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Drawing of three books stacked on top of each other.The book excerpts list was getting WAY too long

so I moved the eBooks into their own little home on the menubar.

  • If you got to this post from the “From My Books” link on the on the bottom grey menubar, look down a “row” and all the way to the left.  Don’t CLICK or you’ll probably get back here.
  • Hold the mouse button down and scroll to an eBook title that looks interesting to you – THEN click.  Voila.


The E-books in the Optimal Functioning Series™

For your convenience, the links below take you to a blogroll of the articles in each category – with just enough overlap that you will be able to find what you were looking for.  

Remember, once you click the link, to scroll down for other articles listed in the category.  

I’ve given you enough of the article to make a good guess about whether the content is what you were hoping to find.  At the bottom of each article preview is a link to “read more of this article.” Click it to read the entire article.

IMPORTANT: Since the newest article will always be listed first, and some articles are listed in several categories, don’t assume the lists are identical just because the first thing you see looks identical

1. The ADD Lens™
2. The Challenges Inventory™
3. Rewrite your Owners Manual™

NINE Individual Challenges Modules: