand?! I’m sure every cognitive enhancement substance will eventually get around to pointing to the “Limitless” flik as “proof” of efficacy and a demonstration of possibility.

      Thanks for taking time out of your day to underscore the point that just because you see it in print doesn’t mean it’s true!

      PS. I apologize for the lengthy approval time – I don’t know how I missed your comment initially (ADD and spam overwhelm, perhaps?)


  6. L says:

    First: Thanks for this article. It confirmed what (much) suspicion I had while glossing over the advertisement for Neuroflexyn.

    Now: I’ve been taking Rhodiola Rosea (which is why Neuroflexyn remotely interested me) while going through Biofeedback neurotherapy, and I have to say that I would not have the stamina or brain power to be as successful as I have been without it. Rhodiola Rosea can also be used as a learning tool, so, while going through therapy and also studying for my own enjoyment, what I’ve learned has been more accepted by my brain as the most logical path, even in errant thinking.

    What I’m trying to say is, there may or may not be a better, faster, stronger alternative to RR (like this Neuroflexyn or the next), but I’d much wager my own ingenuity and productive skills to work alongside my supplement than have a brain explosion I can’t hope to process while I attempt to process.

    Thanks Again,


    • Thanks for reading – and especially for taking the time to comment. I’m still reserving judgment on the value of Neuroflexyn until I’ve been able to give it a solid one month trial, as promised. Life events interrupted my trial after two weeks, so I plan to begin anew before reporting my experience. My jury’s still out.

      As I continue to affirm, I believe it is a big mistake to demonize pharmaceutical approaches as well as non-pharmaceutical alternatives. For my own challenges, I have found many to be helpful, some to be practically worthless. And all substances are likely to have side effects (effects that are not the reason one is taking the medication – not simply “bad effects”).

      Even if more specifically targeted medications and approaches were developed, tested and available, which are not at this point, there remains the issue of the brain’s connectivity to consider. Not only are there more than a few isolated areas that can, when working atypically, produce and contribute to similar symptoms, the way in which they work together can be atypical. For now, and until there is some sort of “cure” or long term “solution,” each of us must conduct our own “one rat studies” to figure out what works best for us.

      So far, psychostims have supplied the best relief for the greatest number of my own challenges, while other individuals are not what they refer to as “medication responders.”

      I found neurofeedback helpful in some respects (more so in combination with medication), but not lasting (as often reported). I have not tried Rhodiola Rosea – so many thanks for sharing your experience. The more we share our experiences with one another, the more likely more of us will find a way to be able to have “lives worth living” (congruent with our levels of intelligence, education, drive and initiative, and personal desires).

      Right now, sadly, the ADD field seems to be going “backwards” again:
      • books claiming that ADD doesn’t exist by supposedly “credible” sources (with far too few people stepping up to discount their offerings),
      • DEA scare tactics and policies making it difficult for ADD/EFDers to remain medicated with first-line ADD meds (stims) or even to find a doctor willing to give controlled medication a trial, caring more about protecting the lives of potential abusers (and their own medical licenses) than the lives of many who are struggling needlessly,
      • ADD/EFD diagnosis more difficult to obtain as fewer doctors understand enough to do a proper differential dx,
      • “ADD” coaches trained to favor ICF-approved neurotypical approaches and ADD organizations jumping in that bandwagon, etc.,etc.

      Who knows? Maybe if we would flood the net with comments sharing our struggles and attempts at solution, science will even decide to stop demonizing “anecdotal report” and begin to use our information to begin solve this complex puzzle and get out of their confirmation bias boxes.

      But then, of course, more of us would have to take the time to comment. I am so grateful that YOU took the time to ring in as part of the solution.


