Ten Products that help me manage LIFE

10 Products that help me manage my bodacious ADD Challenges

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC

A drawing of a woman surrounded by stuff - a rocking horse, a floor lamp, a trunk, a bowl & pitcher, a painting - wearing a hat with a price tag still attached
As I continue to say on these Top-10 Product posts:

Anybody who’s spent much time with very many ADDers knows how attached some of us can get to our stuff.

Regardless of how you might feel about that particular quirk of personality, ya’ gotta’ admit, those of us who are stuff-obsessed know our products!

If you are musing about Christmas Presents Yet To Come, some of the items in this particular listing just might jumpstart your thinking.

Click over to my first list of Top Ten Products for more detail about those, but let me START with a quick review of my second ten here.

Ten MORE Things
I wouldn’t want to have to live without
(click HERE for descriptions & to read why)

  1. My DayTimer™
  2. Those way-cool throw-away Crock-Pot™ Liners
  3. Sham Wows – really, I’m not kidding.
  4. Denture Cleaning Tablets – for things outside the mouth
  5. Three-hole punched Computer Paper
  6. Dr. Scholl’s Work-a-Day™ shoe inserts
  7. Lami insoles for my boots (lambswool kills stinky microbes, still great at absorbing moisture – and you won’t even have to wear socks to keep your feet warm).
  8. Epsom & bath salts – my own cheapie mixture.
  9. Olive Oil (JUMBO-sized CAN, the cheapest you can find) – NO, not for salad, for heaven’s sakes – it’s not for your insides.
  10. My totebag — those of us who like our stuff tend to like to take things on the road!

And NOW for the new list (this time with illustrations!) . . .

10 Products that help me manage my bodacious ADD Challenges

Because time marches on, and my life needs help!
NOBODY is paying me for these suggestions, by the way.
I get ’em the same way you do
and make NO money telling you about them


1starEureka RapidClean ION 2-in-1 Cordless Stick and Handheld Vacuum A cordless vacuum that hits the highlights – easier than sweeping!

EurekeVacFor me, vacuuming is the most hateful task ever — heft, sound and that horrible CORD make me NUTS!

During my recent move, I took a chance on a fairly decent, light-weight cordless with a better-than-average battery life, on sale at SAMS Club.  It NICELY handles 2 out of 3 of my objections to the task.

Dyson’s sound is the least likely to jar the teeth out of your head – even DOGs seem to tolerate it better.  However, I don’t like the product otherwise — it costs much too much for a cleaning tool, IMHO, and is WAY too heavy!  (I’d never get it out for that reason alone)

My cordless would never work for OCDers, but is just fine with me – and probably better for most ADDers who tend to avoid the task for reasons similar to my own.

REALLY – easier than sweeping!  And much more effective.

You can also use it as a hand-held (aka DustBuster™), which I’ve read is great on stairs, AND it comes with crevice tool, charger, and stand for around $69 on Amazon (though retail is higher).


2star 1 DAWN Ultra (2x) — the best product I have found for “soak now/wash later”

Dawn2xSince my current apartment does not have a dishwasher, and washing dishes is one of the most relentless of the treadmill tasks, I tend to leave them to soak in hot water until “morning.”

The first hour I awaken is the time when I’m not really aware enough to notice how boring I find this particular task, so am most likely to do it on auto-pilot.

This is the best product I have found for “soak now/wash later” because it floats the grease up and away rapidly, while the water is hot.

BESIDES I applaud their help cleaning wildlife after oil spills – I vote with my wallet.

BTW- I’ve been told by a fellow dog-wuss that washing your dog in this stuff kills fleas without poisoning the pup – and I plan to try it next summer, after my coming soon Shih Tzu puppy is finally living with me (once I’ve done a bit more research first).

Fellow Shih Tzu fans can jump over to my Pinterest “Shih Tzu Obsessed” Board to see some adorable breeder pictures.

Moving right along to THREE more favs that make the clean-dishes process as painless as possible (still praying for those dish-washing elves that come in during the night, however).


3star_1A plastic dishpan – who wants to reach through cold, greasy water to pull the plug?  NO ONE. This product allows me to tip it and dump.

PlasticDishPanIt also lets me liberate the entire sink quickly, should I need it for something else (or to quickly hide a sink full of dirty dishes, should I ever need to fool a visitor about my [lack of stellar] housekeeping skills)

Buy a size that leaves dumping and rinsing room with your sink and use a shish-ka-bob skewer heated on a stove eye to punch a hole in the rim for hanging out-of-sight when not full of dishes (which is rarely, in my case, but I like to have the choice).

