Spam or Internet Marketing – which is worse?

Blatant Narcissists BOTH
Get a clue – most of us HATE what you’re doing
(if that matters to you at all)

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How do I hate thee, let me count the ways

Oh, never mind – I’m sure I’d run out of room before I ran out of steam.

At the risk of sounding clearly black and white, I can’t help but wonder about the intent of either the spammers OR the Internet Marketers, but at least the spammers don’t pretend to be much of anything else.

Internet Marketers, for the most part, seem hell-bent on manipulating us into believing that they are providing an eagerly awaited service that, only incidentally, employs the flavor-of-the-moment formulaic approach designed to increase SEO (“Search Engine Optimization,” translated into dollars).

I wish I could force every single one of them into spending as much time as they have stolen from my life considering the following  questions seriously:

  • Is EVERYTHING about what you want, regardless of how it impacts anybody else?
  • Has EVERYTHING become merely a numbers game to you, designed to stuff your personal pockets (or those of your company or organization)?
  • Do you have any respect AT ALL for those at the effect of your tactics – beyond their value as one of the numbers in your game?


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A great many Internet Marketers seem to think its fine and dandy to email anyone they can convince to give up an email address with every thought in their internet marketing heads – as if we were college freshman eagerly awaiting news from home to fill an otherwise empty mailbox.

Based on tactics employed web-wide, email-wide, social networking-wide and blog-wide, most internet marketers clearly PREFER that we genuflect to their objectives — regardless of the reasons why we checked our email or visited a webpage that we’re trying to read despite their antics.

Like whiny toddlers, they’re willing to attempt whatever they think will work to FORCE our attention to what they have to say to us.

It seems they must stay awake nights dreaming up new ways to make it impossible for us to ignore their online objectives:

  • Their “offers” pop up, blink, wiggle, or creep slowly up and over what we’re trying to read, forcing us to chase a moving “go away NOW” X.
  • If, that is, they don’t black out the content entirely, replacing it with a personal version of the ubiquitous “give me your email address so I can market you some more” sign-up form as step one of whatever they’re trying to sell us in the moment.
  • And now that increasingly more bloggers are jumping into the fray (with as many ads as they can cram onto their bazillion-clicks-to-read-it-all articles), heaven protect the rest of us from the effects of their monetization efforts on our browser speed or functionality.


I have no problem with well-done, sensitively placed STATIC ads

  • They provide an information service, especially when targeted.
  • I am an avid magazine reader and ALWAYS read the ads as well as the editorial content.
  • Except for those that attempt to force my attention with those cards that change how the magazine handles, I enjoy them, study them, and often buy products based upon them. (I rip out the cards, throw them away, and note the advertiser only to AVOID buying their products, btw. I vote with my wallet!)

Here’s the difference:
I appreciate advertisers who grant me “respect of choice.”

Moving, blinking, jumping, creeping, intrusive internet ads are like hyperactive two-year-olds l-o-n-g past bedtime.

  • We love our children despite bad behavior.
  • Most of us, however, find these marketing tactics obnoxious — worse than spam.
  • And VERY few of us will be willing to overlook their bad behavior for very much longer, although I’m not sure what we’ll do about it.

HEADS UP, Internet Marketers:

Your right to [attempt to] sell to me DOES NOT and can not trump my right to focus with intentionality on MY objectives for investigating content.

  • Otherwise, the internet is nothing more than a hyperbolic game of BAIT-and-SWITCH,


  • You are nothing more than today’s version of yesterday’s stereotype of the smarmy used-car salesman.


Let’s hear it from the rest of you

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13 Responses to Spam or Internet Marketing – which is worse?

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  6. Trish says:

    MGH: I’m with you about the knitting. Yes, it looks great, and no, I can’t do it either.

    You are absolutely correct, the internet is looking less useful all the time. Constant “upgrades” (you’ve already covered this quite thoroughly), extra clicks to get where you’re going, all of it. Imagine if we had to have our car serviced in order to go to the library, or give up all our personal information to shop at the store (oh, wait, we already do if we want the best prices. Remember when every customer in a store paid the same price for the same item?).

    I’m finding your site quite informative and particularly enjoy your Grumpy Monday columns.


  7. keraoregan says:

    Spam, because that’s complete junk. But obvious internet marketing is pretty annoying too. People definitely need to focus on the 80/20 rule!


    • Thanks for ringing in. I agree about that 80/20 thing — its hard for my eyes to pick out which is the 20 amid all that 80 – thus the problem.

      I also agree that Spam seems worse – but internet marketing is still the reason why most spam exists – and always will, as long as internet marketers make it lucrative for people to spam.

      Spam seems to be complete junk because the spammers sign up for so many different affiliate marketing sites and so many versions of something like “ClickPay” (to get paid for “marketing”), then push crap out to every list they can get their hands on, regardless of relevance.

      BUT, Spam is relatively easy to identify and delete.

      The e-glut, i-glut and link cramming (where you have to visit a number of sites before you get to the “source” of the pin or email link) *might* be useful info, but it’s tough to tell – because i-net marketers have carefully crafted the subject line to make SURE we have to take time to take a “positive action” to find out – over and over, every single day, EVEN if we sign up for what they’re selling.

      It makes me mad to have to take MORE of my time clicking to some webpage to get OFF all lists that email me every day (or bombard me with multiple “coming soon” and “last chance” offerings).

      BUT as soon as I sign up for a summit or webinar with multiple hosts, they’re back — like mosquitoes in the summer and every bit as annoying.

      I guess Marketing Spam is like discussions between partners about clutter — my stuff is valuable, their stuff is junk!

      Rocking chair and knitting needles are looking better and better every day! (too bad I can’t knit, huh?)

      Thanks for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. janetkwest says:

    They are all driving me crazy. Between Google in my inbox to pop up surveys on websites, I want to shoot them all. I just want to read the content unmolested. If only.


  9. Trish says:

    Yes! And who are they aimed at? So many of the static ads remind of the junky stuff you used to see in the back of magazines. If I see one more “trick [they] don’t want you to know” I think I’ll tear my hair out. Also, I DO NOT shop at sites that require me to establish an account before I can even view their content.



      Until enough of us start voting with our wallets, vendors and marketers have no reason to change (and things will get even worse – scary thought, huh?).

      I’m with you on the “trick” thing – but the face products are the ones that make me scream the loudest. Scummy – totally scummy (and shame on Dr. Oz for joining their ranks – he is no longer anyone I respect or follow as a result of his going over to the marketing dark side).

      I am so TIRED of everything being about money in “just business” America – aren’t you?

      Thanks for adding your voice to mine.



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