  7. DARLEEN says:

    not too surprised to see and he read about this being a scam I’m not surprised at all. a little disappointed of a safe someone trying to go so far and take such links to sell something thats not even been tested to shove it down the consumers throats and make big claims about something thats not even true that’s a little disappointing to me. I look at it like this rule of thumb if a product is not easily accessible through retail department stores pharmacies grocery stores it’s probably not the best product to buy and you’re taking your chances on buying garbage on the streets and it sounds almost similar to drug trafficking and making high dollar amounts for something that is iffy and you would they be using the general public as guinea pigs is this the federal government using this crap on the consumer average American citizen that’s really really disgusting and weird and crazy nah not this person not me. no not at all surprised about this if its a scam its a scam if not but I will tell you right now if I can’t hear that it’s sold in a GNC or a vitamin shop or a pharmacy or a grocery store or a department store I would never throw cash money into anything they will probably ask for cash or a credit card number that’s another scam using this garbage trying to get peoples credit card information you know this is a cruel and crazy world it’s not worth it to just throw away your hard earned money on something like this..

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Howie says:

    Thank you for an HONEST review of this product! It is always refreshing to see! This product reminds me SO MUCH of another one I saw marketed in a similarly deceptive way called, eVo. Tons of false claims, questions about the ingredients, fake reviews, fake testimonials and claims of TV shows and publications they were in. They went on a marketing tear and sure, they made a lot of money in a short period of time. However, when the ACTUAL quality of your product is poor and people start to wise up to it, eventually the hype surrounding your marketing dies and the truth comes out! I think the same will happen with Neuroflexyn. Thanks again for an excellent and honest review. All the best!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome. I’m thrilled to read that there are still folks who check things out before putting them in their bodies.

      After receiving an email that a lot of the claims were not made by the company, but by their marketing partners (which partnerships they say they are in the process of dissolving) I am currently undertaking their suggestion that I give it a trial (on their nickel, btw – CLICK HERE for their email).

      Snowbound with a nasty cold served to interrupt my process, so I plan to begin again to give them a fair month.

      I will be reporting my experience on this blog. AGAIN, however, I can only report my own response – a one rat study. I have researched enough to satisfy myself that it is relatively SAFE to take. What remains to be seen is whether or not it is HELPFUL to any degree.

      Capitalism and internet marketing – potentially nasty stuff! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.


      • Richard says:

        Scam. Looks, feels and does not check out. If its not banned in Australia its because chemists don’t have it here. Odd that such a major discovery is not marketed by the Chemist Warehouse, a major stockist of any serious alternate product. Get a life .. I am amazed that this was listed by Amazon.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Whew! I thought for a minute there that you were talking about *my* content, Richard. Once I saw the article about which you were commenting I relaxed.

          To be fair, if you are deficient in the vitamins and minerals in the substance, taking them will certainly make a difference – in any manner you do so. And, the placebo effect can be powerful. I did hear back from the company about the marketing to which I objected, and it turns out they don’t support it either.

          And I don’t believe that Amazon vets their products beyond whether or not they sell and whether people are complaining, wanting their money back. Sadly. As long as nobody dies, I imagine they’ll sell it.


  9. FLANDAN says:

    Appreciate the look at the other side of the coin.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Anastasia BeaverHousein ;) says:

    MGH comment: A. You are quite welcome – and I hope you clicked the link at bottom to the update article: Neuroflexyn: Jury Still Out

    B. I added some white space to your comment below (ADDers often need “rock to rock” reading assists) WORDS are not changed

    I was seriously 1 click away from ordering this after ready SO MANY RAVE REVIEWS …But something told me to research a little more.

    I have been on ADHD Meds for years …Adderall ER & IR .. After being on the same Extended Release Dosage for a few years … I was really not getting any benefit from it.. Some days I couldn’t remember if I had already taken it or not & Many know that YOU CAN TELL when you have taken it.. So my Dr added the IR to be taken in addition..

