Winner: Top 20 ADHD Blog Award 2012

Congrats to all my Blogging Colleagues!

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC

How cool is THIS?

Bryan Hutchinson, bestselling ADD author (including One Boy’s Struggle as well as one of the most downloaded ADD eBooks in history), and founder of the ADD playground that I like to call “the ADD Facebook” just announced the winners of the 2012 Top 20 ADHD Blog Award. made the list!

So did nineteen other excellent ADD Blogs (and one “up-and-coming”)
— representing some of the hardest working bloggers on the ‘net.

You may recognize some of the names below from comments on this blog – or links to “Related Content” on their sites (found at the bottom of most of the articles on this one).  I hope you will make it a point to take the time to get to know the blogs and bloggers that aren’t already part of your regular “blog tour.”

ABOUT winning this award

I know I speak for ALL of us when I express my gratitude for this acknowledgment. Knowing that HOW we are spending many of the minutes of our lives IS making a difference, and that the content we take the time to research and share IS being read, makes all the midnight oil sacrificed to the endeavor WELL worth it.

And speaking of making a difference: so, Mr. Hutchinson, are YOU.

Like I always say, “It takes a village to transform a world.”  The winners of this award are some (but by no means ALL) of the “elders” in the ADD village who share my goal of  “A World That Works for EVERYONE.”

Links to all the winners are below, so check ’em out – but, unless you are already a member of this particular ADD in-crowd, START by joining ADDerWorld (no charge but you do have to join – CLICK HERE if you want to read first WHY you might want to do that)

As Bryan says on the post announcing the awards:

There are many outstanding blogs about ADD ADHD and more becoming available on a daily basis. (ADDer World is excluded from this list for obvious reasons.)

The criteria are simple:

  • Helpfulness
  • Transparency
  • Frequency
  • Amount of Posts
  • Positive Impact

I am excited, I am honored, I am invigorated and I am overjoyed by this award.

Thank you!

And the Winners ARE . . .

Here is the top 20 ADDer World list in no particular order of best ADD ADHD blogs on the Net 2012:

And up and comer:  Sarah Gogstetter

Read more on ADDerWorld.

About Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, MCC, SCAC
Award-winning ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching field co-founder; [life] Coaching pioneer -- Neurodiversity Advocate, Coach, Mentor & Poster Girl -- Multi-Certified -- 25 years working with EFD [Executive Functioning disorders] and struggles in hundreds of people from all walks of life. I developed and delivered the world's first ADD-specific coach training curriculum: multi-year, brain-based, and ICF Certification tracked. In addition to my expertise in ADD/EF Systems Development Coaching, I am known for training and mentoring globally well-informed ADD Coach LEADERS with the vision to innovate, many of the most visible, knowledgeable and successful ADD Coaches in the field today (several of whom now deliver highly visible ADD coach trainings themselves). For almost a decade, I personally sponsored and facilitated seven monthly, virtual and global, no-charge support and information groups The ADD Hours™ - including The ADD Expert Speakers Series, hosting well-known ADD Professionals who were generous with their information and expertise, joining me in my belief that "It takes a village to educate a world." I am committed to being a thorn in the side of ADD-ignorance in service of changing the way neurodiversity is thought about and treated - seeing "a world that works for everyone" in my lifetime. Get in touch when you're ready to have a life that works BECAUSE of who you are, building on strengths to step off that frustrating treadmill "when 'wanting to' just doesn't get it DONE!"

16 Responses to Winner: Top 20 ADHD Blog Award 2012

  1. support says:

    I know this website offers quality dependent articles or reviews and other information, is
    there any other web page which provides such information in quality?



    • Thanks for the acknowledgment!

      Of course is not the *only* place to find high quality, in depth information on the web — but, of course, you don’t ask Coke to take time from their endeavors to tell you about Pepsi, right?

      IN the article on which you commented are the names of nineteen other winners – that’s probably a hint that they’re pretty good ::grin::

      Inserted at the bottom of almost every article on, I have already taken the time to check out and include multiple links to related articles across the web – check ’em out! (if you link to ME, you’ll find I link back as often as make sense — and ALL legitimate comments get live – clickable – links)



  2. Carrol Denovan says:

    My brother recommended I would possibly like this blog.

    He used to be totally right. This submit actually made my day.
    You cann’t consider just how a lot time I had spent for this information!




