New title sells books – sells OUT lives

AD(H)D does NOT exist?
Give me a BREAK!

©Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, ADD Coach Training Field Founder;
ADD Coaching co-founder; ADD Poster Girl

NotAgainBookHere we go again!

This might turn out to be another of the “shortest articles I’ve ever written.”

Shoot — it might be one of the ONLY short articles I’ve ever written (the list of “related articles” of outrage may well be longer!)

In this instance, it will be a cinch to be brief, since there’s not much to say about this utter nonsense — books on this fallacious point of view seem to crawl out of the woodwork about every seventeen years – like locusts!

And just as big a nuisance.

While more than disheartening, it is no real surprise to see that ANOTHER New York Times best-selling-author-wannabe has decided to make a fortune pandering to soundbite-mongers with a new book brandishing an incredulous title – a book with a cover that looks suspiciously like the one above (albeit with different words).

It’s yet another of the opinion-presented-as-fact books written by unthinking MDs who make the incendiary, controversial and condescending claim that ADHD does not exist.

The sound-bite press will make sure it will make headlines, no doubt, despite the reality that hundreds of expert MDs, scientists, geneticists and respected health organizations can site HUNDREDS of studies to back up their extremely credible and well-respected claims that it most certainly DOES TOO!

Will this NEVER stop?

So how many HUNDREDS MORE children are now going to be left to flounder until they are failing as ADDults because their parents will take this rubbish seriously?

How many HUNDREDS more ADDults will not be able to receive the help they need because their non-expert doctors will believe the popular press around this blather?

How many government officials will read this prattle and ring in to make it even MORE difficult for those of us who rely on medication to remain medicated?

This book takes a RIDICULOUS stance!

Let’s engage our brains for a moment. 

It is as over-reaching to say that no one has ADD/ADHD as it would be to say that EVERYONE does — or, actually, to say that ALL of those with ADD “as we define it today” are suffering from something else.

Which IS what he is saying, by the way.  His exact text is:

“In my view, not a single individual—not even the person who finds it close to impossible to pay attention or sit still—is afflicted by the disorder called ADHD as we define it today.” (Did you notice the escape clause amid the hyperboles?)

We do agree on one thing:

About the only thing this doctor-who-really-seems-to-want-to-be-a-celebrity-book-author and I can agree upon is the following point from his book:

“You may notice that there is something striking about the way we define this “illness”—that is, by its symptoms, rather than its cause.

If we were to define a heart attack by the chest pain one feels while undergoing one, then the appropriate cure would be painkillers, rather than ways of actually reviving and repairing the heart. Other examples are easy to find: Nasal congestion can be a symptom of a cold, allergy, or many other conditions, but a runny nose is not a diagnosis.”

A MUCH better read: science-based & brain-based

Another clinician – a neuroscience consultant, child and adult psychiatrist – has been making the  statement immediately above for YEARS now. Yet he comes to a MUCH more sensible conclusion – on his blog, in his podcasts, and in his books.

GO CHECK OUT the blog of somebody who actually KNOWs about Attentional Disorders and dysregulation: Dr. Charles Parker’s CorePsych blog(Linked again in the Related Content Below.)

We must . . . do all we can to take care when we make this diagnosis and offer treatment.

But we must not do what Alan Sroufe did and inflame the debate through reductive rhetoric, or do what Dr. Saul’s title suggests and walk away from the condition as if it were not there. ~ Dr. Edward Hallowell *

* Lifelong ADD Expert MD who says ADD DOES exist!” (is anybody scrambling to make a headline out of THAT?!)

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IN ANY CASE, stay tuned. REGARDLESS of the opinion of a few non-expert doctors writing books, there’s a lot to know — and  a lot here already, with a lot more to come. Get it here where it’s free for the taking.

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9 Responses to New title sells books – sells OUT lives

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  4. Glen Hogard says:

    You took the thoughts right out of my head, Madelyn.

