Support for Peer Coaching

Drawing of a painter, a chef, a farmer and a clown (of various ethnicities) to represent peer diversity

A Center to support Peer Coaches of ALL kinds!

Peer Coaching Basics is the first TeleClass in a training has been a dream for many, many years, languishing incomplete due to lack of time and attention that had to be spent on other endeavors.  Training ADD Coaches has been more than a full time job!

Only recently have I been able to put my attention on completing the curriculum and the course material to begin to actuate my vision of a CENTER that will support Peer Coaching and Peer Coaches.

I really hope that YOU will chose to be a part of it!

Peer Coaching is under-supported!

For the past few years, the education and change-management fields have extolled the virtues of Peer Coaching in a number of formats.  The Personal and Professional Coaching field  [aka “LifeCoaching”] has been slow to adopt the model.

I know that there are some professionals who are threatened by the idea
of peer coaching, and other professionals who fear that “the blind leading
the blind”
will result in harm to one or 
more of the parties.

To the first, I counsel that the necessary shift is from fear-based thinking to love-based thinking.  If we truly believe in the value of coaching than we must accept that coaching is valuable in all of its forms.

  • It is far better to have peer coaches who acknowledge their own inexperience in the coaching arena than to have surface-trained or ADD-inexperienced professional coaches who imply otherwise with the exchange of fees.
  • It is also a shame for any ADDer to be adrift without benefit of one of the best coping techniques available, whether due to the lack of understanding of the functional implications of Executive Functioning Disorders, or the misunderstanding of what is needed in the coaching arena that I observe in many of the helping professions.

To the second, I say please don’t collapse inexperience with inability.  Who better to accompany one on the road to self-discovery than a companion who knows what you are going through at a cellular level?

As long as both of the participants have the best interests of their partner at heart, I predict that the “damage” that could result will be no more than the “damage” accrued in the course of any friendship.

What do you think is happening now?

I’d like to remind BOTH camps that various forms of Peer Coaching have been woven into the fabric of the Personal and Professional Coaching field for years, especially in three particular arenas:

  • Most coaching-school curriculums pair students for between-session support – well before they have learned how to do what they are required to do.

While I endorse the wisdom of “learning about swimming in the pool,”
I also believe that a guided introduction to some “basic strokes” will
make brand-new coaches more effective, and certainly more comfortable,
greatly increasing the value of the work they do together.

  • Many clients, ADDers especially, need or want more support than they can afford to purchase: desiring more frequent “touch-base” check-ins that they often attempt to handle in an informal“let’s trade coaching” arrangement, whether or not they use the services of a professional coach as well.

I think that’s would be a great solution with the addition of a bit of
introductory technique and guidance.

  • As a result of my involvement in the coaching field over the last two decades, I have spoken to more than a few individuals who struggled for years before they got themselves to a point where they could afford professional coaching, even at discounted rates.

Many of these individuals tried to make-do with the buddy-system
with far less success than they deserve.  That’s not ok with me.

And let us not forget the very real benefit that all of us who coach receive from the coaching we do – accelerated personal growth as a direct result of helping someone a few steps behind us on the pathway.   It’s past time for us to share the wealth.   

A Useful Analogy

The interest in learning and the availability of professional opportunities for educators exploded after “the masses” learned to read.  Ironically, teaching our clients the peer coaching model may be one of the best things we could do for the professional coaching community.


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And what do YOU think? Ring in below.

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