    Does it help me YES .. So why am I looking for a Natural Product instead..?? Because it seems that there are some Family Courts & Judges who SERIOUSLY LOOK DOWN on anyone who takes this type of medication.. It absolutely came across like “YOUR AN ADDICT & NEED TO HAVE A DRUG & ALCOHOL EVALUATION & COMPLETE ANY TREATMENT RECOMMENDED”

    Keep in mind that the ONLY REASON I was made to take the Drug Urine Screen was bc I knew my ex husband uses drugs ..he tested positive for Amphetamines & Methamphetamine and his attorney claimed that a friend at work gave him some Diet/Energy Pills to try & he had no idea.. BUZZZ.. LIE..!! His 2nd Ex (Baby Mama) Contacted me while they were actually still together and told me she had found some type of White Powder Substance in a baggy & she flushed it..

    Why do I have such a HUGE PROBLEM with doing a Drug Eval..?? #1 ..I use to work at the Court Services for the City Police Dept & I know 1st hand that it doesn’t matter what your charge.. what the Medication is ..If you have any History of Addiction or Problems with the law. Every Person came in after the Evaluation with Weeks & Weeks of ordered Treatment Classes.

    I know many are going to say ..Well that’s if you broke the law & are ordered to do ..BUZZZ… Wrong.. I actually had MANY MANY Men & Women on Probation for anything ranging from DUI.. to Police finding a Pipe or Rolling Papers or a teeny tiny Roach in the back floorboard that could have flown in at any time being thrown out by another person..

    Back to the point.. MANY asked.. If a drug/alcohol evaluation ordered by Family/Divorce Court Judge would be accepted..?? Many told us that the other Spouse had the issue & both were ordered ..So basically if one Spouse makes the allegations then BOTH have to take the Urine Test or Mouth Swab & if you have ANYTHING in your System (maybe you took something for your nerves that morning & never take the medication.. ADDICT)

    But after researching alot of Cases ..I found that even if the person had nothing in their system.. They were STILL ordered to do the Evaluation in many many cases.. Reason..?? Bc they possibly knew that their ex would claim this in court & they would be given a Drug/Alcohol Screen ..SOOOO THEY CLEANED UP IN TIME FOR COURT..!!

    In both cases of Courts for a Traffic/Drug/Alcohol Evaluation & Family/Divorce/Child Custody Court.. there were many complaints of being ordered 10-12-14 up to 28 weeks of “Treatment” after the Eval ..even when people (like me) provided Medical Records & Pharmacy Records ..You were still ordered the Treatment.. which bring me to

    #2 $$$COST$$$ Evaluations run from $150-400 ..weekly treatment (2-4 hour classes) run from $60-115 maybe more in some places..

    My Current Husband of almost 5 years is a recently 100% Disabled ARMY Veteran stemming from a Spinal Injury he sustained during Combat in Afghanistan. So not only is this very unaffordable for us but also I am his Appointed Non Medical Caregiver & I rarely leave him.. thankfully we have 2 teenage daughters who run errands & go to the Grocery Store wtc.. Yes arranging for 1 of my daughters to stay with my Husband is doable.. But I shouldn’t have to..!!

    I PROVIDED A PRESCRIPTION & MEDICATION RECORDS FOR THE MEDICATION IN MY SYSTEM.. My Ex Husband.. Did Not.. Ummm.. was My Ex Husband ordered to do this Costly Eval & whatever was ordered from it.. NOPE… Bc he QUICKLY Signed his Custody Rights over to his Parents ..But the Judge did NOT put any Visitation Stipulations on him… AT ALL..!!!

    Apologies for the lengthyness of this comment. .But I am pretty desperate to know if anyone else has heard of this happening or it happened to them personally. I feel this is Extremely Unfair.. Specially due to the circumstances ordered on ME ONLY by the Judge 9 weeks after the Court Date..!! Yes it took that long for a court order & if you read it ..HA.. IT WOULD BLOW UR MIND..!!

    Just a quick Example.. I am called an IRRESPONSIBILE & MANIPULATIVE PARENT bc only 1 of my teenage daughters had received braces (which was due to circumstances beyond my control at the time & yes she now has Braces in which AGAIN
    .My Husband & I pay for FULLY)…Their Father was over $12000.00 behind in Child Support & had PAID NONE of the Dental/Orthodontal Costs..!!

