Plowing through the Paper Piles

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Quick Thought of the Day

from Maria Gracia

If you are not already a subscriber to Maria Gracia’s excellent Get Organized Now newsletter, you’re missing out on a great resource. 

Her most recent “special” issue contained a great article with tips that just might help more than a few of us who are drowning in paper. It also contained some nifty tips from readers that I’m not sharing – you have to get your OWN subscription if this taste test suits your palate!  (It’s a free resource, by the way )

Seriously, if you are “organizationally impaired” and haven’t already stumbled across Maria’s website, RUN to sign up – you’ll thank me for that tip many times.  In addition to her free newsletter, she also has some nifty organizing systems for sale on her site.  (Disclosure:  NO hidden agenda — I don’t make a penny for sharing this with you. I don’t even know the woman, except as a subscriber.)

Consider this a sort-of “reblog”

Those of you who have been following closely already know that, after one test of WordPress’s “reblog” feature (inflicted on all of you – sorry!), I decided not to use it ever again. 

I didn’t find their formatting particularly ADD-friendly. Those of you who struggle with reading would be likely to run away screaming, but I still run into content that I want to be able to share. Hmmmmmmm . . .

I decided to work around around the feature (not a bug?) from here on out. Respecting the spirit, if not the letter of reblogging’s intent, cutting, pasting, formatting, attributing and linking is my ADD work-around.

Enjoy her article!

Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CMC, MCC, SCAC

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