MORE Top Ten Products I wouldn’t want to live without

TEN MORE of my Favorite Things

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC

A drawing of a woman surrounded by stuff - a rocking horse, a floor lamp, a trunk, a bowl & pitcher, a painting - wearing a hat with a price tag still attached
Anybody who’s spent much time with very many ADDers knows how attached some of us can get to our stuff. Regardless of how you might feel about that particular quirk of personality, ya’ gotta’ admit, those of us who are stuff-obsessed know our products!

10 Faithful Favs I Wouldn’t Want to Have to Live Without

Jump over to my first list of Top Ten Products for more detail,
but let me START with a quick review of my first ten here.

Ten Favs I Can’t Forget

  1. Lotion-impregnated tissues (aka Kleenex™ or Puffs™)
  2. Stickies in several sizes, lined and unlined (aka Post-Its™)
  3. My battery-operated Casio watch — the ONLY one with its countdown timer function
  4. Thumb-drives-on-a-cord you can wear like a necklace
  5. HUGE jingle bells I can attach to things I need to keep track of (most notably, keys!)
  6. Coffee Shrine stuff: Melita system, #6 filters, thermal carafe & Bustello.
  7. My Eat-Easy favs: microwave, toaster oven, several sizes of crockpots
  8. Black Leggings one of the few things in life that are actually fast, cheap and good!
  9. Scrubbing Bubbles– use ’em on anything
  10. My Garmin nüvi GPS!!!!  

And NOW for the new list
(time marches on, and my life needs help!)

1starMy DayTimer™ – Listed as a #11 cheat on my former List of Ten, I’m giving it the spot of honor here on List #2.

I suppose other brands would work as well, but I’ve been a DayTimer™ convert since introduced to it by an employer during my college days, so I truly can’t imagine why I’d want to switch decades later!

If you have not discovered the magic of a paper-based tracker, you really need to take the time to teach yourself to use one.

I keep my Backwards To-Do Lists there and use it to help me with marathon life-planning sessions. The few times I’ve spaced out ordering my refills in time my life fell apart until they arrived.

The electronic versions are not nearly as reliable or straight-forward, and anything on a computer is likely to leave me at the effect of “while-I’m-at-it” hyperfocus for HOURS.

2star 1Those way-cool throw-away Crock-Pot™ Liners so you don’t have to scrub the crock – the only downside to those marvels of “fix-it-and-forget-it-’til-you’re-hungry” foods.

Do 10 Hail Mary’s for the planet, but these things save HOURS of soaking and scrubbing.

3star_1Sham Wows – really, I’m not kidding – like from the tacky TV commercials.

Throw ’em in the washing machine (but do NOT dry – heat assassinates them) — saves a forest’s worth of paper towels (more than penance for #2).

I once absorbed almost a PINT of latex paint spilled on a rug (not my oops, I have to say) by laying these babies down and squeezing them out.  Ready for their next challenge after a quick wash. Try THAT with paper towels!

I only wish I had MORE at the time, so that the entire process would have gone much faster.  (The rug, by the way, shows NO signs of of its brush with death!)

I just wish they’d give up on the ugly orange and blue that they come in — even WHITE would be an upgrade I’d eagerly embrace.

4star 1Denture Cleaning Tablets – I buy them whenever they are on sale because they are positively amazing on stained porcelain.

A few dissolved in hot water in (otherwise clean) bathtubs or sinks, left to sit for an hour, then drained, and yellowed and dingy turns to sparkling like magic.  GREAT for renters, especially if the landlord used one of those porcelain refinishing techniques (that stain in a heartbeat).

For toilets, toss in a few and let them sit until the next time you need to use it.  Then swish with a toilet-bowl brush, flush, swish and flush again and marvel at how many stains are now history.

Google “odd uses for denture cleaning tablets to find out a hundred other things these puppies will clean.

5starThree-hole punched Computer Paper – Seriously, like I need to add another tier to that file-in-your-notebook task when I can buy reams of the stuff already punched FOR me!?

(I learned the hard way that I need to book the pages a direct flight into their little three-ringed homes — NO layovers in a massive to-do pile for that later that never comes!!)

6star 1Dr. Scholl’s Work-a-Day™ shoe inserts – They won’t work for heels, but if you have to be on your feet all day, even in comfortable shoes otherwise, these are a miracle.

Especially if you have to be on your feet on hardwood, concrete or slate floors, they will save your arches, your back and your disposition. (If  you WORK on your feet, buy the men’s and cut to size, ladies).

ONLY the Work-a-Day™, btw – the others pale by comparison.

7starLami insoles for my boots (lambswool kills stinky microbes, still great at absorbing moisture – and you won’t even have to wear socks to keep your feet warm).

