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The ADD Poster Girl says
Hello World!

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC

I’m a fascinating woman.  Really.  I can jump inside my very own brain and fascinate mySELF for HOURS of eternal now (getting in the way of actual accomplishment, but hey, they don’t call me The ADD Poster Girl for no reason).

Mentalist and empath, visionary and myopic, the sanest person I’ve ever met with the craziest life: a self-aware, self-assured stuttering wonder of more-than-a-mess.

drawing of woman's left shoe (high fashion)In the days when I was a New York actor/director, my agent once described me to a casting director as a woman who could probably run Bloomingdales all by herself.  

And I probably could — if only I could find my left shoe — and the keys that were right here in my hand a single step ago . . . and something to wear with the only pair of pants that aren’t in the hamper, since I can’t wear a skirt when I haven’t a solitary pair of stockings without a serious run.

If my mother had married for money instead of love I could have been more than a contender: I’d have a staff. I mean, one besides the gaggle inside my brain, intent on dressing me, feeding me, grooming me, scheduling me, reminding me and amusing me in simulcast.  

I think they drove the butler mad; no one seems to be in charge.

When the going gets tough, the tough do research!  

I now can say with authority that I know an awful lot about an awful lot of things: neurology, psychology, cognitive linguistics, memory consolidation dynamics through the lens of molecular biology, bioenergetics, psychopharmacology and psycho-bio-immunology . . .

. . . you know, all the usual areas of interest for the terminally distracted.  

But I’m beginning to come around to Thomas Leonard’s take on all that,
“Information is the booby prize.”

That’s why I train coaches.  Coaching lives in action. And isn’t it a lovely home for all that pesky information until I can get it together to finish a few of my books and ship them off to be published!

So, welcome to my brain-dump.  

I’m hoping that combining blogger’s hyperfocus with mini-deadlines will function as the cornerstone of a system designed to provide a showcase for a few of the out-takes begging to become the start of yet another brand new book!

Temptations to boogie on down distraction road begone!  

I simply must renew my acquaintance with one or two of my books: the many orphans who are losing patience with my never-ending promises to return.  I need to publish at least one of the little darlings, if only to prove to myself that I can.

I think I’ve finally found the motivational cookie that will hook me like a tractor beam, dragging me toward the docking station of completion: the vision of what I’m going to buy for myself out of my very first royalty check.  

More shoes!

Props to
Victoria Sullivan, playwright and poet extraordinaire, for the title.  Back in my NYC acting days, I was in one of her plays, a musical with the same title as this post.

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The Three “cookie” posts — 3 parts of Reward and Acknowledgment

For More Background ABOUT ME:

About Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, MCC, SCAC
Award-winning ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching field co-founder; [life] Coaching pioneer -- Neurodiversity Advocate, Coach, Mentor & Poster Girl -- Multi-Certified -- 25 years working with Executive Functioning struggles in hundreds of people from all walks of life. I developed and delivered the world's first ADD-specific coach training curriculum: multi-year, brain-based, and ICF Certification tracked. In addition to my expertise in ADD/EF Systems Development Coaching, I am known for training and mentoring globally well-informed ADD Coach LEADERS with the vision to innovate, many of the most visible, knowledgeable and successful ADD Coaches in the field today (several of whom now deliver highly visible ADD coach trainings themselves). For almost a decade, I personally sponsored and facilitated seven monthly, virtual and global, no-charge support and information groups The ADD Hours™ - including The ADD Expert Speakers Series, hosting well-known ADD Professionals who were generous with their information and expertise, joining me in my belief that "It takes a village to educate a world." I am committed to being a thorn in the side of ADD-ignorance in service of changing the way neurodiversity is thought about and treated - seeing "a world that works for everyone" in my lifetime. Get in touch when you're ready to have a life that works BECAUSE of who you are, building on strengths to step off that frustrating treadmill "when 'wanting to' just doesn't get it DONE!"

26 Responses to Menage a Moi

  1. Love the phrase “terminally distracted”. I sure can relate to this as I’m always running down rabbit trails to learn something that when combined with 4 bucks affords me a Starbucks, lol. Love your energy Madelyn.

    Liked by 1 person

    • And I love the fact that you are one of the few who actually clicked a link! You made my day.