    But then I “did” take tests that measured my trace minerals, nutrients and any levels of toxic lead, mercury etc., blood, saliva, urine, and from that, transformed an 18 year medication treatment failure into a success.

    Also, my health is better than it was 20 years ago due to dietary corrections and fixing the holes in my biological map. That was the only “side effect” of “measuring what is measurable” and acting accordingly.

    Current practice works for many but checking my biological markers was the key to unlocking the metabolic secret locked inside my body that made ADHD medical treatment a success. It’s difficult to treat at the margins.

    But now that we are finding ways to actually measure some important contributing factors (the body and metabolism) in ADHD treatment, it is not the time to deny it’s existence, and make a cheap buck. It’s time to train more doctors!

    I plan on posting the before and after tests results on a new website soon so people can see the lab results that parallel my internal cognitive improvements.


    • Hey Glen! THANKS for this great comment. You are SO right – it’s time to train more doctors!!! And retire a few — and SPANK some editors, publishers and journalists.

      I truly DESPISE stunts like this book and all who fan that noxious flame.
      Sooooooo harmful! LIVES are at stake here.

      See you in Phoenix. MUST run – love you, miss you.


    • Hi Glen,

      If you are OK with it, please identify the names of the medical (health related) tests you are using to up-level your brain and body health. But I am especially interested in any assessments you may use for your “internal cognitive improvements,” and whether or not they are self administered.

      As a fellow ADD/ADHD coach, and one who is training fellow software engineers and other IT professionals to improve their performance, reduce their distractibility, and improve what the work environment may call “multi-tasking,” I am expected to reliably prove positive results.

      My request, if this works for you, is to have some other individual independently provide your cognitive assessment(s) using pre-existing and commonly used (whether you approve of the actual quality of the tool or not) assessment(s).

      In this way, you will not have any accidental bias in the results and will be able to use it as a great example with your clients and elsewhere. Further, it will stand on its own, even if only anecdotal, as a beautiful example of one person’s credible commitment to, and personal improvement of, their own ADD/ADHD.

      But any way you do it, assessments or not, I commend your strength of commitment and public declaration to improve your situation beyond just “taking a pill.” You are one of the reasons coaching works. A coach must be an example of the clarity and commitment they show their clients. You are a shining example of that.

      Thank you!
      Steve Kohlenberger
      Strategies 2 Succeed and ADHD coach
      A proud graduate from the ASCT school


      • Thanks for reading and commenting, Steve. Pass it on, okay?

        Until Glen sees the need to respond, I can tell you the following:
        For his recovery, Glen worked with Dr. Charles Parker (CorePsych – linked above in article). This is cp’s strength, btw. Glen is only ONE of his success stories.(cp’s book, link==> “New ADHD Medication Rules“, outlines a great deal of what you seek – short, not expensive, available thru his site and on Amazon – and supported by a great many articles and videos on his site and YouTube).

        READERS: comment to which Steve refers is from THE Glen Hogard of ACO’s “Glen Hogard Award” — trained thru my ACT training at OFI, served as OFI’s Dean of Students for a bit, & very successful ADD Coach today (despite having to push through and work around bodacious former cognitive and meds challenges for the many years he was building his practice). Glen is also an ACO founder.
        Click HERE for more on ACO – ADD Coaches Organization


        • Yes, Dr. Charles Parker’s most recent book is a great resources. I read it in one sitting as soon as it came out.

          In my opinion, he has the one clear voice that spoke to me saying that when a re-uptake inhibitor medication does not seem to work (for the minority of the population), it’s almost always because there is not enough of the neurotransmitter available for the drug to operate on. The solution is usually simple. Eat enough of the right things to supply the brain and body what it needs to create them.

          Many doctors don’t think that far ahead and troubleshoot the basic biochemistry. But Dr. Charles Parker has done us all a great service. I have since studied the nutraceutical aspects of the brain much more.

          Warm Regards,
          Steve Kohlenberger


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