    My Husband (The Step Father) provided Health Insurance (no costs thru Army) & Dental Insurance (Monthly Premium & Copays) And yes my Ex Husband is MORE than Capable of paying Child Support & 1/2 of all costs for the children as Court Ordered.. OK.. So again.. Sorry for the Off Topic Info.. But just wanted to get across the ABSOLUTE UNFAIRNESS OF THIS COURT/JUDGE ..the list of Ridiculous things goes on & on..

    No we can’t afford an attorney …we can’t afford the Eval so we definitely can’t afford an Attorney.. But I have posted on a few sites in hopes that an Attorney would take the Case Pro Bono ..But due to my Injury/Treatment/The fact we lived in On Base in KY at the time of the order.(Court is in GA) and my Husband being Hospitalized for over a month with Aspirated Pneumonia caused from a Panic Attack in his sleep & him not waking up all the way when he Dryheaved/Vomited bc of the Heavy Sleep Meds that the VA has him on due to PTSD & Pain..

    So I have been unable to really be aggressive about trying to find someone to help.. But also alot of it is out of fear of this going VERY PUBLIC due to the wording & unfairness of this Judge & My children being embarrassed..!!

    So I’m sure if anyone feels they can contribute info or provid help they will comment or try to contact me thru you which I think you are AMAZING..!! It is rare to find someone so committed to a cause that they put their & effort into it & educating others without always Benefitting Financially. That’s amazing in my eyes..!! So Again Thank You for what you do.. Aaaaand for saving me a $49.99 Credit Card Charge for something that doesn’t work…lol APOLOGIES & THANK YOU AGAIN..

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am so sorry to hear your story – but not surprised. I hear horror stories often – mostly because of medication ignorance fanned by sound-bite chasing press who collapse “recreational use” and PHAMACEUTICAL use!! They are NOT the same, as you know.

      #1 – Click HERE for ABOUT The ADD/HD All-Expert Consensus Statement — scroll DOWN to the Statement itself – and be sure to note the names of the signatories. Print the formatted version (with names of signers) & make a copy for yourself. Do NOT print the intro – the judge doesn’t need to read it and the Consensus Statement is already long.

      #2 – Download and PRINT the original to attach to the copy you MAY have to give to the court. Submit WITH your doctor’s records. (is your doc willing to testify on your behalf? Have you ASKED? Don’t assume no – find out!)

      I know you don’t want it to get to that point, but you need to be prepared in case it DOES (i.e., they claim your test “proves” you are “on drugs.”)
      #3 – READ the update “Jury’s Still Out” (link inserted at bottom of original AND at top of your comment).

      I didn’t say that I was certain that Neuroflexyn did NOT work, merely that I had serious doubts and why. I simply do not know any more than that, and I haven’t begun my own trial yet (details about that in update).

      Even if it doesn’t prove to be a cognition miracle, it *may* still prove to be useful for certain ADD/EFD symptoms – at least enough to get you through your court mess, in any case, so you keep some kind of brain on board.

      Stims have a short half-life, however, so you won’t have to go meds-free for long, in any case – as long as they don’t “surprise test.” (go to the website of YOUR meds & med-type for HOW short – this is not the time to approximate)

      #4 – ALSO, at the bottom of THIS article (the first) – is a link to “best non-stimulants” (or something like that). Investigate those as well.

      I’ll say a prayer for you – remember to slow down, pause between statements & BREATHE – and to repeat the question they ask before responding immediately, to calm down your amygdala and give your pre-frontal cortex time to come back on board.

      Don’t get wordy – answer the question and make them request supporting detail. ADDers don’t realize that neurotypicals tend to think we’re lying when we over-explain. Trust me on this one.

      You can DO this!

      PS. The court MUST BY LAW provide a pro-bono attorney at your request. REQUEST. Even a lousy attorney is better that no legal advice at all. Fire him or her if s/he’s lousy or ADD-averse, but don’t assume you won’t get somebody at least half-decent.