Use a HOTPAD, by the way — the whole darned skewer gets hot, but it will melt a nice neat hole in a plastic dishpan (or plastic anything else) that will slip right over a nail or small-headed screw.  (I’m talking about the BIG thick skewers that those of you with back yards use to bbq – not those metal toothpick things that I also have but have never figured out why)

4star 1 Sponge on a stick – Slightly sensory-defensive in the touch department, I can’t STAND it when my skin is dry. 

sponge on stickWhile this doesn’t exactly prevent dish-pan hands altogether, I don’t HAVE to slather hand cream after I wash a dish either.  (I like to think I’m saving money in the long run!)

I buy on price for this one, btw – and tend to favor the ones that include a spare sponge, since I can seldom find the buggers when I need them later.

By the way – even if yours is the pricier kind that lets you fill the handle with dish washing soap, you might want to skip that part.  I do.  I’ve observed that the darned things LEAK, and I’m not likely to notice until I have to chip away a gooey mess.

If you’re a Fly Lady devotee who’s a member of the spotless-sink-every-day club, this won’t matter so much.  While I support much from this cleaning dervish, I simply can’t get on that particular band wagon. (I’m still working on spotless-CLOTHES-every-day!)

5star Dawn Ultra Platinum – ERASING Dish Foam – a specialty product that goes on the SPONGE, not in the water. Buy once for the pump, then get the refills.

DAWNdirectFoamI promise you, if you wash by hand and you like your dishes squeaky-clean, this product will change your dish-washing life (but keep it out of reach of your loved-ones so they don’t squeeze it in the sink instead of #2 – it’s pricier.)

DO take the time to read the directions at least ONCE – because the less water you use, the better it works.  Too much water and you’ll be back here to comment that I’m an idiot.

ALSO, some of the “thrifty” Bloggers and Pinners swear you can refill the pump with a combo of 2/3 water, 1/3 of the cheaper product – but I’ve never tried it since I am washing for one and have enough on my plate already!

Link below says more about it. (come back and let us know in the comments below if you try it and it works for you)

Frugal Girls’ Foaming Dish Soap Trick


6star 1Costco 3-step aluminum ladder – feather light, no kidding!

step-stoolI’ve seen this baby with a number of private labels, but mine happens to say Costco (though I bought it at Meijers – go figure?)

I would rather have an actual library ladder to reach my top bookshelves, but this gets the job done A LOT cheaper and quicker, as well as being useful in other ways.

Did you catch the fact that it is feather light?  REALLY – I am astounded every time I reach for it, and I have girl arms. (How many times have YOU avoided a task because you just didn’t have it in you to lug a heavy step-ladder?)

HOW light?  I hang it on the back of a door on two 99-cent “tin” over-the-door wreath holders.  Try that with YOUR step ladder!

It’s a breeze to open and close, too — and the top surface is solid as a rock.  The tippy-top (which you cannot stand on) hits me about mid-thigh, so I’m solid as a rock too.

If I could have located the 4-step version, I would probably have gone for that one – but, since I’m tall and have long limbs, this is fine for all tasks but changing the light bulbs that might as well be glued to the high ceilings in my new apartment.  (Once I have time to change the fixtures, this one will be just fine for that task too).

7starCheap metal wreath holders by the dozens – I snap them up at the after-Christmas sales and ANY time I see them at a discount.

wreathHolderYou won’t believe how useful these things can be until you have a few. If you rent (or have a partner who is a maniac about resale value) you really need to stock up too.

I use them to hang ANYTHING over a door at home – even the wreaths they sell them for. They are invaluable when you are changing out your closets, handy in a laundry room – etc. etc. etc.

I always travel with at least three in my carry-on, since hotels never have hooks where I need them.  I use one to hang my make-up traveler over the towel rack (and necklaces on the back of the “front” door).  I keep the traveling ones in my suitcase, the Christmas ones with the Christmas decorations, and hang at least one on every single door in my apartment.

Do NOT bother with the plastic over-the-door hooks they sell for clothing.  They are more expensive, not all doors will close when you use them, and they are prone to “oozing” out of shape and dumping whatever you put on them onto the floor. PLUS, you can bend the top part easily on the metal ones, to snug up to doors of different sizes.

