Is It Soup Yet?

Another adorable Martin graphic of a man dabbing mouth with napkin - place setting with wine & soupbowl in front of him.NOT QUITE . . .

I’m still working like a Trojan to put content in ALL the baskets!

Almost everything is in process now, but THIS category is still patiently waiting it’s turn.

You can check back soon, or give your name and email to the nice form in the column to the left.  It’s a one-click signup that alerts you to new posts.  Stringent NO SPAM policy!

Right now, I’m populating the site like a mad thing – so don’t get spoiled or feel overwhelmed.  It will slow down to a reasonable pace (for ME, at least – tho’ some may say “to a crawl”) in the not too distant future!


Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CMC, A.C.T., CMC, MCC, SCAC —

  • “Life” coaching pioneer – 2nd grad of world’s first coach training (CoachU, now CoachInc, where I was a senior trainer on their faculty for their first seven years)
  • Creator of the world’s first ADD-specific coaching curriculum and training,
  • A founder of the ADD Coaching field
  • Founding member & co-creation committee head for ICF and IAAC coach certifications
  • One of the world’s first Certified Mentor Coaches (certified by Thomas J. Leonard personally)
  • Practicing ADD Coach, a-n-d . . .
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