Syllabus: Peer Coaching Basics



to an


Peer Partnership!

(Seven, if you wanna’ count the Welcome Session)

Setting things up so that everybody WINs!

The Peer Coaching Basics TeleClass 


Before we really dive into content

Meet your Instructor & your class
A few TeleClass Basics
A few Brain Basics: why coaching works
The ONLY 2 things you have to remember


Weeks One & Two

I.   Intro to Peer Coaching

Welcome Back
Overview of Contents & Syllabus
Introduction to the Peer Fundamentals

II.   Peer Coaching Fundamentals

Let’s Review Coaching Fundamentals
Peer Coaching “Flavors”
Professional vs Peer Coaching

Week Three

III.   Getting Clear on Your Objectives

Tips and Traps
What do you want to work on?
Expectations and Desired Outcome
Realities of Time
Realities of Space

Week Four

IV.   Setting up the Relationship

Choosing (or introducing yourself to) your Peer Partner
Who Not To Work With
Negotiating the Structure
The Peer-Coaching Contract

Weeks Five & Six

V.   Peer Coaching Basic Skills

Coloring inside the lines you have agreed upon
Introduction to Peer Coaching Basic Skills
Skills wrap-up & support

For more about Peer Coaching click sitelinks below

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