I find most of mine at the Dollar Store, K-Mart, BigLots, etc. — but if you are a Container Store best friend and don’t mind paying more, they have them too.


8star 1Space Bag Vacuum-Seal Storage Bags – as seen on TV!

SpaceBagAs Nicole Miller, a reviewer on Amazon.com said, “You can fill the bags and vacuum all the air out and it will look like.. well, the air has been all vacuumed out and greatly reduced in size, a bit like freeze dried food.”

If you haven’t tried them, you simply MUST.  They come in every size and configuration you can imagine – and I know I’ve tried them ALL, since I’ve moved so many times.

They are notably fragile at the seams, so FIRST put the Space Bag into a box, tote, or suitcase. THEN load the items & vacuum, close the container and lift from there.  This gives you stacking advantage that is otherwise not great, even with the square ones.

“Containerizing” works for me most of the time – but I also have had to pitch a few of the Bags (check back the next day to see if there has been any leakage – they’ll “puff up” if there has been).

I’ve had good luck “saving” a few Bags by covering any small holes with packing tape, inside and out, but you DO have to be careful about seams.  Make SURE you follow the directions about not overfilling.

I am HIGHLY allergic to mildew, and these babies are amazing for that purpose.

Even though I stored things in a climate-controlled storage unit during one move, I had to pay somebody to wash every single thing made of fabric before I could bring it into the apartment — EXCEPT the items that were in Space Bags.

They were a bit musty (which aired out quickly), but there was not so much as a SPOT of mildew on them. That’s what made me a convert.

I’ve used them for at least four moves since, and don’t know how I would have managed without their space-saving advantage.  They don’t do much for “solid” things like jeans or leather jackets.  Save them for the “squishy” items.

  • I do NOT use them to store much once I’m moved – except for socks, comforters and sweaters out of season, slid under the bed, and my large collection of Christmas stockings, most of the year  (I use the kind that come with a canvass surround for these purposes.)
  • I also use the smaller ones when I travel, which easily doubles my packing space. They work relatively well for the return trip by rolling to squeeze out the air, then flattening to pack — as long as you don’t overfill your suitcase to begin with.  (I don’t pop for the more expensive packing kind, by the way.)

Most “container” and big box stores carry them, but I find it cheaper to buy them online – in “sets” with various sizes.  I store them deflated in a plastic tote, so I haven’t bought new ones for some time now.  I truly LOVE them.


9star Left-over Container Carousel with similarly sized containers (except for height)

source: click image

At the risk of sounding like a crazed lifestyle blogger, this handy set has CHANGED my “willingness to put away the left-overs” life!

The Handy Gourmet Swirl Around Organizer is what a similar one is called on Amazon – where I went, hoping to purchase another set of containers.

With my containers, the “corner divots” are in the center of the sides, so I’m still on the hunt.  The containers of this version won’t stack with mine.  Bummer!

I haven’t seen my particular set anywhere since I’ve started looking again, by the way – so be sure to come back and tell me if YOU find it. (I’ll buy yours if you aren’t using them)

I treated myself to two sets many years ago at one of the big box stores, and more than a few of the pieces have since run away from home.  If you decide to purchase this version, get an extra set at the same time.  The time will come when you want it.

In addition to the carousel (which you have to “snap” together – no tools required), this set has the following features:

  • 24 4″ square Food Storage Containers in 3 sizes
  • Dishwasher/Freezer Safe Containers
  • Interchangeable Lids (which also means the containers stack in ‘fridge or freezer)
  • Can Be Stored In 12 Inch Diameter Area

It rotates, of course, but with my version, the whole thing also slides out on its base.  That means I can put it on a shelf in my pantry and still get at it from the top, to easily retrieve or replace the pieces.  I stacked both sets of containers on one carousel, which might not work if you put it in a cupboard.

WELL worth the money!


**AND TEN**My Jiffy Garment Steamer

Jiffy SteamerAs I mentioned at the end of Getting to “Good ENOUGH”

This wonderful product from Jiffy (like they use in many dress shops — over 20 years old and still going s-t-r-o-n-g despite at least ten moves) is why I don’t have to.  It’s a bit pricier than the other products, but your time is worth quite a bit too, right?

ANYWAY, unless I need to press seams during the rare times I sew anymore (which I finally learned is essential for clothing even though it’s optional for other projects), I haven’t ironed much of ANYTHING for over twenty years now.