This brand is pricy but the best, and worth it for the cushey-ness factor.

Whenever you think of it (or when they seem a bit tired), brush ’em with the smallest size gentlest slicker brush (like for a Shih Tzu puppy), and wash in cool water, blot and dry whenever they look dirty, and the inserts will last for YEARS, which I can’t say for #6.

REALLY – they are even recommended by docs for diabetics (and you know how careful they have to be with their feet).

8star 1Epsom & bath salts – my own cheapie mixture. I haven’t showered in YEARS – I’m with Cleopatra on the bath thing

PLUS, sore muscles don’t stand a CHANCE after a soak in Epsom Salts.  Great for your entire being.

Secret #1: buy cheap Dollar Store bath salts and mix half and half with straight, cheap Epsom Salts in a big container with a tight-fitting lid; use a flour scoop to toss in the tub (pure Epsom Salts will turn your skin to leather if you do this daily, as I do)

Secret #2: As soon as you get out, spray the tub with Scrubbing Bubbles – jump into a terry cloth robe – turn the shower on the tub, and you will never have to scrub the darned thing AGAIN!

Secret #3: See fav #9 – do it while you are still damp (in that case, use a towel to “blot” only enough to keep from dripping, slather up, THEN put on the robe long enough to keep you from freezing until you get into to the rest of the get-up)

9starOlive Oil (JUMBO-sized CAN, the cheapest you can find) – NO, not for salad, for heaven’s sakes – it’s not for your insides.

Slather it on your BODY before bed once in a while (hands and feet too), wear pjs, white socks and white cotton gloves, and your entire body will be softer than a baby’s butt when you wake up — for mere pennies (also great for “mature” hair once in a while – if you don’t mind sleeping in a shower cap or washing all the bedding the next morning – btw, wash hair on awakening)

It’s a little odd smelling, but a small price to pay for eternal youth, right?

Um, do I have to add not to leave it on your FACE all night unless you are as dry as the Sahara and have NO pores to clog?

**AND TEN** My totebag!

Those of us who like our stuff tend to like to take things on the road!

After living in no-cars, shlep-it-with-you NYC for 20 years, I’ll never get used to keeping everything in my van. (Besides, it balances my gigantic purse so I don’t end up with scoliosis)


YOU PLAY TOO: Once you’ve read “About the Top Tens,” (or even if you haven’t!), use the comments section below to keep adding to this list. Make sure you ADD your take on it – don’t simply type “ditto” — and don’t invalidate anyone else’s world view, please. ALSO, don’t get hooked on the “TOP” Ten part – whatever pops into your brain probably qualifies.

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12 Responses to MORE Top Ten Products I wouldn’t want to live without

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  3. Chapstick™
    in all my pockets and bags & on my desk. Can’t live without the stuff, and only that brand will do.


  4. Ann Miller says:

    My TOP product is my cell phone (Android) and syncing with the cloud. I’ve fallen into the Google trap and I love the convenience. I do not leave the window at the doctor’s office without putting the appointment in my phone…to the point that if I don’t have it, I won’t schedule an appointment. Then it is synced to all of my other devices with automated reminders, which is kind of funny if I’m sitting at my computer with my iPad and phone nearby as they all ping at me at the same time.

    Madelyn, thanks for pinging back to my site. I haven’t figured out how to do that or I’d do the same. I recommend your site to everyone with ADD who wants to understand it better. Honestly, I know I’m the coach today because of the level of knowledge you and Peggy shared with me and your total enthusiasm and passion for the subject.


    • #1 – thank you SO much for the endorsement of our contribution to your “education” and your career, Ann — even though BOTH of us know that it was YOUR work that made it happen (and that you brought A LOT to the party to begin with).

      #2 – For someone who ALMOST ALWAYS stands in your tech-shadow, I’m thrilled to bits that I know how to do something you do not. The ping happens when you link to another’s site (like I do with related content). THEN, signed in to your own site administratively, you click that link.




  5. Constance Taylor says:

    Thanks for the key tip. I loss them often and never thought of putting jingle bells on them.


    • A strategy born of desperation, Constance. It was either that or risk being strangled by the world’s ugliest necklace (which almost happened several times when I used to hang them around my neck!)

      AND, if you are like me, it sure helps to ratlle clothing and listen vs. searching through every coat and jacket pocket where you MIGHT have left them — not to mention rattling my HUGE black hole of a purse for some idea of where they might be hiding vs removing all contents and risking losing something ELSE! (WHY do they always make the linings of the great bags BLACK? Designed by men, no doubt — I’d hate to think that any WOMAN would be so dumb!)

      But the BEST thing belling the keys does for me is attract my attention when I ADD-out and set them down without NO attention on what I’ve done.