  3. How exciting. You deserve this honor!


    • Thank you SO much, Jean. I’ve been too covered up to make it over to your amazing blog since Kate’s dx in January (not ALL of what’s been filling my dance card, btw – just the start of it). The time is close where more of my time will be my own to plan once again, so I’ll be back to click around and see what YOU’ve been up to meanwhile – I’m sure I’ve missed a million amazing things over there. Thanks for not writing me off your list meanwhile! I’d hate to lose connection with you.

      BTW – send me a link to some info re: your book, and I’ll write something urging my readers to check it out. The coaches, especially, would be very well served by your Conscious Leadership take on things.


  4. Hey! Found you via ADD Positively. Congrats on the award…very cool. I’ll bookmark you and will find you on Twitter.



    • Hey Brock – thanks for checking me out, and for the kudo’s re: Top 20 ADD Blogs 2012. (I’m sure you are already aware that ADD Positively is also one of the Top 20).

      You WON’T, however, find me on Twitter anytime soon. Social Marketing has taken a bite out of my ADD patooty already – barely have time for personal life balance already – so Twitter will be the LAST one I’ll focus on. I’m not that great with “brief” :(. (If you want it comprehensive, I’m relatively speedy – if I have to edit to a few characters, not-so-much!)

      Pinterest is giving me fits, currently, and FaceBook and LinkedIn probably think I died. Meanwhile, after a “nap” (it’s 3 AM as I type), I’ll check out AdultsWithADD and see what YOU are up to.



  5. jeg700 says:

    Competition? Is there a competition? Did I miss something? LOL Just kidding. I understand what you mean and I agree fully.
    I think that competitive gene is in some people and not in others. It seems to be missing in me and I have often wondered why. In my mind there are so many people in the world with different needs and wants it is mind boggling. To think even for a moment that one person can fulfill all of those needs and wants for everyone seems unrealistic and unattainable. It would be as ludicrous as a singer thinking no one else in the whole world can please others but them.
    I say the more people that can help the better.
    As unorganized as I am, how could I possibly entertain such an idea:)


    • I’m SO with you on this one! Like many of the lessons thrown at children (that many of us with ADD failed to catch), I never internalized encouragement to “compete.” It made no sense to me – especially since “sibling rivalry” was actively discouraged. Competition, to my mind, has always been an immature point of view leading to some unbelievable nasty-spirited behaviors.

      And recently, neuroscience has been jumping on “my” bandwagon. It seems our brains are designed to crave cooperation and community.

      A strong believer in the “no accidents” theory of life, I have always believed that ADDers are on the planet for good reason. One of those [many] reasons, IMHO, is to model empathy and community for the rest of the planet.

      Anecdotal only, until somebody does a study with a hundred 12 year old boys and journal publishes it, 🙂 ADDers are some of the most sensitive and caring human beings on the planet. Spend some time in any ADD community (ADDerWorld would be a good place to start), if you want to see generous support and lack of make-wrong in action.

      ADDers have been SO “beaten up” and “made wrong” for most of our lives, but very few of us are “shaming and blaming” in reaction. I wish somebody WOULD do a study on that.

      They won’t, alas, because studies must be funded. Everything gets convoluted when the almighty dollar gets involved. It’s going to take another generation, I fear, before the “endless supply” paradigm is adopted by “the hundredth monkey” it will take to [metaphorically] transfer the concept to the rest of the monkeys on the island.

      Until we stop looking from the “small pie” point of view, we will never think about enlarging the bakery rather than competing for slices of “pie” (not very well developed, but a great idea for a new post in my “What Kind of World Do You Want” series, huh?)

      In any case, MY favorite activities, growing up, were not those “win/lose” horrors that we push on the young (even more now than ever – it’s a tough world out there, don’cha know). I always gravitated to the ones that came together as a result of the “ensemble” (as they refer to it in theatre, my first career) – where the greater objective (the show) is the focus of the energies of all of the members of the group (the cast) — MUCH more important than the objectives (careers) of any one of the members of the ensemble.

      In show-biz, the projects that expect a particular “star” to carry a weak ensemble are usually shredded by the press, even when the link between “lousy production” and “lousy ensemble work” is rarely spelled out. We may not identify the source of our discomfort (we many EVEN come away thinking that, unfortunately, that’s the way “it’s” done), but none of us like to be around competition anywhere but in the sports arena – and even then, we love to watch great teamwork.