I probably would not have bought it for myself initially but, fortunately, I didn’t have to.  For Christmas or my [late November] birthday, my wonderful friend Janine gifted me with this industrial grade steamer when we both lived in New York City – but I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase it myself, now that I know how wonderful it is (and WILL if the one I have ever gives up the ghost).

But I only drag it out when something I dearly love can’t be worn in public unless I do.

I no longer BUY things that are likely to wrinkle too badly to be worn as is, and I toss out or donate items of clothing I already own that do (unless I positively ADORE the item in question – like a few of my rarely worn silk blouses).

I usually DO need to steam a few items of clothing ordered over the internet, however, but only when I first take them out of the box.  I also steam things stored out-of-season in those vacuum-out-all-the-air bags and cubes – but I hang them up to see if the wrinkles will slip away by themselves first.

I use my steamer quite a bit to steam curtains and slip covers in place, to reshape squished felt hats, bent lapels on leather jackets, and even as an ad hoc steam cleaner and a DIY humidifier when I have a cold.

WARNING: Steam the BATHROOM, not yourself —
that steam is HOT — it will blister the skin right off your face!

Okay – I’ve shared some of my favorites with you.  Now it is YOUR turn to let me in on your little secrets — down there, in the comments section.  What items help YOU manage?  What would you miss if it were suddenly unavailable?


YOU PLAY TOO: Once you’ve read “About the Top Tens,” (or even if you haven’t!), use the comments section below to keep adding to this list. Make sure you ADD your take on it – don’t simply type “ditto” — and don’t invalidate anyone else’s world view, please. ALSO, don’t get hooked on the “TOP” Ten part – whatever pops into your brain probably qualifies.

As always, if you want notification of new articles in the Top Ten Series – or any new posts on this blog – give your email address to the nice form on the top of the skinny column to the right. (You only have to do this once, so if you’ve already asked for notification about a prior series, you’re covered for this one too). STRICT No Spam Policy

IN ANY CASE, stay tuned.
There’s a lot to know, a lot here already, and a lot more to come – in this Series and in others.
Get it here while it’s still free for the taking.

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7 Responses to Ten Products that help me manage LIFE

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  2. wendy says:

    *I used to use a Day Timer and could not do without it…but now that I don’t work…not so much. However, I could not live without my Google Calendar because my husband and I both add to it and sync to it so we both know what we are doing when.
    *Have never used a Crock-Pot liner…have thought about it, but I just haven’t. Normally my slow cooker doesn’t get that bad. And I hate to have things I just have to throw away….especially plastic.
    * I want to know what you do with Denture Cleaning tablets!
    *Epsom salts….ahhh.
    ***I use coconut oil for everything from deep conditioning my hair to well…a lot of things. 🙂
    Your new list..

    I’d love to have something like your Handheld Vacuum…mix ADD and OCD and you have my husband. Put them in a 725 sq ft duplex and he can’t make up his mind about anything new to bring in….where will we put it? Well honey you decided to get a rug for the living room, I can’t use a dust mop for that!, and I really need to use something on the furniture…the little dust buster thing would be great. And since I got hurt…I can’t even dust mop. He is not good with floors. so he has been researching products. Well the best is still the one we have in Durham. But it’s big. Where will we store it. You know I don’t CARE. This place needs to be cleaned! He is like…if it can’t be deep cleaned perfectly then don’t do it at all. What is up with that?
    and if he gets overwhelmed or depressed…oh it is so much worse.

    *Dawn is great when you get grease on clothes. a great pretreater for that. We usually use all natural dish soap and such…and clothes stuff. but I do keep a small bottle of Dawn around to get grease out of clothes. 🙂

    You’d get a dog from a breeder? I hope you really do your research. Breeders can be awful. I’ll take my mutt any old day. 🙂 I’ve very pro adopt from a shelter kind of gal! But seriously…do your research on the breeder.

    *I used to love my sponge on a stick! My OCD husband hates it. Now since I’m too sick to do much in the kitchen safely, it is gone. at least he has to do the kitchen duties, he makes things so much harder on himself.

    *I just love foamy pump soap. I make my own with watered down regular soap. but not this kind.

    *really like your over the door wreath idea. I have an over the door shoe hanger on the back of our bathroom door, we have NO storage space in there. It’s kid size so it has smaller pockets, it holds all kinds of things. some extra wash clothes, soaps, hair dryer, just stuff…

    *space bags…hubby uses these for things. He stores blankets and things in the attic during the off season…no icky smells. I had a big enought closet before just switched out front to back with winter and summer clothes…now?? I don’t know what I’m going to do. I do a lot of layering so a lot of my summer clothes are used all year. this place really has not closet space, and a lot of my things are getting wrinkled, as hubby now has to dress for work, I’m putting most of my things in a dresser.