      Every time I extend my day to add them in I wonder if it’s really worth the time and html hassle — since WP no longer makes it possible to do the little boxes unless you code them in (and NOBODY seems to click links without at least a little preview.)

      THANKS for clicking and leaving me a comment to let me know you did. Really! You just gave me new wind beneath weary wings.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You kidding I love the links. There’s where you find some great nuggets. We know what you mean though because we have experienced the same thing. We love exploring the hard work people put into their site especially people like you that have great humor, details, truisms other little ditties. Don’t grow weary for in due season you will reap….

        Liked by 1 person

        • With comments like yours, I feel that I am getting closer to reaping by leaps and bounds! You are a doll.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Thank you. Keep posting cuz we’re reading.

            Liked by 1 person

            • And letting me know – which I sooooo appreciate. xx, mgh

              Liked by 1 person

            • Amen. Positive encouragement is so important and we all need it.

              Liked by 1 person

            • Sad reality that most people are oops-focused – so NONE of us get enough acknowledgement for the many things we do right.
              xx, mgh

              Liked by 1 person

            • Isn’t this the truth.

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  3. It’s about time I came by to take a read and – you’re facinating. It’s going to take me ages to get through your 3 years of writing. But I’ll keep up to date with you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • What a lovely compliment. Thanks for reading and commenting. Next month will be this blogs SIX year anniversary – I can barely believe I’ve been at it that long myself, given ADD and [lack of] follow-through “norms.”

      Tomorrow’s post on the Brain Science Podcast features some science types who are doing some TRULY fascinating work.

      btw- in most of my more comprehensive articles I always link back to related posts (and review or repeat salient content). However, if you can spare the time to jump over to skim at least one related post you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll catch up – and how much more “sticks.”

      These days I try to mix in some fluffier stuff too, so not every post will be “educational” or thought provoking. lol 🙂


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  5. jonahzsong says:

    You liked a comment I made on Opinionated Man and I thought I’d drop by to say hello. “Hello Madelyn!”

    I read though a post and will return to read more. I like your sense of humor, and your way of handling the serious stuff, too.

    Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

    Liked by 1 person

    • WELCOME – and thanks for jumping over. Thanks so much for the acknowledgment too.

      Fair warning – for the most part, the posts tagged “whimsy” are the ones where I let my wacky side out to play (except for the Christmas articles, of course – nothing about the whimsy of Christmas is wacky – lol).) I do my best to keep things light and as conversational as possible, but I also do my best to educate and explain the brain-basis of the challenges of the neurodiverse. I hope that doesn’t scare you away. 🙂

      I’ll be over to read what YOU are up to shortly. Happy New Year!


  6. Bernadette says:

    You have a fascinating blog. I am looking forward to getting to know you better.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Bernadette – and ditto. ADD or *not* – we all have Executive Functioning challenges, and it seems to my mission to do what I can to make a difference there.


  7. Tony Single says:

    ‘Tis a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Madelyn! It’s nice to get a sense of the million gazillion and one things that you do! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Tony. A girl’s gotta’ keep busy, after all. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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  9. Dawna says:

    As the admin of this web site is working, no hesitation very soon it will
    be well-known, due to its feature contents.



    • Thanks, Dawna –are those words code for something? This is the second time in as many days as I’ve gotton the exact same comment in the exact same words.

      I approved them both because I *love* the acknowledgment and prefer to believe that the phrasing is a product of English as a second language or something.

      I’m also fairly clue-free about link-spam and hackers, so I worry. Ease my mind here, would you please (and your link will go live).



  10. Last a few years has been to Ibiza, so met a person there whose style of presentation is very similar to yours. But, unfortunately, that person is too far from the Internet!…


    • Ibiza! It’s on my “bucket list” — so far it hasn’t happened that I could visit.

      Sorry about your friend and lack of Internet – you are always welcome HERE.



  11. movers Boulder says:

    Hi there, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just curious if
    you get a lot of spam remarks? If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can suggest?
    I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any help is very much appreciated.

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    • YEP! My belief is that spammers are narcissists without heart for any interest but their own marketing goals.

      Akismet is my spam filter (comes with the platform and does a GREAT job).

      I post a spam-count counter near the top of the skinny column at right (last time I looked there were almost 200 THOUSAND OVER a million! spam comments caught and whisked away – and RISING!)



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