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3 Balloons on strings amid confetti and streamersYou’ve reached
      for the

Peer Coaching Basics
Kick-Off Class

I’m thrilled you will be joining us.

Read your options below and click on the button that fits your situation.


After you click, you will be taken to the PayPal Secure Site, where you can either sign-in to conclude your transaction from your PayPal Account, or choose one of the other payment options.

No PayPal account? No Problem!

You can quickly set one up, or select from other options (a credit card or debit card, for example – even a “load it up at the drug store” payment card).  YOU decide on the source of the funds you send — and the details remain totally confidential. (PayPal tells us only that your tuition payment was received by our PayPal account, registered to my first company, The Optimal Functioning Institute™ – which will be the name on your receipt, by the way)

Then what?

The time stamp of your payment determines your enrollment order. I will follow up the automated notice confirming your payment with a private email to confirm that you (and your Peer, for those of you who choose to take advantage of the Partner Discount pricing) are officially enrolled in the Peer Coaching Basics Kick-Off Class.

There is also a way to return to this site when you’re done, or to jump back before completing your enrollment if you want to double-check a detail or two.  

Quick and Easy!


Welcome aboard!

Standard – 1 person Standard – BOTH Partners

ONLY $300
for 7 sessions
that will teach you to work with a Peer Partner with power

THIS GROUP ONLY – unless the class is full when you sign up. In that case I will honor the price for the next class

$400 for BOTH

YEP, sign up before December 21
and your peer comes for
only $100!!

Pssssssst: it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the two of you
 can split the cost and get training for
$200.00 each.

(and that price won’t last forever!)


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