    **I think hubby needs a steamer. He won’t iron, and as I said he has to dress for work. But again, he would argue about where to store it. haha

    So what can I not live without?
    My computer.
    and I’m just not to sure right now…..right this moment I think I’m going to have to say a migraine pill. hahaha off to get me one!


    • LOL! (Sorry – your sense of humor about your challenges makes me laugh – but I’m so sorry you have to deal with migraines)

      For Epson Salts, click over to that list – ditto Denture Cleaning Tablets.

      Re: DayTimer – oddly, it is more useful now that I don’t go to an office than when I did. I didn’t have control over my schedule in the office, so all I had to track was when I had to leave it for a meeting – and deadlines.

      At HOME I really *need* it to stay tracked, keep notes (and everything ELSE) in one place, make my backwards to do list so I can tick and tie with undone project pieces – EVERYTHING.

      Now that I can’t find November’s pages, I’m stuck in hyperfocus online and nothing much I need to do in my apartment is getting done. PRESSURE mounting daily.

      If you do go for a steamer, forget the hand-held cheapies – they’re not much better than hanging things in your bathroom and turning on the hot water for steam. (worse, actually).

      The bigger ones like mine ARE a hassle to store, but mine is on wheels so I can put it where I have room. But the closer I keep it to my clothes, the more useful it is. I’m one of the worst with “tiered tasks” – so going to GET the steamer feels like a stopper unless I’m desperate.

      I have researched my breeder, thanks (and others). That’s why I’m flying to Reno for the pup. I’d adopt too but I’m sooooo allergic to all cats and most dogs I have to have papers to make sure I’m getting a dog that won’t keep me from breathing like an asthmatic. I need to KNOW I’m not going to have a reaction. I can’t see living the rest of my life on allergy pills, nor could I ever take a dog BACK. I fall in love too fast.

      I’ve been a Shih Tzu mom since grad school, and all I ever cared about was that they were pure Shih Tzu. A few of mine have had every fault in the book – with made them adorable to me and two werre HUGE for Shih Tzus. Now I really need to investigate pedigrees, etc.

      If he lives as long as Tabi, I have to think of what we both will need for the next 20 years – factoring in aging. I needed a tiny one so he can travel with me on planes. I would NEVER put a dog in cargo and driving everywhere (with my sense of direction?) is NOT a good idea. You REALLY have to be careful with small dog breeders.

      This breeder (Meadowlyn) does genetic testing and is a maniac about puppy care in every way – she breeds for improving the breed – not a mill at ALL. Her application is probably more detailed than it would be if I were adopting a child -lol – she won’t sell to just anybody (which I LIKE, personally). Which reminds me, I need to get that off to her (we did a lot of it over the phone, but still . . .)

      Still working out travel logistics (which are a bit tricky due to some extenuating circumstances), but it will be VERY soon now. I am SO excited.

      I probably need to put “Shih Tzu” on my next list of ten – my life has not been the same since Tab died. They are such FUNNY little dogs – and I need something to make me smile (and get me outside) – this year more than ever. I also train them to kiss me awake me (don’t wake to sound, remember) – which changes my life all by itself!

      My vacuum/dustbuster stores on a little stand & doesn’t take up much room at all. I leave it plugged in a corner of the pantry, hoping I will develop the habit of doing the kitchen floors daily (dream on, right?).

      Gotta’ go back to the organizing and unpacking – this house has to be puppy-proof (and right now it certainly is NOT).

      I’m hoping you are feeling better – and thanks for spending some of the minutes of your life over here.


  3. JM says:

    O.K. I didn’t carefully read your rules about adding to the top ten in the comments section because I’m home sick from work and don’t want to read details.

    My own list would include: smartphone (gmail, calendar, text – no phoning me during the daytime please, and a bunch of other apps);
    GPS – no more getting totally lost, angry, crying, frustrated;
    Moleskine daytimer – everything gets written in it or it doesn’t exist;
    Swiffer duster – quick n’ easy;
    Stick vacuum – quick and easy for picking up my hair and food crumbs;
    my Mountain Equipment Co-op handbag – everything goes in their, my life outside of the house is carried in this bag;
    New Balance runners – Long walks (i.e. de-stressing) would not be possible w/o these runners.
    Travel tea difusser – I need steeped tea at work

    This list is turning into a book! so I’ll stop here. Your list is awesome! It’s great to know what types of items help others make their own lives much smoother and easier.


