Halloween & Global ADD-Awareness MONTH in October

globe2_100Let’s Kick ADD Awareness
into HIGH Gear

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CMC, SCAC, MCC
Another of the What Kind of World do YOU Want? Series

Unwrap the Facts: ADD/HD Can Affect ANYONE – ANY age

Cute graphic of a figure costumed as wrapped mummy ©Phillip Martin - artist/educator

The theme of this year’s ADDvocacy efforts is “The Many Faces of ADHD.”

As Canadian ADD Coach and ADDvocate Pete Quilly reminds everyone:

and if THATdoesn’t break your heart,
Click HERE for Heartbreaking New York Times article

  • There are many problems with ADD/ADHD but also many advantages of ADD/ADHD if properly managed (which REQUIRES understanding it properly, IMHO.)

THAT’s why raising awareness of ADD/ADHD is so important!!!

calendar-2013-octoberADD Awareness MONTH?!

In 2013, the “official” (and long-standing)
ADD-ADHD Awareness Week is
Sunday, October 13th thru Saturday, October 19th.

Canadian ADHD Awareness Week is October 14th to 20th 2013.

  • But when have ADDers ever limited themselves to
    “inside the box” actions and activities?
  • We’re taking the whole MONTH!

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