  11. Garrett says:

    I came across an advertisement for neuroflexyn. The first line reads: ‘Welcome To The Future’ – American business magnates, investors and Billionaires don’t let there age affect any of there decision making or business solutions” For me, it is a turn-off when there are such obvious misspellings of words in an ad that is touting a product to make one a “genius”. They don’t let “there”? or “their”? age affect, etc. Boo! Not sure about the product, but the ad writer could at least proof-read his first lines!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have a similar reaction – rushing to take my money, perhaps, or simply not very well educated?

      Tho’ I must say I am crazed when I publish something I DID take the time to proof, but somehow missed a few items that GLARE at me afterwards – it happens! I edit, but who saw it meanwhile? (worry-worry-worry)

      HOWEVER, your “genius” point is well-taken (lol).

      Thanks for stopping by- and taking the time to comment.


  12. *****MGH RESPONSE TO: kelvin crenshaw*****

    SOMEHOW, something here on has changed, and several people have been able to leave comments where they aren’t EVEN supposed to be able to go. Nobody can see their comments there (but me – but only “backstage”), nor can I respond to them there and be sure that they will be able to see it. hmmmmmmm………will have to Sherlock.

    MEANWHILE – below is Kelvin’s comment, which I copied and pasted here, because I like the bold manner in which he states his opinion, and I wanted you to read HIS words.
    Any website that misleads possible customers by intialing ask to get a free bottle are scammers. The next step is always asking for a credit card. This is marketing suicide, as there are curious consumers like myself who would love to test the product first.

    I would personally buy a years worth if the trial bottle is effective; However the credit ‘thing’ makes me think otherwise.
    Honesty is the new marketing approach.

    btw, link to his site is: crenshawpublicrelations
    Kudos to the PR firms with integrity!
    My response to KC below –
    UNFORTUNATELY, Kelvin, honesty isn’t quite the new marketing approach YET – even though I totally agree that it is the best approach and fervently hope that it will turn out to be the one that will eventually be the NEW “business as usual.”

    As long as enough people continue to buy from businesses with less than forthright policies, those companies will continue to take the low road. Sounds like you and I are holding out for a few good “high roaders.”

    Thanks so much for reading and ringing in.


  13. Reggi says:

    Hi Madelyn, 😉

    Thank you for your amazing & well researched article on Neuroflexyn. I was sincerely on my way to order it but I found so many questionable things stared on the Smart Smarter website especially what’s written after “Content Paid and Sponsored by: Neuroflexyn.” I felt like they were going the “extra mile” to cover themselves from all liability all while hoping everyone clicked the order link BEFORE reading it.

    I am so grateful you posted your findings & opinions about this product. My son has ADHD & I’m trying to find a natural but powerful & effective suppliment for him. He’s currently taking On Task Naturally which is good but if I can find one better I want to get it. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. My son’s lack of focus severely affects his grades & his motivation to get things done.

    Thank you again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lost my comment – grrrrr – going “backstage” to see if that works better. I’ll be back. xx, mgh
      SECOND try!
      #1 – You’re Welcome! (and thank YOU for taking the time to read and comment)

      #2 – The link to non-pharm alternatives at the very end of the article is your best bet for recommendations there. Personally, none work well enough for me (or 99% of my clients/students over the years), so I stay with the Dex Spansules I’ve taken for over 20 years now. I simply have no brain-access to speak of unmedicated.

      I strongly recommend PROTEIN (only) in the AM — dopamine precursors for activation (vs. “motivation” btw) and carbs at night (w/ or w/o protein) — serotonin precursors for sleep.

      LinkList below is to the activation series – more likely your son’s problem than motivation. You may find a few aha!s upon reading through the series (read thru in order or jump straight to the ones you want)

      ACTIVATION LinkList

      MASTER LinkList

      I suggest starting with list #1 from the Master List of Links – simply to scan for basics you may not already know.

      TONS of info here – help yourself! You will notice that many of my articles are fairly “charge neutral” – but a few get sarcastic when I am fed up with SO much nonsense on the web. If you get those first, please know that I’m really more mild-mannered than those might indicate ::wicked grin::

      Your son is lucky to have you!

