November Summit on Gluten Sensitivity – No Charge!

Could it Change your LIFE?

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What’s eating you just might be what you’re eating!

no-gluten-symbolDr. Charles Parker (The New ADHD Medication Rules) just sent me an email with a link — to make sure I didn’t miss the chance to learn what experts working in the field have to say about gluten sensitivity.

Apparently there’s an amazing Summit of experts in
gluten-related research willing to spill their guts
– November 11 through November 17 –
online, thanks to the wonders of the internet!
(registration link below)

 I decided to post the registration information here on so that you have a chance to find out what all the shoutin’s about concerning gluten sensitivity right along with me.

Gluten, for those of you who are unclear, is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.

WHAT? Give up grains! Are you NUTS?!!

I know – it sounds crazy, right? Isn’t bread supposed to be the staff of life?

Yet I’ve heard a lot about the increasing number of problems doctors in-the-know are finding that have been traced back to gluten sensitivities.  Some of these include life-long health issues that cleared right up when gluten was eliminated from the diet of those who were suffering.

At a recent conference, I also heard some amazing stories from colleagues who’ve gone gluten-free — and they looked GREAT, btw! (which means younger and thinner, with clear eyes and glowing complexions, to name four)

Still . . . give up grains? 

  • No toast – cereal, cakes, cookies?  Can one even live without pasta?!!
  • Maybe this idea is a bit extreme – perhaps another wonder-diet of the moment?

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