When you are NEW to ADD

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Whad’ya mean NEW to ADD?

GOOD question!

Here are some possible answers:

  • Diagnosed [dx’d] in the last three months
  • Dx’d in the last YEAR, but still struggling and don’t really understand WHY
  • Dx’d EVER, but suspect you are still “under-functioning” and don’t know what else to do
  • Your CHILD fits in either of the three categories above
  • You SUSPECT ADD – in yourself or a loved one – and are wondering if you need to explore diagnosis – no matter HOW you feel about the meds issue

NEW means new to ANY of “The ADD Basics” — no matter WHO you are or how long you’ve been working with ADD in any fashion (even as a professional, by the way).

  • I’ll bet you a year of free coaching that, even if you THINK you know
    ADD fairly well already, what you don’t know still will surprise you —
    and could change your life.
  • Some day I hope to have time to add a few quizzes, but for now . . .
    what’s the harm in checking out the articles below, just to see if you
    already know everything you think you’ll find there?
  • They will be a great review, if nothing else!

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