Monday Grumpy Monday

Monday Grumpy Monday Series headerI don’t wake up this way
but it rarely takes long before something sets me off

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Rants and Ruminations

Maybe it’s something they do to the drinking water at the beginning of each week but, looking “backstage” at the articles in the category above, almost all of them were begun on a Monday. 

I seemed to need a place to vent – and you REALLY wouldn’t want to see those first drafts!!

Although I’ve written about it only a few times, the [non] workings of technology seems to activate my grumpy faster than almost anything else. Not only does the blaze build to a hotter fire, it seems to have been assembled with flash paper.


I almost always have the willingness to attempt to remain accepting and patient with people, especially one on one, but gol-dangit  [replace term with your favorite expletive] I firmly believe that THINGS need to be designed to work!

Ditto, anything on the internet, where my definition of “working” expands.

As much as I appreciate the blogging platform overall, on Mondays I could easily shoot the “geniuses” who believe that periodically and suddenly changing the user interface is a GOOD idea – and that all of their “good ideas” are improvements.

Intermediate messages like their current “beep-beep-boop” do NOT pass for humor in my universe either — especially since testing before launch seems to be a thing of the past, and developers no longer USE the platforms they design (or they’d know better!)


Spammers always make me crazy, of course – but not nearly as crazy as the procedures designed to avoid them.

Odd, isn’t it, that at the same time they force me to decifer squiggles and re-input new passwords to “protect” THEMSELVES from spam, they make sure that my information is captured so that they can inundate me with marketing (regardless of the fact that I consider it spam-squared!)

On Mondays I can’t seem to stop myself from ruminating over why they don’t understand that there is more to our lives than their capitalist imperatives – or perhaps they simply don’t CARE that they are being annoyingly narcissistic?

Herd mentality also gets my dander up – but it seems more likely to flake off into the universe on a Monday.  Why IS that?

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No Solace from the SocialsAnnoyingSorry

Wide-scale apathy will almost always make me furious, and any attempts to explain its underlying “logic” will only make things worse.

On Mondays, however, I’m never ready for what passes as comment-worthy.

Because of their lack of comment moderation and my inability to avert my eyes from the flame wars, I try to avoid the HuffPost most days.

I truly MUST also learn to avoid FaceBook on Mondays, when I am usually more than a little dismayed by the banality of much of what is posted, shared and liked compared to world-impacting issues that are ignored.

How many cute cat pictures and invitations to play a game or “like my page” can I tolerate on Monday? Uh, NONE.

coffee_nice_personWould that it always worked!

A confirmed coffeeholic, a pot or two generally calms me right down on other days.  Why not on Mondays?

Oh, who cares anyway?!

BIG on “riding the horse in the direction it’s going,” I plan to stop fighting by allowing myself to write about it.

So watch for my newest Series: Monday Grumpy Monday.

Any Monday that I’m not too annoyed to type, I have decided to balance my usual focus on gratitude and sharing content by giving my darker side an official home on

Although I refuse to text or tweet, and regular readers already know they can usually count on me for the long post, I’ll do my best to keep my Monday rants brief — around a thousand words, including all the yada-yada-yada that precedes and follows most posts here (always there for those who want it, easy to ignore when you don’t).

I invite you to dump YOUR Monday grumps and gripes
in the comment section below each of them. 

As long as you don’t make individual people wrong, and do your best to avoid the dreaded “should” word, I will approve all comers (link-spammers shot on sight, however).

Hatin’ On Apple & WordPress Today

AND NOW I must prepare myself for yet another trek to the Apple Store for the FOURTH replacement of an iPhone 4S dead-as-a-doorstop – this year.  Finding myself phone-less again is the source of today’s grump.

I hope to be able to return calls and requests for coaching soon (oh, Lord, soon!)

Apple REALLY needs to issue a recall of the latest batch of this model of this phone — thousands like me have found out the hard way.

Do. Not. Buy. It.

NEXT I have to figure out why my link to my FaceBook wall stopped working. 

Does ANYBODY do things well anymore?

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12 Responses to Monday Grumpy Monday

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  4. Enjoyable stuff, I re-designed my site and the rankings plummeted
    Had to add you to my reading list, keep up the good work


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  6. wendy says:

    Yes, the WordPress….BeepBeep…what ever, I’m not amused. this is just silly and it doesn’t work. I shall keep clicking the button to go back to the old way of posting my post. (which I need to do more of…I must say, WordPress is not the only thing not working lately, (hello Wendy’s brain, where are you?) but that is beside the point. I am having buyer’s remorse, I just bought my domain name through WordPress. not sure I should have.

