Transformational Rant

Solar Systems & Paradigms

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC

Men may well be from Mars (and women from Venus), but ADDers and non-ADDers are from two different solar systems!!!

Like the futility of attempting to explain perfect pitch to a person who is tone deaf, conveying our experience of the world to another is hardly something they will ever be able to comprehend at levels much beyond conceptual — if that.

  • How could a person who is able to distinguish pitches perfectly
    ever really understand the hearing of the person who can’t?
  • And how can the person with average musical ability
    ever understand just how annoying that out-of tune piano is
    to the person who can hear every overtone?

One More Level

Let’s take this analogy further.  Would the person with perfect pitch leave it to the tone deaf person to supervise the tuning of the piano?  Of course not!  Nor would she expect her tone deaf partner to notice when the piano needed tuning — or to exclaim joyously when the piano had been tuned.

  • Our musical friend would not waste time and energy explaining repeatedly what to listen for to determine whether the piano needed tuning, or why it was important to her that the piano stay tuned.
  • Her tone deaf partner would not wonder secretly if perfect pitch were real or just an excuse used to justify the money spent on the piano tuner.

Neither would think there was something seriously wrong with the other or their relationship because they were not musically attuned, pardon the pun.

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