      Hope this helps!


    • Reggi – the words at the bottom of your link tell the tale – you’re right. It’s one “take back” after another (including lack of affiliation with Mens’ Health, etc. – which are featured so prominently at the top of the page. So they probably ARE hoping we’ll click to “buy now” before we get down that far – or that enough people won’t read the “fine print” that they’ll make a tidy profit anyway. SCUMMY!

      BUT – as I said in the article – its always wise to get outa’ there the moment they begin the unsupported scare tactics and efforts to manipulate emotions linked to scarcity. That is ALWAYS always a red flag.

      Thanks again for ringing in – and I hope that ringing in the New Year is wonderful.


  14. Jeanie says:

    Madelyn, thanks for looking into this for the rest of us! Your ability to read and research all of this stuff is mind-boggling to me. It is amazing how complex the whole meds, supplements, etc. stuff is. So many different angles to consider!

    Thanks for taking the time to process it and put it in perspective for us. As always, great insights!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are most welcome – and thank YOU.

      It bears repeating: God gave you triple helpings of acknowledgement ability! I’m sure I’m not the only one who comes away from one of your remarks glowing like a Christmas tree.

      SPEAKING OF WHICH – I would love to see what you’ve done for Christmas this year, because I know from my visit that you have it all together in the homemaking department. I stand in your shadow even when I’m NOT still organizing after a sudden move.

      in my haste to puppy-proof out of the blue, I stopped mid-deck (the halls) and piled all my *many* boxes of ornaments etc. on my sectional couch (festive, huh?). Somewhere among them must be the puppy toys I ordered that came practically immediately – I can’t find them anywhere.

      I’ll be off to the pet store later today for a number of things I need for my still-nameless little boy, so when I finally locate the first batch of toys, his stocking will be stuffed!

      And no, I will have to make him one next year – this year I’m simply dedicating one from my collection – which I will hang on my office mantle as soon as I liberate it from the stacked totes currently hiding the fireplace. (I know – I’m a tad nuts)

      Much love to you and yours this Christmas. Thanks for reading and taking time to ring in.
      xx, mgh


  15. Trish says:

    If we take it and get a brainstorm lasting 4 hours or more, do we need to go to the emergency room?

    Seriously, though, thanks another well-written, useful article. The marketing is indeed sleazy enough to make me question the product. While there are plenty of reasons to be wary of big pharma, it’s very annoying seeing it used to prop up a junk product. Most of the time, if the product was so great, big pharma would have figured out a way to make it their own.

    Thanks for the link to the HighYa site–that one got a bookmark.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Trish. I haven’t been aware of HighYa long enough to be able to say much about their reviews overall, but I did like the one written about Neuroflexyn, obviously.

      I agree with your big pharma opinions as well – and if it DOES turn out to be so great, they’ll probably buy out the patent anyway. They certainly seem to have the cash – even though their expenses for drug research and development, including FDA approval trials, can run into the millions.

      Sleazy – one of my favorite invectives – totally apt in this case, IMHO.

      Thanks for taking the time to ring in (and yes, emergency room for brainstorms lasting more than 4 hours – do not pass GO 🙂 )



  16. janetkwest says:

    I wish it were true, like the one in the movie. I’ve tried nootropics such as piracitam and anaracitam, which actually can help at times. The downside is if you have migraines as yours truly, they can trip into headache land.

    Liked by 1 person

    • WOW – you read fast. I’ve barely had time to start a bath (just came back to grab my coffee and noticed I had a comment already).

      I would LOVE for it to be true, but even bonafide ADD meds can only do so much – and MUCH less that the benefits touted by many nootropics.

      Thanks always for your regular support and readership. (off to see if I’ve flooded the bathroom yet!)
      PS. SO sorry to hear about your migraines – I get so few “regular” headaches even, that I’m a total baby about them. I’m grateful I have been spared migraines (and anyone within earshot during one of my few – actually mild – headaches is grateful FOR me, no doubt).


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