Basic Training: PEER Coaching for ADDers

Is this YOU?

Graphic of confused man surrounded by words representing choices and procedures.

If YOU are in even one of the situations below. . .
This training is a no-brainer, Must Do!

  • Do you need a little ADD Coaching to get to the point where you can afford ADD Coaching?
  • Are you currently Peer Coaching, but you know you could set it up to serve you BETTER?
  • Are you TRAINING to become an ADD Coach yourself — and you’re not sure how to best USE the Peer-Partner sessions you are required to set up?
  • Are you currently using the services of a professional ADDCoach, but you’d like coaching support more often than you can afford?  

The co-founder of the ADD Coaching field and founder of the world’s first ADD-specific coach training, sponsor and host of the no-charge ADD Hours™  has developed brand new, affordable TeleClass Training – just for YOU!

Why a training for Peer Coaching?

Except for the work done by OFI Associate Lisa Poast [ACT-1 graduate] with her documentation of her experience in her nine-month peer coaching relationship, very little has been written about the peer coaching model.

To my mind we are SERIOUSLY under-utilizing a resource
that Dr. Edward Hallowell has identified as
“the single most effective tool for ADD self-management.” 

Properly positioned with some up-front attention to a few basic issues, peer coaching can be a real gift to the ADD community in three vital ways:

1. As a tool available to the thousands (millions?) of ADDers who don’t have access to a professional coach due to one of more of the following stoppers:

• location
• finances
• inability to locate a professional coach, or
• the very real imbalance in the numbers of ADDers and
 —the number of trained ADD Coaches

2. As an adjunct resource to the services of a professional coach for those ADDers who need or would prefer more frequent contact.

3. As a jumpstart for Peer relationships that are part of many Coach Trainings, so that the Peer Partners  waste no time “fumbling around in the dark!”

Why NOW?

It takes a village to transform a world ~mgh

This training is step one of a dream of many, many years, languishing incomplete due to lack of time and attention that had to be spent on preliminary steps. Designing, developing and and running the world’s first ADD-specific Coach Training curriculum has been more than a full time job! 

Only recently have I been able to put my attention on designing the curriculum and
course material for the Peer Coaching Basic Training that will begin the process that will
actuate my vision of a Peer Coaching CENTER to support ADDers and their loved ones.

Only once Peer Coaching Basic Training hits its stride will I be able to focus my energy on developing additional “pieces” that will become a much more comprehensive network of support.  My dream is a center that will serve as a booster shot for the professional ADD Coaching field as well as providing a much needed service to thousands of ADDers and their families who are struggling with finances as well as ADD!

I really hope that YOU will joint me in my vision of HUGE success for ALL ADDers!

An Invitation to participate in changing the face of the ADD world:

Revenue from Peer Coaching Basic Training is earmarked
to support the development of a comprehensive, low-cost
Peer Coaching CENTER
(designed and priced to support itself)

Even if you decide Peer Coaching Basic Training is not for YOU,
by spreading the word about the availability of this course!

Tweet it, Share it, post it, email it, talk it up around the ‘net
do anything you have time to do to help me get the word out
to anyone and everyone who needs more help
to manage their ADD than they can afford.

THANKS for participating!


For more about Peer Coaching click sitelinks below

7 Responses to Basic Training: PEER Coaching for ADDers

  1. Emma says:

    Any way that something like this still exists? I am soooo very interested!

    • Thanks for asking – I had planned to offer it again this year, but right now my hands are pretty full already, so I can’t tell you when my next group might begin filling, Emma. I know it is much needed, but right now I need to focus on replacing everything that was stolen from me and recovering from 3 months of no income and no forward progress.

      This group, especially, is pretty admin-intensive, so my own feet need to be on solid ground to make it happen.

      Check back this summer — and thanks so much for letting me know you are interested.

  2. Your response is SO motivating! My impulse reaction is to say “sign me up for both!” I’ve already thought about where I’ll put my home office an what I’ll name my business! I found the page about the 9 month class, but I didn’t see a schedule or price or syllabus. Can you point me in the right direction for those? Thank you so much!

    • Hey Danielle – I have NO idea where those pages “live” today!! We’re updating and editing “on the fly” these days, several of us involved in the process, so I’m not even sure which version you landed on.