      But there IS a down-side — the guys at my library always say, “Here comes Santa Claus” as I walk through the door!



  6. P.S. I’ve just spotted that they were supposed to be products…ah well – one is a product 🙂 xx


  7. I have just learned a whole heap of new uses for things, and need to dash out to see if I can get hold of them in NZ…and am puzzled by others such as Scrubbing Bubbles and Sham Wows…I can guess what they are, but if I walked into a shop into Auckland and asked for them I suspect raised eyebrows would be the result 🙂

    So, some things I would not be without (no particular order):

    – Nivea creme (comes in a little blue screw-top tub). I have this thing where I can’t bear my hands to feel dry, and end up constantly licking my fingers (not a good look in, for example, meetings). This handcream does the trick like no other, and seems to last for hours. I just have tubs dotted in drawers, my computer bag, cycle panniers, and the car dashboard…sorted! 🙂

    – Reading material…a must. It can be paper-based or digital, and I will read pretty much anything. When my other half and I went cycling around Europe, he would grumble that I didn’t carry half as much gear as he did because my panniers were stuffed with books (and handcream!! ;-p)

    – My iPod…when I can’t read (for example, while driving or out running) podcasts have opened my horizons. Love them. I am positively bereft if I forget to re-charge my iPod, or run out of podcasts to listen to.

    – Pockets…to store stuff. I don’t like to carry a handbag (but love my backpack), so when I am out and about I am usually clutching keys, wallet and phone – so pockets are my friend.

    – Small pair of scissors…to help me cut the labels out of clothing. O boy – I am sure that whoever designed labels had taken a course in ‘how to torture people to the point of despair’. The itch set up by a label in an item of clothing can get me frothing at the mouth, and scratching like a dog with fleas, so my trusty scissors come with me on all my trips.

    There are heaps more things, but I really should get prepped for my next meeting (this looked way more fun, and I haven’t been in touch for ages Madelyn…sorry).

    Hazel xx


    • @ Hazel Owen

      #1 – The universe is PERFECT – no apologies needed (on either side, I trust). If you HAD been in touch sooner, you would have learned that *I* was out of touch and would be for ten weeks (JUST back and playing catch-up as quickly as humane-ly possible)

      We MIGHT be twins separated at birth (with ONE of us severely premature) – other than the iPod (which is “on my list”), and the fact that I MUCH prefer to read on paper – your list could BE my next list of must haves – except you are much kinder than I about the fact that many designers omit pockets in woman’s clothing.

      Even though I ALWAYS carry a handbag practically big enough to hide a toaster oven, if I don’t have pockets, I seem to lose things all over my HOUSE — and things in my bag get disorganized when I can’t put them in pockets “for now.”

      I think we need to sentence the “no-pocket” designers to a LIFE of no pockets and see how well THEY do!!. There is more to life than looking three pounds thinner! I’m also with you on label torture – should we sentence THOSE guys to a life of terminally itchy labels they CANNOT remove?

      I LOVE the “oily” Nivea I keep near my bathtub – can’t STAND dry hands, dry feet or dry legs — ANY dry skin, actually. But I haven’t run across the creme that might travel with me. I’ll keep an eye out. (see how helpful sharing tips can be?!)

      Scrubbing Bubbles™ is a bathroom cleaning product – at least that’s what it is supposed to be. I use it on EVERYTHING (and they are now coming out with “specialized” Scrubbing Bubbles that are probably the same thing with a different smell.

      On the label of what USED to be named “Dow Bathroom Cleaner” or something similar, attempting to brand it for Dow Chemicals, is an anthropormorphised cartoon drawing of a a self-satisfied scrub-brush surrounded by a bunch of bubbles (which has also been featured in their TV commercials forever). When everyone seemed to keep asking for “Scrubbing Bubbles,” Dow gave in and changed the name. (can you tell I was an “early adapter” — which is why I REALLY hate the new cap — I know how easy it USED to be to use the darned things)
      Sham Wows are practically a joke with most people here in the US — sold by a TV infomercial that is truly annoying and made fun of by practically everyone. They are a horrid loud shade of orange (and the blue is not much better) with a chamois-like texture, stamped all OVER with the name of the product in black “Sham Wow”.

      THEY DO WORK as advertised, however, and I am always on the look-out for a sale – I line ‘fridge drawers with them, “skate” on some to clean my kitchen floors, once soaked up almost a PINT of latex paint spilled on a rug and got it ALL out. Wring them out at night, and they are t-totally DRY by morning.

      You may be able to find them online (but I hope I haven’t oversold them). Think paper towel replacement, NOT sponge replacement. They DO beat sponges in that, neatly folded, they take MUCH less room to store & don’t get smelly and germ-filled, since you can wash them easily and they dry so quickly.



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