A Visit from St. What’s-his-Name

ADD and Christmas Too
“Reprint” of something wonderful from years ago

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC

One of my FAVORITE Presents

Janine Baker, one of my long-time best friends, is one of the most fabulously creative people I know. Although she does not have ADD herself, she GETS it, “thanks” to an up-close-and-personal relationship with me (and the fact that she was an early graduate of my ADD Coach Training)!

She also gives some of the very best presents, so when I tell you that this poem she wrote many years ago for my first website is among my top favs, understand that it has some stiff competition.

She gifted me the copyright along with the poem, so I own all rights to it.

If you share it (and I hope you WILL), you must provide a link back to this post and credit both sources below.  (It is slated for inclusion in an upcoming ADD Anthology, so don’t drop out “ownership”  and link or things might get legal, okay?)

AND NOW . . . moving right along to one of the most clever of the versions of the rewriting of Clemens’ original — ESPECIALLY for ADDers and ADD Coaches!

A Visit From St. What’s His Name

by Janine Baker for
© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie and
The Optimal Functioning Institute™

T’was the night before Christmas
And all through the place
Not an item was finished
(”Twas a state of disgrace.)

The stockings were strewn
In a mess on the chair.
The dog ate the sugarplums
Batteries?? Where!!!!

“We’ve less than four hours!”
My wife said in fright. ”
All my plans turned to chaos,
And the tree, it’s a sight!!”

I said “I’m not worried,”
(OK so I lied)
But the job falls to me here
To take things in stride

When my wife’s ADD
Hits its peak in December.
But this was the worst
Christmas Eve I remember.

I brewed her some coffee
And prayed for success:
NoTreeThat the kids might awaken
To more than this mess.

For nothing was wrapped
(and a few gifts were lost!)
“I SWEAR that I bought them
Before the first frost!”

“Let’s focus on these.”
(I took things in hand)
But she cried as she told me,
“You don’t understand.”

MessyFlockSo we had a quick fight
As the clock kept on ticking.
Then she noticed
the flock on the tree wasn’t sticking.

Before I could stop her
She got out the glue
And each branch,
one by one,
She was flocking anew.

dirty-santa-chimneyAs distraction was winning,
My mind was a fog,
Something fell down our chimney
KERPLUNK on a log.

My wife in the kitchen,
I leaned on a shelf
and reached for my heart.
It was Santa himself!

Amazement aside,
I got down on my knees.
“My dear ol’ St. Nicholas,
Help us! Oh, please!!”

“We’ve two little children
Asleep in their beds,
And we’re in (as you see here)
Way over our heads.”

“Cause my wife got distracted,
Then I got confused,
And than she got upset . . .
Santa looked quite amused.

santaLaughThen he glanced all around
With a loud “HO, HO, HO!
It’s Christmas, young man!”
And I said “YES!! I KNOW!!!”

“Please help us with wrapping!!
And finding lost toys!
The tree is so crooked!
My poor little boys…”

Then he put up his finger
To ask me to shoosh,
While I prayed he would fix things
In one magic whoosh.

But instead he ate cookies
And sat on the floor.
Then he beckoned my wife
Who stood stunned by the door.

santa-coffee“Oh, good people,” he started,
“I do understand.
But you’re fretting for nothing.”
He raised up his hand.

“This is it!” I rejoiced.
“He’ll wave up some spells . . .”
As he reached for the coffee
The clock chimed three bells.

Then my wife really lost it,
“On Rudolph’s life, PLEASE!
DO something, Santa!”
(I squirmed with unease.)

“I’ll tell ya’ a secret,”
He said with a grin.
“Things need not be perfect
When day rushes in.”

“Christmas is sharing
From just who ya’ are.
If the tree top is crooked
You still see the star.”

“If the eggnog is runny
Just laugh and enjoy
So the wrapping is wrinkled
the box holds a toy!”

“Your children, they know this.
They trust they’ll have fun —
If you’ll laugh and LET ’em
When up comes the sun.”

I thought he made sense
But my wife still looked blue.
“I bet you’d say else
If it happened to you!”

“Oh, yeah?” Santa asked,
“My dearest, not true.
I’ll tell you a secret . . .
I’m ADD too!

She gasped and was silent
Sat frozen as ice.
“Why else did ya’ think
That I check my list TWICE?!”

“My original plan,
When I first had this thought
Was to send through the MAIL
All the presents I’d BOUGHT!”

“But whatever it took,
We got the job done,
And created some systems
That really were fun!”

ElfJuggle“Mrs. Claus hired elves
To pick up my slack,
And we all hyperfocused
“To pack up my sack.”

“I took off in a sleigh
I was clueless to land,
And that chimney-slide thing?
You can’t think THAT was planned!”

“I had thousands of keys
To fit every door 
But I left the darn key ring
At home on the floor.”

“We were so well-received
That we kept the thing going.
I stayed the Creative,
While elves did the sewing,

And building and pasting
And tagging and tacking. . .
And painting and tasting
And wrapping and packing!”

“You might not have gotten
Exactly the toy
You may have requested
When you were a boy.”

“The LIST, it was my job
(Admin’s not my thing!)
So I sneaked in some extra’s
I thought I should bring.”

“So Christmas ain’t perfect,
And neither are we.”
He smiled as I gazed at
Our lop-sided tree.

The room now seemed different
(Though still quite the mess)
A nap sounded tempting
I have to confess.

So we threw in the towel
As we shook Santa’s hand.
We had wearily learned
What the kids understand.

As we climbed up the stairs
For a well deserved rest,
Brushing flock from our clothes
And expecting the best

We heard Rudolph exclaim,
As they rode out of sight,
“Santa’s map’s upside down
C’mon Reindeer, turn RIGHT!!”

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