      How about this? Click over to the e-me form (top menu-bar – darker grey) and fill in your contacts and I will CALL you with the info! (Be SURE to click ADD in the Spirit or you won’t filter to the right mailbox and could be lost in the e-glut for several days!!) Sorry to have to do it THAT way, but if I post my contacts I get slammed by spammers, so this is how I have to handle it right now.

      CORRECTION: My oops, fixed now — EIGHT months, not nine for ADD in the Spirit.

  3. Danielle says:

    I am a special Ed teacher and was recently diagnosed with ADHD. Coaching others seems like a natural outgrowth. Would this be a good first step in that process? I’d like to get my feet wet before I jump in!

    • WELCOME TO THE CLUB!! I tell my students and clients, “In heaven, everyone gets to have ADD!” Since you are LD literate, I’m sure you’re not the “typical” new dx, yet there is much that changes when one realizes that the ADD finger points at YOU! So I wish you all the best as you begin to re-structure your life now that you know what’s going on.

      Yes, Peer Coaching Basic Training would be a good intro to coaching generally – more to the point, it would allow you to participate in the coaching process as often as makes sense for you and your Peer (albeit in a limited, follow-through, accountability fashion), without debiting your finances while you “get your feet wet!” Even if we paid our teachers what they deserve, In this economy, every penny counts more than EVER!

      Once you begin coach training in earnest, should you decide to do so, you will be required to Peer Partner with your classmates, so you’ll have a leg up there as well. This is the first training on how to DO Peer Coaching – even my training did not have this module.

      Once trained, the scary part for most new coaches is internalizing the belief that they know what they’re doing — which is THE stopper for building a practice. Since this is a new project (and not limited to those who are considering training to be professional coaches), I can’t promise it will help in that endeavor, but my strong belief is that it will make a HUGE difference. Helping coaches-in-training make the key “professionalism” shift is the intent of the Peer/Partner requirement, in any case.

      Experience there shows that those who actually DO that homework get their practices up and running by the end of shorter classes (like the 9 oops! EIGHT-month ADD in the Spirit Coach Training) – while those who “mean to but seldom do” struggle on for a year or more trying to get their first client. (Significant difference, yes?).

      From longer trainings (like the 2-3 year OFI A.C.T. training, not currently offered), most of those who make sure they HAVE a coach they work with weekly (even a peer, btw), begin their practices BEFORE they graduate – which was always my intention for them. I designed the training for them to graduate INTO a full practice, not to wait until graduation to begin the process. (Makes sense to begin while you have back-up, yes?)

      One of my Canadian coaches, the late Barbara Durst, had a FULL pratice (approx. 20 clients, fees averaging $250/mo. per – the top fee at the time – and was receiving court-mandated referrals) half-way through her training.

      HER level of success is not common, but the biggest difference between Barbara’s trajectory and that of those who did not experience that level of success that early in the game is that (in addition to following & expanding upon suggested marketing steps, completing ALL reading and homework assignments, and missing only a couple of classes TOTAL) she made sure she got TONS of experience with the process.

      She worked privately with a mentor coach, gave her Peer Coaching sessions HIGH priority status, made sure she made it to any available coaching labs, and volunteered to fill-in as a partner for those pairings where one couldn’t rouse the assigned Peer. (Before you freak, let me say that SHE was not the ADD “problem” in their family! She had superior follow-through skills *before* her training that most ADDers learn to develop IN the training)

      My point is that, as with swimming instruction, experience “in the pool” is really what it takes to be a strong professional swimmer OR a strong professional ADD Coach. Neither can be assimilated without practice, there is a DIRECT correlation between practice time and success in either endeavor — and ONLY practice in the very “sport” they hope to play professionally counts!

      IN ANY CASE, Peggy Ramundo and I spoke recently about situations of this type. We haven’t had time to change the pages announcing the trainings YET, but we decided that, to support your efforts, from Peer Basics #3 forward: for any Peer Basics participant who wants to go further with coach training – subsequently or simultaneously – we will debit half the fee for Peer Coaching Basic Training from the tuition for ADD in the Spirit . (That includes the Spirit class slated to begin this OCT/Nov, btw, even though the Peer Training available for sign-up won’t begin until January.)

      So that’s probably more than you wanted to read, but possibly what you wanted to know? Hope this helps.

  4. Jean Latting says:

    What a great idea!

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