    Facebook, I have found myself on much more than I used to….why I have no idea. I do find many of the cute little things a bit overwhelming, but I find more of the quotes about how a certain group of people are annoying or are deserve your love more because they are related to you, really gets to me. Not all mothers are wonderful people. Not every woman deserves a good man. And the same person does not need to post that status 20 times a day! Frankly, no one needs to post anything 20 times a day! Keep your statuses to at most 2 a day!

    OK, I’ve ranted.
    Why? because you started it!
    did it help? no. but it made me laugh, so maybe a little.
    Do I do this often? I used to, now, I just say…eh….and move on.

    think I’ll take a walk and get away from this technology, maybe when I come back I’ll have a better attitude.

    Oh wait. I hurt my hip. I can’t take a walk. Bummer.
    maybe I’ll limp out on the porch and take a seat. hahaha

    hope the phone works out.

    MGH addendum: I put a bit more “white space” between your paragraphs – untouched otherwise – hoping to make it easier for those who struggle with focus to read them.


    • Thanks re: phone. It has been frustrating and pervasive, and people have stopped believing me – focused primarily on their own frustration when they can’t reach me.

      Like you, I’m not sure whether having a place to “vent” helps or not – but I do know that attempting to push down my frustration only serves to prolong it. I feel much more balanced today – possibly as a result of preparing NEXT weeks rant yesterday ::evil grin::

      Sorry to hear about your hip – hope you heal quickly and get back to those stress-relieving walks ASAP. Apparently, science has recently “proven” what the rest of us have always observed — that time in nature is important to our sense of balace.

      Thanks for taking the time to ring in here. Since I live for dialogue, it is difficult for me to soldier on in comment wilderness.

      For what it’s worth – the things that make you crazy do the same to me. TODAY, it seems easier to “eh” and move on, however, whatever the reason. I really am grumpiest on Mondays.


  7. janetkwest says:

    ohmygoodness. I’m right there with you and on all days ending in Y. I like the user friendly WordPress app but it is missing components i like, but then I am quite picky. And don’t get me started on Facebook. I’ve been avoiding it for the last few months.


    • lol re: “Y”

      My biggest problem is what seems from here to be WPs skewed priorities. They hire somebody for “happiness with broken” vs. a TESTING panel to make sure it isn’t.

      THAT, and the fact that we get no notice of upcoming changes that would allow us to PLAN – so we end up scrambling to keep things going.

      The writers are quite unhappy with the missing features (odd, isn’t it, that everyone who blogs is *not* a writer, but you and I know that many are not – and developers CERTAINLY are not, since both take a great deal of time.)

      I can’t remain focused through the italics problem in what they taut as the “improved” editor – WYSIWYG is generally lousy, but “backwards” italics is nuts. They’ve been notified about it many times, but it still hasn’t made it to the top of their list. Have they even LOOKED at the issue? It would seem not.

      ANYWAY, I am struggling to get beyond the grumps and need to go do battle with Apple – AGAIN (and buy a different phone if they send me home with a 4th of the same model – grrrrr) – so I’ve gotta’ get off the ‘net.

      Thanks for ringing in.


      • janetkwest says:

        Currently I go in through the Dashboard and view or add posts there. It’s still the classic view..for now.


        • I do a version of the same – and can’t see myself EVER liking the new editor, however.

          It seems with each “improvement” that, just at the point where the WordPress development team works out *most* the bugs and incorporates *most* of the features many of us rely on, some “genius” gets a NEW new idea and we’re off to the races again.

          Forever abandoning the old in favor of the new and “improved” (or so they always seem to say when they launch prematurely). I guess our “payment” for this platform is serving as an unpaid beta testing team, huh?

          Although they do a lot of things really well, it’s the bubble under plastic dynamic that makes it SO frustrating to use the WordPress platform — especially since it is foisted upon us suddenly and without warning.

          I AM grateful for the “old editor” option – I hope it remains in place (at least long enough for me to find the time to locate or develop a better option!)

          BUT all may soon be moot – if I continue to feel the same way I felt yesterday, when I drafted *next* week’s Monday Grump.

          Appreciate your willingness to dialogue, more than I can say.
          xx, mgh


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