What IS Time?

FlameChallengeTimeThe Concept of TIME

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
2013 World Science Festival’s Flame Challenge Video

“As far as we can tell, time is a subjective experience, 
and timekeeping was just invented
to keep people from missing trains.”
~ Jonathan Strickland

ADDers everywhere are dancing in the streets! 

It turns out that we have been right about time all along – it doesn’t really exist.
Universal Time, Standard Time, clock synchronization – it’s ALL an illusion!

No wonder we’ve always had such a tough time with with the concept.

What time do YOU have?

As I said in my “light-hearted introduction” to
So-Much-More about Time™ —

For over a quarter of a century now, I have been fascinated with anything related to the topic of the awareness of the passage of time.

My secret fascination with the mechanics of time’s awareness began long before I first learned that I seem to be one who was born without that internal tic-tic-tock with which most people DO seem to have been equipped as part of the standard package.

I first began to wonder how anybody managed to
keep track of time when I was a very young child.

  • I had no idea there was such a thing as an
    inner time-sense until I was diagnosed with ADD.
  • I was 38 years old.

Does ANYBODY get it?

Does anybody even know what time IS?

I mean, when we are attempting to discuss TIME as a topic, are we talking about

  • the concept of time,
  • the perception of time,
  • the mechanics and relative synchronization of internal time cues

— or something else entirely?

How we need to focus our thoughts about time changes with area of impact. Yet, we rarely attempt to define what we’re talking about before we begin to explore the subject.

We tend to talk about TIME as if it were a thing. And it isn’t.

The Scientists Ring In

As it turns out, science itself has been pretty fascinated by the topic of how to define time as well. They’ve done more than a little bit of research on it, even though they seem to have a great deal of difficulty explaining it in terms that most of the rest of us can understand or relate to.  

SO – the goal of the 2013 Flame Challenge was to explain the topic of TIME in terms an eleven-year-old could understand.  (In case you’re wondering, the contest is judged by KIDS.)

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So What’s Up with this TIME thing?

You may or may not have an internal time sense, but I’ll bet you don’t have a much of a clue how it works. Don’t feel alone in that, by the way.  Science is still trying to figure that out as well. So am I.

sand_timer_sEven though a contest winner or two might be able to explain the concept relatively simply, it’s ironic how complex the process of working within time’s boundaries really is.  Yet most of us can DO it!

Those of us with Executive Functioning Disorders (like ADD, for example) don’t tend to fall within the purview of that “most,” however.
I certainly don’t.

In my life-long search for answers, I’ve learned we do know a few things about how the so-called “neurotypical” brain tracks time’s passage and passes that information to our conscious awareness, which I’m going to share with anyone else who’s curious enough to read my articles.

  • In some of the articles in my So-Much-More about Time™ Series, I’ll share some of the implications of a kludgy sense of internal time-tracking that I have learned in the ADD trenches.
  • I’ll also let you in on a few of the strategies my clients and I use to work within other people’s perceptions of time’s boundaries.  So stay tuned.

MEANWHILE, let’s take a look at what some scientists have to say about it.

Time_FliesDuring The Flame Challenge segment of this year’s World Science Festival in New York City, scientists from various fields and around the world attempted to explain this year’s topic: TIME.

The segment was introduced and hosted by hosted by science lover and Flame Challenge creator, actor Alan Alda (well-known from MASH) — beginning with a video explanation of why the contest itself is called “The Flame Challenge”

In the video linked below, take a look at how three scientists, Lawrence Rosenblum, Alexandra Horowitz, and Max Tegmark, attempt to explain a few things about time while they are being timed.

Three Ways to Look at the Topic of Time

  • Why time seems faster or slower depending on how old we are

Perceptual Psychologist Lawrence Rosenblum attempts to explain why time flies when we’re interested and engaged, but slows to a crawl when we’re bored.  In a requested “overtime” couple of minutes, he offers a few age-related tips to “speed things up” or “slow things down.”

  • How dogs and animals relate to time

Alexandra Horowitz, noted animal cognition researcher and author of Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know, delivers an on-the-money 10-minute talk enlightening us on her research toward a theory of what time could be like for dogs – at about minute 24.

  • How gravity and speed change the perception of time

Physicist Max Tegmark tackles an explanation of what Einstein figured out about time — with the help of three kids who take a journey across the universe (complete with caps donated by NASA).

Earlier this summer, the 2013 Flame Challenge was streamed live around the world.
If you missed it then, it’s not too late to catch it now.

Click the image below to open a new window/tab where you can watch the ENTIRE Flame Challenge segment on video.  (it says “event ended” at the top of the landing page – the video itself is further down and works fine!)


Toward the end is some wonderful footage on the judging process through a session of one panel of some unbelievably sophisticated fifth-graders with an amazingly understanding and positive come-from toward the scientists attempting this difficult challenge.


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IN ANY CASE, stay tuned.
There’s a lot to know, a lot here already, and a lot more to come – in this Series and in others.
Get it here while it’s still free for the taking.

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