      Most of us dislike the “I’m the best” guys — and not just because we instinctively gravitate to those who give credit where it is due. We become big fans of the athletes who credit their teammates for their skill in setting them up to do what they do so well. It’s not JUST humility we prefer, we all sense the truth in the reality that NOBODY does it alone.

      At base, it’s emotionally uncomfortable to watch people vie for personal focus (in theatre it’s referred to as “upstaging” or “pulling focus,” nobody likes the people who do it, and good directors refuse to allow it).

      Even the smaller roles get mentioned when the entire cast is excellent and works together. That’s how careers are built, and how the best performers decide on the projects they allow their “names” to be associated with. And still, producers and promoters throw money in the wrong direction, time and time again.

      In the same vein, with the pressing need to make a living (since most of us in the ADD field have ADD ourselves, and a great many ADDers come late to the concept of financial solvency 🙂 ), many of us seem to be trying to adopt that “I need to make sure I get mine, so I guess I don’t want anybody to go anywhere else” perspective. It took me years to believe that I was seeing it in the coaching and training field. As one of the coaching field pioneers, I can assure you that it did NOT start out that way!

      So my struggle, now that I DO see what I see, is to reconcile two apparently contradictory values: my stand to serve as a model of the “there IS no competition” point of view while maintaining my stand for “NO make-wrong.” Because, as all good coaches know and transfer, the FIRST step on the road to change of any kind is to bring it to consciousness. I don’t have the resolution to that apparent conflict figured out very well just yet, BUT I’M WORKIN’ ON IT!

      Meanwhile, I do my darndest with the limited time that ANY of us have available to us, to stay connected to people like YOU, who have a voice I think is valuable and important, who are eager to “stay in community with those who are headed the same way [they] are” – as Noyes penned in The Goose Story, on whose principles I founded The Optimal Functioning Instite™ several decades ago.

      SO – anybody still reading at the end of my l-o-n-g comment – get to know ADDPositively – there is some stuff over there that will leave you mouth-open amazed, expecially when she shares some of her personal journey (click on it in the comment I am responding to – I can’t figure out how to make the link work in this comment box – grrr.) BY THE WAY – that’s her blog listed right above this one on the Top 20 list above – so don’t take just MY word for it.

      Thanks always for taking the time to drop by and to comment. ONWARD and UPWARD!


  6. annie ellerbusch says:

    Congratulations Madelyn!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! I love the criteria list – you are all of those things and more.


  7. datadocexpress says:

    Congrats! You soooooooo deserve this. I have been consistently impressed by your body of work and have been slowly capturing all of them in Word format for reference. Again and again, I find me in your words. Thank you for running down the path with torch blazing long before many of us even new there was a path to travel. Now, I have other generous souls to learn from too.
    Thank you!


    • What a wonderful thing to wake up to! Thank YOU, Steve. I have been looking forward to having the time to “approve and reply” ALL day.

      The educators I love ALL have the “each one teach one” approach. Being The ADD Poster Girl, of course, I have expanded their motto just a bit to: “Each one teach 500 or a thousand and inspire THEM to do the same” (Part of my vision for OFI since 1994, when I launched the first ADD-specific coach training.) It’s finally catching on!

      I shed more than a few tears of gratitude at the recent ACO conference, watching the unfoldment of my vision of an ADD Coaching FIELD right in front of my eyes. VERY cool!



  8. You so deserve it. And thanks to giving so much credit to the other winners as well 🙂


    • Thanks, Bryan. I know that, even though ADDandSoMuchMore is a young resource (only a year old March 2012), I have spend a TON of time in development and content – but some of the other bloggers have been doing so for many years, and I’m truly thrilled to be honored along side them. Of COURSE I would give them credit! It takes a village, right?

      If you and I (and some of the others in our field who already spread the word about other resources) continue to acknowlege others for their great work, it’s just a matter of time until the rest of those “others” adopt the meme — and we’ll ALL be the richer for it (in spirit and in every other way).

      And maybe if the ADD community can lead the way, that nasty ole “competition” meme will die a well-deserved death, and our entire PLANET will be the richer. We just need to collect a hundred monkeys, right? 🙂


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