    • JM – #1 there really ARE no rules here except to be nice, even if you disagree. (NOBODY who reads this blog would follow them anyway lol)

      #2 – “books” welcome here – I happen to adore long posts and hate tweets (and texts – fast touch typist who has no IDEA where the keys are – and one finger or – horrors! – THUMB tapping drives me crazy [er] )

      #3 – THANK YOU. It’s sheer heaven to know I’m not the only one who screams & sobs her way around the country – NO sense of direction. (My GPS is on one of the earlier lists)

      #4 – OMG DayTimer! yes-yes-yes!!! – it fills in as my BRAIN. DT also on an earlier list – as is my TOTE (currently using one from DayTimers that I ordered when I had to replace my binder – they’re red, flexible leather, and match).

      I practically make my students memorize the golden rule of running with ADD: “If it’s not in your book, it’s not in your LIFE!” I spend WAY too much time with tech to put my life in there too! Since most ADDers end up hyperfocusing on the “while I’m at it”s when they go to a device to schedule things, doing it the “slow” way actually turns out to take much less time. It’s a tough sell, but my clients who have taken the coaching have done MUCH better.

      I am currently floundering because I am not organized in my new apt. yet and can’t find my back-up pages — so can’t put November pages in my new soft-cover binder I can take with me. I’m giving up and ordering new pages, I rely on them THAT much.

      Do you blog? If so, we could do a round robin “how I use my DayTimer” couple of posts and link back and forth. I have a “planner” series in draft, but am thinking it would make a better TeleClass, so it’s languishing.

      Speaking of BOOKS – this reply is another one!!

      Love your list – thanks so much for taking the time to share. Hope you’re feeling better.



    • wendy says:

      Yes – GPS! A must for me! funny thing, my hubby who has ADD. will use the GPS when we are going out of town, and a couple of times around town, but then he wants to know how to get his way around where we live now “on his own”. why? OK…so turn the volume off, you can just go but you have back up so you won’t get lost. haha. there are so many times we are out and he will suddenly say, I think we are on the other side of town. We live in a pretty big city now…well big for me. So that was a complete waste of gas, and time! Darling, just turn the GPS on. I know it doesn’t always go the way you want, but darn, use it as a reference.
      But he does have a book. It’s just a notebook, but everything is in that book! So you guys are on the money about that.

      I just don’t do much. 🙂
      However, I do have 2 journals, a blog, and a google calendar. I won’t get lost.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think the most often heard word in my LIFE is “recalculating.” Cincinnati is like Rome – 7 hills – so the streets are a big mess for someone who gets turned around as easily as I do.

        I probably wouldn’t go ANYWHERE these days if I didn’t have it. I live lost – NYC was the only city that EVER made sense to me — because the streets are (primarily) on a grid.

        I know a lot of people who do just fine with the notebook system, however. I am trying to use a notebook until my new pages arrive. It’s not working at all, really – probably because I’ve used the DT system since I was 18 years old.

        I get too distracted – I need a set place in my book to look for set things. I also misplace my notebooks regularly (since my brain doesn’t always tell me what my eyes are seeing). I need a tracker that looks like NOTHING else or life becomes a frustrating scavenger hunt.

        I’m big on journaling too. I JUST bought a new one yesterday (on the way to the polls). When I got mugged and couldn’t write or type for over three months that habit fell apart – and the creeps stole the first really nice journal I ever popped for. This one is not as nice (or as big – OR as pricey), but it will do fine for my 3 Tiny Things gratitude journal.

        I tried setting up a private blog to track for a while – but I ended up blogging or some other computer thing instead of DOING — every single time I went to cross things off or check what I needed to do NEXT. (and then there is my “tech alzheimers” – I go crazy with computer fixing whenever things slow down to a crawl.) DayTimer it is for ME.

        Can YOU do the GPS thing and bury it in your purse or something so he can’t hear it? At least you’d have backup for what you KNOW is going to happen ::evil grin:: — or take your journal with you so you can vent there 🙂

        BACK to work, Madelyn! You have boxes and shelving and tools to move off the floor!!! (or lordy, where?)



And what do YOU think? I'm interested.

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