When the Going Gets TOUGH

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Inspiration to Live On

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
Part of the What Kind of World do YOU Want? series

I heard today from “N” — a long-ago client who has since become a close friend, colleague, and confidant.

She was not in a good place

She has been close enough to see the woman behind the STAND that I have taken for my life.

She has been close enough for long enough to have seen repeatedly that my life has been more difficult in many ways than many of you could ever imagine.

She knows I’ve been exactly where she is today, so she called to ask a single question, even though she phrased it many different ways:

  • How do you DO it?  How do you ‘keep the faith’ that you’re on your pathway?  
  • How do you manage to return mean words kindly? (or to continue to do all you do in those times when all people seem to see is what you DON’T do?)
  • How do you keep on keeping on, when you are ready to chuck it ALL?
  • I can’t DO it anymore? Please talk me down off the ledge.

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